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Changes in the appearance of famous personalities are always the subject of general discussion. After appearing in one of the television shows, viewers were shocked by the changes that occurred with one of the popular actresses. Olga Kartunkova appeared in a completely new image, having thrown off almost half of her weight. These changes caused a stir around the artist – everyone was interested in the secret of losing weight. Olga did not hide from fans of the tried and tested technique, and openly talked about her diet.

Who is Olga Kartunkova

The actress, participant and captain of the KVN team “Gorod Pyatigorsk”, Olga Kartunkova, is known to the audience as a cheerful and energetic little girl. The legal education Olga received at the insistence of her relatives was not useful to her, as she always felt her connection with the stage and acting. The career of the artist began with participation in the KVN team festival, held in 2006.

Having appeared on the scene in her role, Kartunkova realized that she had found her true calling. After the victory in the Higher League of the KVN team led by Olga, her creative biography began to be replenished with participation in television projects, shows, films. A 39-year-old actress is familiar to the viewer in the image of a full lady who feels relaxed and confident in any life situation.

Favorite profession and colorful images

Kartunkova from the beginning of her acting career has been performing in a humorous genre, her comedic image is holistic and well received by the audience. The artist herself is sure that a sense of humor and a passion for comedy are spelled out in her genetic code. Since 2014, the Once Upon a Time project, in which Olga is the most colorful star, has been broadcast on one of the Russian channels. Her role as a powerful woman causes genuine spectator interest and positive emotions..

According to Kartunkova, she expressed in an interview, she never experienced a sense of inferiority or inferiority because of her appearance. Olga’s cheerful character, innate optimism helped her to perceive herself as she is and not to pay attention to criticism of strangers. It is possible that the individual characteristics of the actress helped her to find her role, to be organic in her image.

Olga Kartunkova before and after losing weight

Where the excess weight comes from

According to the artist, she never had a fragile figure and did not think about proper nutrition, counting the calorie content of dishes or dietary restrictions. Excess weight was not a problem for her, because she did not notice him. In Olga’s life there is a beloved and loving man with whom they have been married for 17 years. Kartunkova feels loved and desired, therefore, does not pay attention to the discrepancy with generally recognized standards of beauty.

The reason for the appearance of excess weight was eating habits laid down since childhood. An abundance of fatty foods was considered a normal diet in Olga’s family; she was not used to denying herself sweet or starchy foods. With a low level of physical activity, a constant excess of the amount of calories consumed over consumed has paid off in the form of fat deposits. As Kartunkova admits, she preferred a sedentary lifestyle to sports, and after rehearsals or concerts she indulged herself with a lot of sweets lying on the couch.

Reasons for losing weight

Despite a positive attitude towards her appearance, Kartunkova made repeated attempts to lose weight, which were caused by the appearance of health problems (shortness of breath and back pain). To this end, the actress even agreed to take part in a special television project, according to which the participants had to lose weight for a certain time. The completion of the task then was prevented by the trauma received by the artist.

A firm belief about the need to get rid of excess weight visited Kartunkova after a leg fracture due to an unsuccessful fall. The nerves of the foot were damaged, leading to a change in gait and posture. It was not possible to restore leg functionality for a long time, while Olga accidentally met in Israel with a doctor who agreed to undergo surgery.

After the doctor’s words that such consequences could have been avoided if her weight had been less, the artist finally decided to start the fight against overweight. Kartunkova’s colleagues did not take seriously her statements about the desire to lose weight, so Olga made a bet with them that she would be able to lose 34 kg in two months. The argument with friends has become a powerful motivational factor on the path to losing weight, which the artist openly declares in an interview with reporters.

How much thinner was Olga Kartunkova

Prior to Kartunkova’s participation in the weight loss project, her weight was 151 kg with a height of 168 cm. Before the injury, the actress managed to lose 18 kg, after which the kilograms quickly returned. After a successful operation and recovery, Olga began an active struggle with overweight, and she managed to win the dispute – 34 kg left in less than two months. In total, in the first year since the start of a new lifestyle, the actress lost 61 kg. She is not going to stop on the result and plans to lose weight by at least 15 kg..

What does the actress look like now

The audience could not help but notice the cardinal changes that occurred in the image of Kartunkova. The actress managed to get rid of not only a large number of kilograms, but also from several years. Olga looks younger and more attractive – it is difficult to recognize the former shapeless dummy in her, but the diet did not affect her sense of humor and charisma. Such a sharp transformation caused numerous discussions among fans of humor. The opinions of people were divided – some believed that special medicines were used for weight loss, others believed that Olga lost weight naturally.

Latest photos of Olga Kartunkova

Olga Kartunkova

Secrets of harmony

Slim Kartunkova does not hide the secrets of her transformation. She states that she is an opponent of starvation and urges not to torment her body with rigid diets. The result of hunger is a decrease in metabolic rate, death of nerve cells due to lack of glucose in the body, an increase in insulin levels in the blood, and disruption of the intestines. The technique by which the artist lost weight consists of a number of rules, adhering to which you can find a beautiful body and maintain health.

To get rid of excess weight, the actress approached deliberately, turning to professionals in the field of weight loss. Before the start of the diet, the famous artist underwent a full examination by an endocrinologist, assessed her body’s readiness for stress, which causes any changes in her usual lifestyle. The diet for weight loss was developed by experienced nutritionists, taking into account the characteristics of her body. One of the main conditions for the effectiveness of the weight loss program was to unconditionally follow the rules:

  • calorie counting of all dishes;
  • daily calculation of the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (BJU);
  • following the established schedule of food;
  • ensuring normal water balance in the body;
  • increased calories.

