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Shortly before the long-awaited first meeting with her baby, the expectant mother shows some sensations and signs that indicate the approach of childbirth. They are called harbingers. It is especially important for those women who are pregnant for the first time to know about them in order to prepare for the upcoming event correctly.

What are precursors of childbirth

The guy listens to the belly of a pregnant girl

This is the name of a series of sensations and symptoms that the first-born experiences at different periods. According to one or another harbinger, a woman can approximately determine how soon the birth will begin and decide on a trip to the hospital. It is worth noting that a large number of signs are distinguished, but this does not mean that any primipara will necessarily experience them all. Each prenatal week has its own precursors of childbirth..

How to understand that the birthright began contractions

This is the name of the feeling of pain that accompanies the process of opening the cervix. Many primiparas take training battles for real and go to the hospital. You can distinguish them if you learn to listen well to your body. Before the clashes in the nulliparous begin, the mucous plug is removed from them, but if this happened, for example, simultaneously with urination, it may remain invisible. Then the pain pulling and aching.

The labor pain is recognized not only by the occurrence of pain, but also by the feeling of compression of the uterus, “petrification.” The pain resembles the one that a woman experiences with menstruation, begins in the lower back, diverges on the sides, and then on the stomach. Gradually, it increases significantly, it is difficult to endure. There are such signs of the onset of birth in primiparous:

  • labor pains do not end, which is completely uncharacteristic for training;
  • the time interval between them is constantly shortened;
  • the pain intensifies with each fight, its duration increases.

Characteristic signs of childbirth during the first pregnancy weekly

Their list is very large. It is not enough for some women to know about the precursors of childbirth in primiparas, so they look for other signs, become excessively superstitious and wary. In fact, you need to understand what symptoms may appear in the last weeks of pregnancy and be prepared for this. As a rule, their number increases gradually if childbirth does not occur. Some primiparous precursors do not have at all, especially multiparous, others show one or more. This is influenced by the individual characteristics of the body:

  • primordial age;
  • list of chronic and previously transferred diseases;
  • body structure;
  • condition of internal organs, reproductive system.

Pregnant back hurts

Harbingers of childbirth at 37 weeks of gestation


  1. This is the week when the abdomen falls before childbirth in primiparas, its shape changes. This is very clearly visible in the photo. The uterus moves into the pelvic area. However, the woman breathes much easier, she finally disappears heartburn. Previously, in the shape of the abdomen they even tried to determine who will be born: a boy or a girl.
  2. Pressure on the intestines and bladder increases, so a pregnant woman often goes to the toilet.
  3. The birth weight is reduced. Weight doesn’t grow anymore because a lot of fluid comes out of the body.
  4. The pelvic bones expand, which is accompanied by discomfort, and sometimes severe pain.
  5. The center of gravity is transferred, so the gait changes. Surrounding say that the woman began to look different.

38 weeks pregnant

At this time, such precursors of childbirth in primiparous can appear:

  • a slight increase in discharge;
  • periodically, the stomach aches and pulls;
  • the mammary glands become even larger, colostrum is possible;
  • movements are felt less and less;
  • this week, a mucous plug may already stand out, which indicates the onset of childbirth in the coming days (this is normal, the fetus is already full-term).

39 weeks pregnant

Characteristic precursors of birth in primiparous:

  1. The mood of a woman changes often and strongly. She feels the instinct of “nesting.” Pregnant women, for example, carefully clean the house, prepare children’s things. This change indicates that the first signs of childbirth in primiparous will appear very soon.
  2. Training prenatal contractions begin. As a rule, this happens at 39 weeks, but sometimes the precursors of childbirth appear earlier. Contractions are irregular. A bath with warm water helps to get rid of pain. Some on the advice of a doctor take No-shpu.
  3. Vaginal discharge is abundant, they can be either transparent or beige, milky, light brown, sometimes with bloody streaks.
  4. Constipation stops.
  5. At this time, the mucous plug often leaves, which indicates the birth of the baby within two to seven days.
  6. The weight of primiparas becomes less by a kilogram and a half.

Pregnant girl goes to the hospital

40 week of pregnancy

If a woman has reached this period, then she will feel such forerunners of early birth in primiparous:

  1. The appetite disappears sharply, I almost do not want to eat. Weight by this time is reduced by another one or two kilograms.
  2. The cervix becomes soft and short, however, this symptom is visible only to the doctor, a woman can not feel it. During examination, a specialist can also determine that the fetal head has become in the pelvis.
  3. The child is already very large. In the uterus it is crowded, so he moves much less. Only rare tremors and kicks will be felt. Just before childbirth, the baby can become, on the contrary, overly active.
  4. Amniotic fluid leakage is possible, which should be reported to the doctor.
  5. The woman has loose stools (diarrhea), sometimes there are bouts of vomiting. So the body reacts to the upcoming stress and tries to “get rid of” everything superfluous in order to more easily bear the load. Often these symptoms are a sign that childbirth will begin in a couple of days.
  6. The mucous plug should be completely or partially removed. After this, it is not recommended to take a bath or swim in open places, so as not to catch an infection.
  7. The last symptoms before childbirth are contractions, regular and painful. Gradually, they increase, and the gap between them is reduced. Then amniotic fluid leaves, which indicates the onset of labor. If this does not happen, the doctor can pierce the fetal bladder, this is completely acceptable.

What to do if there are signs of an approaching birth

Many tend to be in the hospital more quickly, but this is an unnecessary concern. The appearance and strengthening of the precursors of childbirth suggests that they will occur no later than in a week or two. Since then, you need to behave more correctly: relax a lot, do not lift weights, spend time in the fresh air. Moderate physical activity and walking will benefit. When real fights begin and their frequency decreases, you should go to the hospital. If the water has departed, it is advisable to get to the maternity hospital as quickly as possible.

Pregnant woman at the doctor

There is always a risk of premature birth, so you should immediately consult a doctor, regardless of gestational age, if you notice that:

  • vaginal bleeding has begun;
  • the color of the waste water is not transparent or pinkish, but yellow, green, or any other uncharacteristic;
  • the child completely stopped moving in the stomach, does not respond to your touch;
  • attempts began;
  • vomiting lasts more than a few hours;
  • an unusually severe or acute pain in the abdomen, back, or other parts of the body.
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