How is the assessment of residential real estate for a mortgage loan – why is it needed, documents and cost

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Buying residential property with a loan has become easier. Banks offer various lending programs with the condition that the acquired square meters will be subject to pledge. Evaluation of an apartment for a mortgage is a prerequisite, and it must be ordered from an independent appraiser or company before going to the bank. The resulting report will allow you to determine the amount of the loan, because if necessary, the object can be sold at real cost and repay the resulting debt.

Why do you need real estate valuation for mortgages

Evaluation of the apartment when buying a mortgage is necessary for both parties to the loan agreement. It is not only a guideline for the issuance of borrowed funds, but also a certain insurance in case of force majeure. The fact is that the price set by the seller may be too high and may not correspond to the real estate market. If the estimated cost is lower than the proposed one, and it’s not possible to agree on a discount with the owner, the borrower can pay it up at his own expense or find a new object for purchase.

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Risks of banks in mortgage lending

The lender is primarily interested in evaluating the apartment. An independent analysis is carried out to prevent fraud on the part of the borrower, because he may, for personal gain, request more money and spend it for other purposes. By issuing a large sum to the borrower for the purchase of an apartment, the bank runs a risk, since there is always a risk of loan default. To minimize the danger, firstly, the size of the loan never amounts to the full amount of the purchase price, but varies between 60–70%. Secondly, the acquired property necessarily acts as a pledge.

Protecting the interests of the borrower

Since financial and credit institutions are trying to underestimate the amount of borrowed funds, the buyer needs an assessment of the apartment for a mortgage. In this way, he can argue the requested amount of cash. The larger the loan he receives from the bank, the less his own funds will have to be invested. After an independent examination, the borrower can see the real value of the purchased property, and not the one that suits the seller.

Who makes the assessment

Assessment of housing with a mortgage is carried out at the stage of preparation of documents. All the nuances are spelled out in the law and the federal assessment standard, according to which only entities licensed to do this can be engaged in activities. The borrower has the right to independently choose an organization or individual, and may use the appraisers who have passed accreditation at the bank, where he intends to loan.

How much does an assessment of an apartment for a mortgage cost?

The exact cost of the service can be found out only after consulting with a specialist. Depending on the region, it can vary significantly. So, in Moscow, the price ranges from an average of 5,000 to 10,000 rubles and depends on housing. It is clear that when analyzing elite housing, the cost will be higher than when experts will prepare a report on the Khrushchev outside the Moscow Ring Road. Very often companies organize promotions, and even today you can find offers starting from 2500 rubles.

At whose expense is the examination carried out

Examination is troublesome and time-consuming. The cost of evaluating an apartment for a mortgage depends not only on the mortgage property itself, but also on the necessary package of papers, the urgency of the work. All these costs are borne by the potential buyer. The Bank does not participate in this, because the report is one of the documents that the borrower needs to attach to the list of securities required for obtaining a mortgage.

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Where to order an apartment rating

You can order a document only from those representatives who are licensed to carry out appraisal activities – this is the law. Choosing yourself or resorting to a recommended bank is already the business of the borrower. If a credit institution insists on choosing an appraiser only from the list accredited to it, it is necessary to request an official explanation of such a bank requirement, since such behavior is not legal.

Independent Firms

Today it is not difficult to find a company that would make an objective assessment of an apartment for a mortgage. Choosing a potential one, it is necessary to carry out a comparative analysis of not only the services offered and the speed of the work, but also the cost. Here are just a few of them:

  • Independent Evaluation LLC;
  • LLC Independent Expert Evaluation Bureau;
  • Independent Valuation Company GLOBAL.

Accredited Specialists of a Credit Institution

Assessment for a mortgage can be carried out not only by independent firms, but also by companies accredited by the bank itself. Each banking institution on its Internet portal posts information with the contact details of each entity. It is important to understand that lenders do not work with one or two professional appraisers. You can always choose – in Sberbank of certified appraisers alone there are about two and a half hundred.

Private individuals

The law does not prohibit individuals who have the right to conduct an assessment. They must be registered as an individual entrepreneur and must have a liability insurance policy in the amount of at least 300 thousand rubles. This will help recover costs if an error is detected due to IP incompetence. When issuing a mortgage loan, it will not be superfluous to coordinate the candidacy of an independent expert with the bank.

How to choose an appraiser

You can evaluate an apartment for a mortgage in any company, but this does not mean that each of them will perform the work efficiently and at a high level. Turning to a specific appraiser, it is important that the prepared package of documents does not contain errors, because of which you will have to turn to a new expert for the service. When paying for the assessment again, the first thing to be guided by is the reviews of real people, better acquaintances who had direct contact with a representative of the organization.

Companies that have been operating for more than a year on the market, employing only highly qualified specialists, are the things to pay attention to. Do not chase cheap offers, because the work of an appraiser can not cost a penny. When choosing a company, it is better to give preference to the one whose office location is in close proximity to the property – this will help reduce the cost.

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Pros and cons of cooperation with appraisers recommended by the bank

If the bank insists on its person to conduct appraisal operations when buying an apartment, the borrower may refuse or accept the offer. The main advantage of working with an accredited company is a quick decision-making, since their reports are accepted with almost 100% approval. This approach may not be very beneficial to the borrower, since there is a risk of underestimating the real value of the acquired property. For comparison, you can order an additional independent examination.

How is the appraisal of an apartment with a mortgage

First, you need to decide on the organization or individual who will conduct the assessment process. To do this, you need to negotiate with the representative all the conditions for the performance of work and the cost of the service. If the selected candidate is not included in the list of accredited banks, it is necessary to coordinate it in order to avoid problems in the future. After that, you can fill out an application and conclude a contract for work.

