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The financial crisis greatly affected all categories of citizens, but those who took out a loan to buy a home were especially affected. The government of the country decided to help deal with this situation. The state offers a 20 percent refund for the mortgage by participating in a restructuring program for a young family or by providing documents confirming a decrease in income.

What is mortgage restructuring

Not all borrowers can fulfill loan obligations. Someone is faced with a change in salary down, and someone has children. Mortgage restructuring is financial assistance aimed at repaying an existing loan and avoiding the loss of the only available living space. Using this procedure, you can:

  • reduce the amount of monthly payments;
  • sell real estate and purchase a more affordable apartment / house;
  • get other benefits in repaying a loan.

State Mortgage Compensation

There are several programs in Russia aimed at improving the living conditions of citizens. A 20 percent return on a mortgage is one of their varieties. State programs will help reduce the size of the loan, but they will not save the debtor from paying interest, fines and penalties. When requested by the authorities, the bank may consider partially debiting this category of debts.

Who can get

Citizens affected by a sharp decrease in wages may apply for assistance from AHML. To return 20 percent for a mortgage, it is necessary to provide an account statement for 6 months. It should display a drop in wages over the past 90 days by at least 30%. If such a trend is not observed, assistance will be denied. A citizen must have a disabled person or minor child.

The second situation, suitable for repaying 20 percent for a mortgage, is the currency difference. If the loan was taken in dollars, then you can contact the state for a decrease in monthly payments or a change in the terms of the loan. In the first case, part of the debt is forgiven to the citizen. In the second case, the monetary rate is set lower than recommended by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The grace period is valid until the full payment of the debt. The ratio of the value of the ruble and the currency of the mortgage should exceed 30%.

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Where to go

Compensation can be obtained by contacting the bank where the loan was taken with a statement. Many financial institutions themselves provide a form that must be completed. The long term of the contract is not an obstacle to obtaining compensation, but if a citizen took a loan less than a year ago, he is not entitled to participate in the program.

How to return 20 percent of the mortgage

The restructuring procedure is beneficial to both banks and customers. A financial organization gets the opportunity to return part of the data on the purchase of housing to a borrower of money, and a citizen can forget about delays and focus on stabilizing his own financial situation. VTB and Sberbank offer the following ways to repay 20% of a mortgage loan:

  • deferral of payments and interest due to an increase in the payment term;
  • writing off fines and penalties;
  • updating the schedule for repayment of principal and accrued interest;
  • other customized solutions.

Which banks participate in the restructuring program

Assistance to borrowers is not provided by all financial organizations in the country. The list of banks that joined this campaign includes: VTB 24, Russian Agricultural Bank, Sberbank, RosEvroBank, Svyaz-Bank, AK BARS, AKIBANK, Center-Invest and other enterprises. Remember that for restructuring or refinancing a loan, you must apply strictly to the financial institution where you filed a mortgage.

Who makes the compensation decision

The decision to reduce the loan amount may be issued by AHML or a bank. When approval has arrived, the borrower must inform the financial institution. In one of the bank branches they will re-calculate the loan with a decrease in the interest rate and write-off of a part of the debt. In case of refusal, the citizen will receive an official letter stating that the payment remains at the same level.

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Mortgage interest repayment terms

This procedure is carried out after the borrower has paid part of the cost of housing. Under existing conditions, you can not return the entire bag paid, but only 13% of it. The amount of payment may not exceed 600,000 rubles. A loan is always targeted. The delay must not exceed 120 days. A person applying for a return of interest should not have official bankruptcy status. In the classic version, when paying a mortgage every month, the money will be transferred at the end of the year. If a citizen decided to repay the loan ahead of schedule, then he can return the tax interest in two ways:

  • return of funds from annuity payments;
  • return of a part of paid interest.

Borrower Requirements

A refund of 20 percent on a mortgage is permissible if the applicant matches the social status. You must have at least one minor child, be a war veteran, or raise a disabled person. Sberbank returns 20 percent of the mortgage to scientific workers, government employees and social program participants.

Mortgage Requirements

You can use the appropriate services of the loan restructuring agency if your property meets the requirements established by the state. Housing should be the only one. If a citizen took a loan for several houses or apartments, a repayment of 20 percent will be impossible. The borrower may be the owner of another property, but its share should not be more than 50% together with all family members. Additionally, the following requirements must be observed:

  • housing is not elite;
  • the number of meters in the apartment should not exceed the value specified in the standard of the program;
  • the price of housing should not be higher than 60% of the unit cost of similar apartments;
  • confirmed the legal cleanliness of the apartment.

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What documents are needed to restructure a mortgage

This procedure requires preliminary legal and moral preparation, it takes a lot of time. Without the provision of certain certificates and certificates by the bank, an application for a refund of 20 percent for a mortgage will not be considered. Before you go to the financial institution that once issued you money for the purchase of housing, you should prepare the following package of documents:

  • passport;
  • an agreement confirming a loan at this bank;
  • bank statement, which shows the maturity of the debt with its amount;
  • extract from the Unified State Register on the premises or other real estate acting as collateral in the transaction;
  • extract from the Unified State Register confirming the absence of other housing;
  • income statement.

You will also need to provide papers confirming a good reason for the delay in the loan. If a citizen was fired, then he must provide the employee’s work record book, which indicates the date of termination of the contract and the date of placement on the labor exchange. In the employment center you need to take a certificate, which indicates the amount of benefits. If insolvency is due to illness, a certificate from a medical institution will be required. In case of a decrease in salary, you should take the appropriate certificate from the employer.

How does the state return money for a mortgage

Cost recovery can be implemented in two ways. In the first case, a refund on a mortgage in Sberbank or any other financial institution occurs on the credit card of the payer. In the second case, the payment is transferred directly to the bank account in order to repay the debt. The first time the interest will be returned after a year. Even retirees can return paid income tax.


You can get back part of your own money after contacting the tax office. The procedure itself does not require a citizen to have a certificate stating that the salary corresponds to the subsistence level, and other papers, the processing of which will take a long time. The list of documents that you need to bring with you to the tax office is as follows:

  • copy of the loan agreement;
  • a certificate from the bank about how much interest the citizen paid for the year;
  • certificate of change of creditor, if a citizen decided to refinance a mortgage.
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