Henna tattoo at home. How to make a mehendi painting on arms and legs on a stencil

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For lovers of decorating their body, many options have been invented. Henna tattoos are one of them. Such a decoration, unlike a permanent tattoo, will last only a few days, and applying it is painless. It is called mehendi and originated in ancient Egypt, although it is often referred to as Indian painting.

Henna drawings

Initially, eyebrow tattooing using a herbal composition was spread in Russia. However, then henna patterns located on almost any part of the body: arm, leg, or, for example, on the stomach, gradually came into fashion. Biotattooing was at first associated with a vacation at sea, where such a service was offered on almost every beach, but later became popular in large cities and for all-weather wear. Any henna pictures can be drawn using a stencil or freehand, but they are always distinguished by several features:

  • The color is usually black or brown, less often white.
  • A quality tattoo is applied to the skin, but does not stain clothes and does not flow.
  • The herbal composition used for drawing does not spoil the skin.

Henna Tattoo

Decorating exposed parts of the body is logical, as they can be seen in any season. Hand-painted henna is considered more feminine because of its tenderness and unobtrusiveness. Often, girls can see mehendi on the wrist or back of the hand. Symbols are given special attention:

  • Patterns arranged in the form of a bracelet promise the wearer luck in love affairs.
  • The now-popular dream catcher is called to protect against evil spirits.
  • Lotus flower to its owner will bring good luck in all endeavors.
  • Owl will emphasize your mental qualities.

Mehendi on hand

Henna drawings on the body

Temporary ornaments are applied not only to decorate hands. The henna drawings on the body, located in the neck area, look beautiful. Simple patterns that combine with any look and outfit look especially successful. For girls, tattoos made in the Indian or Arabic style, suggesting smooth lines and floral motifs, are more suitable. Inscriptions are not forbidden, but they are less common. Thumbnails can be selected from the photo in various catalogs, but it’s not difficult to come up with your own.

Henna Tattoo

The significance of the drawings is given special attention, even if they are hidden most of the time from prying eyes. Representatives of both sexes make henna tattoos on the leg, but they always make sense in where to place the pattern:

  • A person who searches for himself most of his life is likely to get a tattoo on his left leg..
  • For a motivated and confident person, the pattern will be located on the right foot..
  • The egoist can be recognized by a henna tattoo on the right foot.
  • If you saw a picture made by henna on the left foot, then its owner does not have enough attention of loved ones.

Henna drawings for men

A strong half of humanity is also not averse to decorating itself. And if you can think of anything for a boy, then an adult man cannot look funny and ridiculous. Male mehendi does not tolerate floral arrangements, especially if performed in the form of a sleeve. As a rule, something courageous or abstract is chosen, but with sharper lines. The place of application often becomes the back, forearm or shoulder, but you can see a temporary tattoo on the male legs.

Temporary tattoo for a man

Henna tattoo – how much is holding

The location chosen for drawing the drawing is of particular importance. Even for permanent tattoos, it is important to responsibly approach the issue of choosing the area of ​​skin on which it will be applied. On mehendi this is doubled. For example, in areas with increased friction, images are washed off faster or after a few days begin to look untidy. In addition, how much henna painting your body holds will depend on your skin type. On average, a temporary tattoo lasts on the skin for two weeks.

Henna for tattoo

To draw a biotatu on the skin, the composition with which the hair is colored will not work. Here you need henna for tattoos, packed in cones that are convenient for applying. It is a paste-like mass, which is completely ready for use. Using a cone-shaped package, drawing is very convenient. Such paint is necessarily applied to dry skin, on which there is no irritation or any cuts..

Where to buy henna for tattoos

If you are planning to draw something on your skin temporarily, then you will need to stock up with a herbal composition for this. In small towns, finding where henna is sold for tattoos will not be easy. However, often in salons where biotattoo services are provided, you may be sold material. If this option does not fit, then in online stores you can order henna inexpensively. Choose larger stores and study customer reviews to purchase quality products. When ordering with Aliexpress, give preference to trusted sellers.

Price for henna for tattoos

Since mehendi is only a temporary tattoo, you can experiment with drawings at least every month. However, it is not worth saving on the composition in order to avoid skin problems and all kinds of irritations. How much henna for a tattoo costs will depend on the place of purchase and on the type of product. If this is just a mixture for application, laid in a convenient cone, then you can purchase it for 80-100 rubles. You can buy a special set for beginners, which will include several packs of pasty and dry henna, as well as oil for fixing the pattern. This option can be bought for 500 r.

Henna packaging

Henna tattoo at home

Making temporary henna tattoos is not necessary in the salons, you can draw them at home, but first you need to learn how to do this. The main difficulty for mehendi at home is the search for a drawing composition. However, nothing prevents to make it yourself. It is not recommended to get involved in drawing on the skin: do not get a tattoo in the same place several times in a row. Even the correct phased implementation of all the instructions for the procedure with such abuse risks turning into skin irritation.

How to make henna for a tattoo

If you decide not only to draw something with henna yourself, but also to cook the necessary pasta at home, then you should stock up on these ingredients:

  • leaf tea;
  • dry henna;
  • lemon juice;
  • sugar.

Cooking according to the classic recipe involves the following steps:

  1. Brew 125 ml of tea. The shade of the finished paste will directly depend on its strength.
  2. Squeeze the juice from half a lemon and add to tea.
  3. Stir in a solution 2 tablespoons of sugar.
  4. Pour the powder into a separate container, which gradually needs to be diluted with a solution to a paste-like state. Insist a quarter of an hour.
  5. Take thick paper and fold the cone. Hand henna is not dangerous, but can stain them, so wear gloves. Put the composition in a cone. It is allowed to store in the refrigerator no more than 2 days.

Dry henna

How to use henna for tattoos

To apply a beautiful bright pattern at home, you need to follow a few simple requirements:

  1. Test the henna compound in advance by choosing the elbow bend as an experiment. If no allergic reactions are detected, it can be used. The same test in the salons must do for free.
  2. Wash the application area with soap and dry..
  3. Apply a couple drops of eucalyptus oil to the skin, rub it well.
  4. Trim the tip of a cone filled with henna paste. Carefully apply the drawing..
  5. Henna for drawing on the body should dry for at least 6 hours. You can cover the tattoo with a film, but it is important not to grease the drawn.
  6. After drying completely, remove the dried paste..

How to draw henna

For the first time, embarking on the decoration of his body in this way, it is unlikely to immediately draw beautifully. Before you make mehendi, stock up on patience and paper in a cage. On it, you can practice drawing light pictures and templates. If you want to get simple patterns with henna, consisting of patterns, then before applying the coloring paste, you can outline the contours on the skin with an eyeliner. In addition to the cone of thick paper, for drawing you can use a clean syringe without a needle or put the pasty composition in a flat container and resort to using a thin stick.

Drawing mehendi on the arm

Price for henna tattoos

Not everyone can draw an even line, especially if the skin for painting is their own skin. Now in the salons of almost any city, a mehendi service is provided. All of them differ in the professionalism of the masters working there and the cost of the procedure. How much does a henna tattoo cost, you can find out by calling a specific salon. Prices in Moscow range from 300 to 700 rubles. for a small tattoo to the wrist. If the picture is large or complex, then you have to lay out from 2500 r.

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