Application for conclusion of an appraisal contract

Before an expert evaluates an apartment for a mortgage, you need to fill out an application. As a rule, this can be done on the website of the company itself, and you must specify a minimum of data. These include the name of the customer, the location of the object to be evaluated and some information about it. After considering the application, the specialist will contact the client to set the time for signing the contract.

Contract signing

An agreement is concluded on the form of the company in duplicate for each of the parties. If necessary, you can always make changes to the document if the customer wants to add some points. Be sure to include information about the customer, information about the appraiser, his qualifications and the availability of civil liability. In addition, information is provided on the collateral property and for what purpose an assessment is carried out. The rights and obligations of each of the parties are indicated. Date is put down, signatures and all this is sealed.

What documents are needed for real estate valuation

To conclude a contract and evaluate the apartment for a mortgage, you need to bring a large number of papers. The first thing you need is a passport. If, on behalf of the citizen, a trusted representative acts, a power of attorney for the right to carry out activities will be needed. In addition, the following documents must be attached:

  • certificate of ownership of real estate.
  • title documents (agreement of gift, sale, privatization, etc.);
  • technical plan;
  • cadastral or technical passport;
  • floor explication.

Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and documents

Methods for determining the cost of an apartment

An integrated approach in the work of appraisal organizations includes several mandatory procedures, which suggests that this work is not an easy one. This includes the collection of documents, the process of inspection of the object and its analysis with the preparation of detailed reporting. Different methods are used depending on the goal pursued. Profitable helps to determine what benefits can be derived from the rental property or resale. When using it, many assumptions are allowed, so it does not always accurately reflect the real state of things.

The cost method basically uses the real state of appraised housing. The costs necessary for the construction of a similar facility are taken into account. For this, an estimate is needed, without which accurate information on the apartment is impossible. In the comparative method, a parallel is drawn between equal objects sold or put up for sale. There is a generalization of information, an assessment is made using all kinds of coefficients. The method gives the most accurate idea of ​​the real value of the home..

Real Estate Market Price

In simple terms, the real market value of housing is the amount for which the buyer is ready to purchase an apartment, and the seller agrees to sell it. Analysis of the market price of an apartment is possible only when studying existing offers in the market. The apartments of similar consumer qualities are taken into account. The more options are presented for the comparative characteristic, the more accurate the final figure will be..

Liquid value

In addition to the market value of the apartment, the lender takes into account the liquidation. This is the cost for which you can sell real estate in the shortest possible time with a minimum of effort. To obtain a mortgage loan, it is extremely important to accurately determine the market price of similar apartments, since the liquid price differs from it in a smaller direction and amounts to about 70–80%. The bank will issue a loan to the borrower based on the liquidation price.

What to do if there is a significant difference in the cost of the apartment

Estimated cost can be significantly lower than offered on the market. You can cover the difference with your own money or request a consumer loan, however, it will be issued at a higher percentage. You can provide an additional deposit to the bank. This will help increase the estimated amount of the mortgage transaction. It is allowed to contact an independent expert for an additional assessment, because any nuances affecting the cost of housing, for example, a new building from the builder, the availability of repairs in the room, the location near the metro station, could not be taken into account.

Property Valuation Report

As a result of the evaluation work, the main document is compiled, which will guide the bank in determining the loan amount. This is a report that has legal force and meets the mandatory requirements of the customer. At its core, reporting is proof, so to speak, justification of why the property has such a price. It is allowed to draw up a document for specialists who have tolerances of a self-regulatory organization and have insured their responsibility.

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Clearance requirements

Since the report has legal force, it must be drawn up correctly. Many banks may put forward their own additional requirements for paperwork, so you need to know about this in advance, since the document may not be accepted for consideration. All appraisers accredited by a particular bank are aware of the terms and conditions put forward, therefore, there are no complaints against the statements drawn up by them.

In addition, any report prepared must comply with the requirements of the Association of Russian Banks (ARB) and the Association of Mortgage Housing Lending (AHML):

  • have a printed look;
  • data can be presented in tabular or descriptive form;
  • contain all the data necessary for calculating a loan;
  • number of pages should not exceed 30.

What information should be contained in the report

Since the assessment of an apartment for a mortgage from a bank is based on a report drawn up by an expert, the document should contain comprehensive data. Be sure to provide information about the customer and the contractor. Includes data on the object to be analyzed, tasks and cost justification methods. The analysis of location, development prospects. Photos of the house, entrance, the apartment itself or its share are given. The parameters of the apartment are described (floor, area, ceiling height, etc.)

All characteristics of the object are presented in comparison with similar dwellings, redevelopments made are taken into account. The calculation of the cost per square meter in the compared apartments is given with decreasing and increasing coefficients. The market and liquidation value of the apartment is determined. In addition to all this information, the report is completed with applications, acts, copies of documents and other photographs of the object.

Report preparation and submission time

Depending on the complexity and qualifications of the expert, the preparation of the report may take different times. It can take two days to work, but it can be longer, but as a rule, the average time for drawing up does not exceed five working days. After the report is ready, the client receives a notification that the document can be picked up. If the report was prepared in an unaccredited company, it is necessary to trace the availability of copies of documents confirming the legality of the company.

Valuation period of the apartment

Due to the fact that real estate can change in price, and its condition deteriorates, the period of validity of the report under the law is 6 months. This is done so that the client can apply to other lending institutions if they receive a denial of a loan. After six months, if it was not possible to obtain a loan, a re-evaluation of the apartment for a mortgage.

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