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There are times when you need to set the location of a mobile phone using a digital code. This service is provided by almost all operators. The users of the option can be parents worrying about their beloved child or vice versa, children worried about elderly relatives. Learn how to track your mobile phone quickly and without hassle.

What is geolocation?

To calculate a person by a cellular number using radio signals, you need to know how the system works. Everything is very simple: geolocation is the process of determining the position of a subscriber in the geographical space online. When calculating the position of a particular mobile, all leading operators apply the same principle of operation (using the LDCS platform using the CELL ID method). This service is paid and you can activate it only with the consent of the monitored subscriber. You should know some more important points about geolocation:

  • geolocation accuracy may be limited (from 50-200 m in the city, up to 1 km in the countryside);
  • coordinates can be requested in the interval of at least 5-7 minutes;
  • location when the device is turned off is not tracked.

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How to determine the location of a person by phone number

Each of the leading mobile operators in Russia provides its own programs and conditions, thanks to which you can find out where the mobile phone is located using the digital code. Providers send information about the movements of the monitored device in the form of SMS or graphically (on the map), however, for this it is necessary to install a special application (for iPhone, android or computer). You can download the utility from the Internet portal of a company that provides communication services. Learn how to determine your location by phone number using the services of leading operators.

Geolocation by MTS phone number

In the company Mobile TeleSystems LLC, the possibility of determining the location is represented by the Locator service. This option does not require special, complex settings. An obvious plus is the fact that the location locator by MTS phone number can work with other networks, that is, you can see where the subscriber is located if he has Beeline or Megafon operators connected. The first connection is free for 14 days. The monthly cost of the Locator option is 100 rubles. per month, and for correct operation requires a GPRS connection.

To activate the option you need:

  1. Send online USSD request – * 111 * 7883 #.
  2. Send SMS with numbers of the tracked subscriber to 6677.
  3. Call the operator at 0890.

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Geolocation by phone number Tele2

This service (“Geopoisk”) can be activated exclusively by Tele2 subscribers, since other operators are not supported. This fact is a big minus, as well as the fact that the monitored subscriber should be in the home region during the search. Instructions for connecting the geolocation using the Tele2 phone number can be obtained in the store, from the operator, or through the USSD request * 119 * 01 #. The cost of “Geopoisk” – 60 p. per month. After the option is activated, you can use the functions:

  1. To start tracking, press * 119 * 1 * digital code (format – 7xxxxxxxx) #.
  2. In order to find out information about the location location dial * 119 * 2 * digital code (format – 7xxxxxxxx) #.

Geolocation by Beeline phone number

Another location-finding service is Beeline Coordinates. It has the same minus as the geolocation from Tele2 – the inability to break through the address of the location of subscribers of other operators. To connect the geolocation by Beeline phone number, it is necessary to confirm discovery permission from the owner of the original cellular (calculation up to five people at a time). The service fee is 1.7 p. per day after the free first week of use. There are two ways to activate “Coordinates”:

  1. Empty short text message (with the name and numbers of the cell) 4770 (for example, Oleg 79657654321).
  2. Call 0665.
  3. Look at the company website.

You can manage the service using text commands, sending them to 4770:

  1. Request for location data – the command “WHERE”, and after “NAME”.
  2. Removing from the list of monitored – the command “DELETE”, and after “NAME”.
  3. Service shutdown – “OFF” command.

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Geolocation by phone number Megaphone

The last operator that can help find the right subscriber is Megaphone, and the service is called “Radar” (with the same application program) and is divided into three versions:

  1. Light: use for free, tracking one user, the ability to determine once a day.
  2. Standard: use of 3 p. per day, tracking five subscribers, the possibility of unlimited determination per day.
  3. A plus: use of 7 p. per day, tracking up to five people, the possibility of unlimited determination per day + tracking route.

Thanks to the geo-location by the Megafon phone number, you can find out where the person being tracked is located even if he has a Beeline or MTS network. The option is controlled by a few simple commands:

  1. Connection: light – * 566 * 56 #, standard – * 566 # or * 102 #, plus – * 256 #.
  2. Control: light – no, standard – * 111 * 3 # or * 505 * 192 #, plus – * 566 * 9 # or * 505 * 3790 #.

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Location by phone number without the consent of the subscriber

Those who arrange surveillance of a person without his permission will have to confirm the service secretly, since all operators do not have the right to issue access without the knowledge of the person who is installing the online check. For example, you can take a cell phone at a time when there will be no one and confirm the ability to accurately determine the location by phone number without the consent of the subscriber. However, if the second user suspects something, then he can easily check who is granted access.

If you want to track, you can resort to third-party tools – various spyware, GPS-receivers, satellites, and other technical means. For example, bracelets / key rings with built-in motion sensors are sold on store sites. However, this method of finding is unlike secretive and is often used to identify the location in space of elderly relatives, children, pets or vehicles.

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