How a loving husband behaves – 10 signs of a spouse’s love

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Relationships in marriage change over time, which is normal. Crazy passion of the bouquet period turns into a quiet friendship. The changes suggest that the partner’s feelings have cooled, although this is not so. There are arguments that help to recognize a man’s sincere affection and love..

Looking in the eyes

Spouses look into each other's eyes

A serious sign – during dinner, the spouse does not talk on the phone, does not look around. All attention is directed to the wife. It is important for a man to constantly see her, to listen with interest. According to the studies of psychologist Zika Rubin, 75% of couples in love look at each other. Just chatting people do this in 30-60% of situations. Constant eye contact shows a man’s love for a woman.

Eliminates unloved activities

Spouses clean in the kitchen

For many years spent together, the sympathies and antipathies of life’s companions are being clarified. The degree to which a man adapts to situations that annoy a woman helps to understand what he loves. Spouse copes with their affairs without any problems, you can always hope for support.

Psychologists believe that a loving husband knows what can bring a woman out of balance, therefore, excludes such moments from everyday life.

If the spouse knows that the other half hates washing dishes, then he does it himself. In order not to quarrel over unwashed plates, he will load a dishwasher before going to bed. A woman can thank her husband, fulfill his unloved responsibilities.

Calls by name during sex

It is normal to treat each other “dear”, “dear” during the day. If a man truly loves, then during passion he calls his spouse by name. This proves affection for a companion and unwillingness to have intimate relationships with someone else. A husband always wants to hug, caress, kiss his woman. A good sign is eye contact during sex, which indicates a high level of intimacy.

Discusses personal

Husband and wife are resting in nature

The husband is interested in everything that concerns two, trying all the time to discover something new in a loved one. After several years together, the husband still wants to get to know the chosen one better, without trying to change her. It’s not boring with such a partner, there’s something to talk about.

How a loving husband behaves:

  • He trusts his wife, voices his own feelings, talks about the innermost.
  • He shares plans, asks what to do, learns the opinion of his beloved.
  • When a wife talks about her experiences, she’s ready to listen as much as she likes, gives good advice.
  • Takes all the strengths and weaknesses of your beloved.
  • Understands that the basis of true feelings is mutual interest and trust..
  • How best friend supports in all situations.

Tries to surprise

The husband gives flowers to his wife

When a man loves a woman, he is looking for ways to refresh his feelings, diversify everyday life. The husband is interested in what his wife likes, remembers the little things that make her smile.

The husband prepares meaningful gifts – that which the beloved dreamed or wanted to have, guesses wishes, presents surprises.

This is not about expensive things, it can be:

  • homemade breakfast or dinner;
  • favorite sweets or ice cream;
  • flowers donated for no reason;
  • movie premiere tickets.

A woman-loving husband makes dreams come true, helps to achieve the desired. He implements his wife’s plans to start a business or a fantasy about a trip to Paris.

You go to visit together

Friends at a party

A husband who loves, without whining, will go with you to a friendly party. You just need to say about the desire to be on a holiday together. Even if the spouse does not want entertainment, when family happiness is not indifferent, the man will not allow the companion to go alone. It is important for him to spend time together. To please his beloved, he is ready to participate in women’s entertainment. A man will never do this if he does not love. Girls should not abuse it.

Yields to the dispute

The best way to prove love is to let you win the bet. It is more important for a loving husband to keep the peace than to be right. Prolonged misunderstanding or offended feelings often lead to frustration.

A loving person will raise a white flag, take the first step after a quarrel, even if he was right, make concessions for the sake of family happiness.

This means – the man cares what his beloved feels, puts her interests above his own. The next time your wife should think, what’s more important – to prove the truth or avoid problems.

Remembers you throughout the day

Guy with a phone

Happy couples constantly communicate physically and emotionally, always in touch. If the marriage is strong, the partner daily finds time to show love and care. It can be funny emoticons or a call with a question about well-being. To feel affection, a couple has a two-minute telephone conversation. The psychology of a man in love is such that if he is not nearby, then he will remind himself of himself in any way possible.

Revitalizes relationships in bed

You should not be offended if the spouse changes sexual preferences – this is good news. Female sex drive during the month fluctuates due to hormones. A loving spouse will come up with ways to make the bedroom attractive to both. He will offer to try a new lubricant or device from an intimate store that will prepare a partner for proximity and increase excitement.

Doesn’t hang in gadgets

Married couple

To spend time with his soul mate, a loving man takes away a smartphone and laptop. Regardless of the importance of work, the spouse knows when to put down the phone, turn off the computer, and pay attention to the family. Love is placed above career and friends, the choice will always be in favor of a woman. This does not mean that the man will quit at the first call, but the time without tablets and iPhones, designed for two, speaks of deep affection.

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