German surnames for men and women: a list of beautiful and famous with translation

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Due to its sonority and beauty, German family nicknames are very popular among the peoples of many countries. Each of the proper names is unique and has a specific origin. Everyone who wants to join the culture of the peoples of Germany, will be able to choose a nickname for their soul beautiful in sound or with a sacred meaning.

German names and surnames

The history of the emergence of German names and surnames begins in ancient times. Personal names were called upon to carry not only a beautiful combination, but also a magical meaning that endowed the owner with certain qualities of character. Germans surnames were of a slightly different character. They began to emerge from the meanings of nicknames, which reflected:

  • already existing bright qualities of a person (Braun – brown, Schwarz – black, Klein – small);
  • the area where he lived (von Berne, von der Vogelweide);
  • owner’s profession or occupation (Becker – baker, Koch – cook, Bauer – peasant);
  • many came from personal names (Peters, Walter).

Gradually, peculiar nicknames began to be recorded in official documents and acquired the significance of the first German surnames, entrenched in all descendants of the people who wore them. Business papers began to distribute them widely. In many modern German families it is customary to turn to a servant simply by name, without using the appeals that are familiar to this country in Europe and have respectful significance:

  • Herr – for men;
  • Frau – for women.

The prefix “background” in German surnames

Many German surnames have the prefix “background” at the beginning. It was very honorable to have one, as it was assigned exclusively to people of noble blood – aristocrats. In ancient times, only feudal lords could have such a postscript – people who owned maids and land plots. Today the prefix “von” in German surnames can be found among people of any kind of activity, since all the noble privileges were canceled.

Women and men with musical instruments

German last names for girls

Girls with sonorous names can appropriate a second of foreign origin. For respectful treatment of women in Germany, the word “Frau” is used, which means “mistress.” Beautiful German surnames for women for girls:

  • Kaufman is a merchant;
  • Becker is a baker;
  • Rieger – from Riga;
  • Klee – clover;
  • Hertz – courage;
  • Reuss – on behalf of;
  • Schulz – the headman;
  • Mayer – farmer, burgomaster;
  • Till is a powerful ruler;
  • Junghans – on behalf of the clan.

German last names for men

Men’s surnames should be of noble and majestic importance. Representatives of the stronger sex can choose them for translation from German, in accordance with their profession or appearance. To emphasize significance, the word “Herr” should be used when referring. List of popular handsome male German proper names with their meaning:

  • Fisher is a fisherman;
  • Schmidt is a blacksmith;
  • Becker is a baker;
  • Koch is a cook;
  • Richter – the judge;
  • Brown is brown;
  • Lange – large;
  • Klein is small;
  • Schroeder – a tailor;
  • Koehler is a coal miner;
  • Kening is the king;
  • Krause – curly;
  • Lehmann – landowner.

A man in a German national costume

Popular German last names

Common German surnames are often used as pseudonyms. They are beautiful, noble, sonorous. Such family nicknames are worn by many famous people. List of popular beautiful Germanic proper names with meanings:

  • Muller – the miller;
  • Mayer – land manager;
  • Weber – the weaver;
  • Wagner – a horse carriage;
  • Schulz – the headman;
  • Hoffman – the court;
  • Schaefer is a shepherd;
  • Bauer – the peasant;
  • Wolf is a wolf;
  • Neumann is a new man;
  • Zimmerman is a carpenter;
  • Kruger is a potter;
  • Schwartz – black;
  • Hartmann – from a male personal name.

There are other beautiful nicknames:

  • Walter;
  • Berg;
  • Bormann
  • Bremer
  • Brunner;
  • Gantz;
  • Gruber;
  • Geller
  • Zeiler;
  • Zack
  • Simmel;
  • Singer
  • Katz;
  • Keller
  • Cramer
  • Liebknecht;
  • Leitner;
  • Merkel
  • Meyer;
  • Moritz;
  • Neller
  • Osterman;
  • Pearl;
  • Preuss;
  • Riedel;
  • Rogge
  • Rothman;
  • Frieze;
  • Fuchs;
  • Hoffman
  • Zuckerman;
  • Schwartz;
  • Schiller
  • Schmidt
  • Schneider
  • Schroeder;
  • Matte;
  • Ebel.

Girl in a German national costume

Rare German surnames

In addition to the popular ones, there are rare German surnames that are no less sonorous and beautiful. Alphabetical list of some short and long German family nicknames for boys and girls that can be heard infrequently:

  • Abicht;
  • Eichenwald;
  • Baumgarten;
  • Bilderling;
  • Burkhardt;
  • Byulov;
  • Winterhalter;
  • Gazenklever;
  • Glasenap;
  • Sievers;
  • Kirchner;
  • Kestlin;
  • Lamprecht;
  • Lipsius
  • Mezieres;
  • Notback
  • Nikolai;
  • Ratzenberger;
  • Rannenkampf;
  • Sartorius;
  • Stackelberg;
  • Etinger.
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