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Parents take care of their child all the time: they want their life to be always safe, plus the school student will come back from class on time. While he is in the kindergarten, all the movements of the baby are under control, but then parents simply do not have the opportunity to meet and see off every day. Modern technology comes to the rescue.

Beacon for tracking a child

One way to keep your child under control is a GPS beacon for children, which allows you to monitor all movements. If the student leaves early or suddenly changes his route, gets lost, then you will be the first to know about it. The principle of operation is simple: using GPS, the sensor determines the coordinates and reports them by SMS. You can set the interval for these messages yourself. The advantage of such monitoring is that the GPS beacon for children works both outdoors and indoors.

GPS beacon for a child

The smallest lighthouse for children, which can be discreetly put in a briefcase, looks like a pendant. Some manufacturers even attach a beautiful lace to it to make it comfortable to wear around the neck. This option will especially appeal to girls. If you don’t want the child to know about him, you can hide the beacon even in the inner pocket of the jacket, just make sure that your school student will not find and even more than throw the object away, taking it for an incomprehensible thing or garbage.

GPS beacon

Children’s watch with a GPS beacon

Another option for a GPS tracker can be a children’s beacon watch. They are made in a bright, modern design, so that your child will wear them with pleasure. Just present an accessory under the guise of a watch. All children want to be like adults, and this is just the right thing. Make sure your watch is worn before class and stay calm all day..

GPS bracelet for a child

Bright bracelet with GPS function for a child is especially good. Little fashionistas will definitely like it. There is only one minus: a girl can quickly get bored with this accessory, and she will simply stop walking with it or, unknowingly, will give her girlfriend an “outdated” thing. Try to explain to her that it is very important for you that the bracelet is always on your hand, or at least in a backpack.

GPS bracelets for a child

Child control via telephone

For older students who already have a full-fledged smartphone, they install a special program, and this can be done quietly. After installing and reading the instructions on how to track a child through the phone, you will get access to your personal account, where you can follow the movements. The application can be downloaded for a phone on Android and iOS. With the help of the mark in the information picture, you can easily track where your teenager is.

GPS remote control for children

One of the most popular GPS options for a child is a small keychain with all the same functions as the above beacons. The device can simply be attached to a bunch of keys along with other key chains, which are always in the student’s pocket. As a result, you can be sure that you will always know about the movements of children. The main advantage is that in case of loss of keys you still have a chance to find them all on the same tracker.

GPS keychains

Price for a GPS beacon for a child

Depending on your budget, you can always find suitable options for this device for monitoring. Prices for a GPS beacon for a child range from 500 rubles to infinity. Stylish, beautiful accessories in the form of watches or bracelets will cost you much more than small trinkets or pendants – 1500-4000 rubles. The cheapest program for a smartphone remains: it is easy to install, but there are still doubts about the accuracy of the indicated location. Data is transmitted with an accuracy of 50-100 m.

How to choose a GPS beacon for a child

If you do not know how to choose a GPS beacon for a child, then there are special reviews with comparisons of different manufacturers and the operability of devices. However, a few general criteria will help you decide on the purchase of this gadget:

  • Age. For kids, small pendants or micro beacons are suitable, which can be discreetly put in your pocket. More senior children can choose bracelets, watches or use a special application on the phone.
  • Occupation. If a student goes to sports sections where bracelets cannot be worn, then a keychain will become the best means of tracking location.
  • Price. Caring parents are the most repelled by this criterion, because not everyone can afford to buy expensive children’s watches with a GPS tracker.
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