Haters – who they are and what they do, the meaning of the word and the difference from the critic

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What does the word “haters” mean, who are they and why are they aggressive? People sitting on the screens of gadgets present on forums, chats and social networks are not as harmless as they seem. Often you can read unpleasant remarks about a musician, a representative of rap culture or another person. The word has spread not only in the musical environment, but also in life. How to avoid conflict? Why do they act like that, what is the meaning of the word hater?

The meaning of the word “hater”

The word is a derivative of the English “hater” (hater). A hater is an ill-wisher, a squabbler, an adversary, one who is angry with another. Creativity, the actions of strangers, they condemn, the only mission to hate. Their method of hacking is an activity associated with hostility and envy. The original habitat was the musical environment. Haiter called the type who hates success, popularity, fame of the representative of rap, rock, pop subculture.

Subsequently, the trend spread to football, among football fans. Haters do not allow others’ opinions, only their own. Now they can be found in the comments on the videos of fashionable YouTube, on the pages of bloggers, almost everywhere. Hatering is gaining momentum. These people should not be confused with critics, whose opinion is balanced and presented adequately. Top victims, hypersuccessful personalities, even things or works become “victims”.

What haters do

Envious people cannot hate or criticize the object of hate quietly. They go through the pages of bloggers, authors, musicians, begin to hate. The goal is not the process itself, but they are trying to bring other participants to the discussion to hate. Any point of view, by default – a lie, facts are turned over, achievements are set for failures, fantasies are presented at face value.

The words of opponents are written and announced as an argument. These people seek to catch enemies on contradictions, distort the opponent’s point of view, write slander, and shift emphasis. Their actions look absurd, require withdrawal from the rental of the series and make up petitions. The main characteristics of the victims can be identified:

  • musician, composer or actor;
  • presenter on the main channels or commentator;
  • athlete with a positive result;
  • novice or popular video blogger;
  • owner of a large network portal;
  • creator or author of a cartoon, series or book.

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Psychological picture

Experienced psychologists compiled a portrait of a typical representative of this group. This is a subject under the age of 30 years, more often a teenager. Avatars in the profile are hidden by faceless pictures, they are afraid to show genuine faces, showing cowardice. Sprouts of hatred from childhood or social status. Envy is a sign of social status. Haters despise the audience that has achieved success, popularity. Maximalism of youth manifests itself in the worst hypostasis.

The second type is former “stars”, more often they are called “downed pilots.” They were famous, had crowds of fans or press acclaim, but it was all over. They were forgotten or they themselves caused their own fall. As a result, anger, a feeling of great hostility to successful people. Such people blame the whole world for their own oblivion. Impose an opinion, crush, insult – favorite techniques of this type.

The difference between haters and critics

Recognizing a hater is easy. Emotion prevails in the text, and the catch is in the words. Man gives answers that do not carry meaning and logic. Speech turns are generously diluted with obscene expressions, dots, a bunch of exclamation or question marks, illiteracy, a lot of typos, misinterpretation of words, mistakes in every word, angry emoticons or cruel pictures.

A man screams at a computer

The critic is the exact opposite. As a rule, a person with a good education, competent speech, a broad outlook, an active vocabulary. Representatives of this profession do not write what they do not know, do not tolerate anonymity and secrecy, are proud of their name and reputation. Statements confirm with arguments, facts, show competence and analyze the impression.

What are haters

Haters are divided into three categories, each of which is a characteristic set of actions, actions, steps. The most numerous are inadequate personalities. They go to forums, publics and hate, draw the object of hatred present in the dispute. They reproach with gender difference, income level, family, physiological deficiency, if any. You should not get involved with such ones, bypass and do not enter into confrontation, try to avoid conflicts.

The next isolated group is the haters on the Instagram network. Envious people writing unflattering reviews and sayings. Messages are left under the photo of a poppin personality. Malicious pages are often fake or closed by privacy settings. The method of fighting cowards is trolling. You can defeat the same weapon, but not slipping into slang vocabulary.

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And the final class – ordinary haters. Haters only on social networks. Quibbles, short negative comments, condemnation is their thing. These do not respond to arguments, appeals to reason, evidence, facts, completely reject the enemy’s response. Their weak point is humorous answers, enemies are lost with this approach, they don’t know what to protest and quietly dissolve to appear elsewhere.

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