Calorie restriction and balance bju

To achieve quick results, Olga had to abandon many of her favorite foods. So, sweets, flour, confectionery, and pastries were completely excluded from the diet. Kartunkova sharply limited the number of calories consumed, which adversely affected overall health, but helped the actress achieve her goals. In addition to reducing the total calorie content, the developed diet suggested a change in the balance of fatty acids in the direction of cutting fat and carbohydrates.

Kartunkova’s rational diet was based on protein dishes, while vegetable and animal fats were minimized. Such measures were necessary due to the high percentage of fat in the body of the artist and the short time to achieve the desired result, established by Olga. Fast carbohydrates were also excluded from the daily diet, they were replaced by products containing slow healthy carbohydrates. The total calorie content of the humorist’s menu was 1500-1600 kcal, while the percentage of BZHU was as follows:

  • protein – 46.5;
  • fats – 18.6;
  • carbohydrates – 34.9.

Serving Size and Meal Schedule

One of the main components of Kartunkova’s weight loss technique is a meal schedule. In order to avoid a slowdown in metabolism, fractional nutrition is required 5-7 times a day. Serving size should be such that after eating there was a slight feeling of hunger. Eating is advisable to carry out regularly, avoiding long breaks. The best option is a snack every 2.5-3 hours. Kartunkova does not agree with the statement that you can’t eat after 6 pm. She believes that before going to bed, it is necessary to eat 2-3 eggs without yolk in order to disperse the metabolism..

Maintaining water balance

Being overweight is dangerous because fat deposits form not only in the subcutaneous fat, but also on the internal organs. The consequence of this process is slagging of the body and the deterioration of cellular metabolism. During weight loss, a gradual breakdown of fat cells occurs, but the diet does not affect the accumulated toxins – they remain in the body. In order to cleanse herself of toxins, Kartunkova followed the advice of nutritionists and adhered to the drinking regimen.

Pure water promotes leaching of harmful substances (salts of heavy metals, radionuclides, preservatives, etc.) that enter the body with food or from the environment. The artist daily tried to use 20 ml of water per 1 kg of weight, i.e. 2-3 liters. Maintaining water balance is important during weight loss for the following reasons:

  • water is involved in the process of fat degradation, which contributes to weight loss;
  • due to the use of fluid, excess salts are washed out;
  • all metabolic processes occur with the participation of water;
  • the body tries to retain the liquid with insufficient intake, but with timely replenishment of water, the need for accumulation disappears, and the weight drastically.

Water in a glass

Active lifestyle

The weight loss of Olga Kartunkova was achieved, to a greater extent, due to a strong reduction in calories due to the fact that due to trauma, I had to refuse to play sports. According to the actress, she would have managed to achieve even more impressive results if the doctors allowed her physical activity. After a long rehabilitation period, Olga began to gradually carry out a set of exercises, which gave a new impetus to the body and weight began to decrease even faster..

Physical activity, according to the artist, is very important for creating and maintaining good shape. During aerobic exercise, the cells are saturated with oxygen, and power loads help to tone the muscles and tone. Olga advises daily to do exercises, including exercises for all muscle groups. The level of load should be chosen based on the level of physical fitness, increasing it with decreasing body weight.

Individual diet of Olga Kartunkova

A thinner actress does not hide her method of losing weight. Olga shares the diet developed for her openly, but warns that the methods that helped her may not be suitable for another person due to the individual characteristics of the body. The essence of the nutrition program is the use of permitted foods and the complete exclusion of prohibited foods from the diet. The recommended list is based on vegetables, chicken breast and greens. The artist used fruit only in the first half of the day. I had to completely abandon sugar, and limit salt to 2 g.

Featured Product List

Kartunkova admitted that she was hard to tolerate the diet for the first time, but then the body adapted, and she ceased to feel discomfort and feel limited calories. According to the actress, the list of allowed products includes many items from which you can prepare tasty and healthy dishes. The feeling of weakness caused by a decrease in the usual dose of glucose will pass as you get used to the new diet. The products shown in the list are allowed for consumption, but their quantity should fit into the framework of the permissible calorie content:

  • vegetables (with the exception of potatoes);
  • fruits (except bananas, dates, figs);
  • berries (grapes are prohibited);
  • mushrooms;
  • low-fat varieties of fish;
  • cereals (buckwheat, millet, oatmeal);
  • dairy products (kefir, natural yogurt);
  • legumes;
  • poultry meat;
  • skim cheese;
  • dried apricots;
  • olive oil;
  • honey.

What products are prohibited

In order to achieve the same results as Olga, it is necessary to limit the use of products from the forbidden list. The actress recalls that even a one-time violation of the established restrictions was strictly punished by a supervising nutritionist. For the duration of the diet, you will have to give up:

  • canned food;
  • pickles (smoked meat also refers to prohibited foods);
  • sweets, cakes, ice cream;
  • barbecue;
  • Macaroni
  • fast food;
  • pilaf;
  • dumplings, dumplings;
  • bakery products;
  • fatty meats.

How to lose weight Olga Kartunkova now

After the goals were achieved, and the scales showed the desired double-digit number, Olga did not stop and decided to continue the diet. Over time, the new regime has become a way of life for her, which helps to consolidate the result. Now the diet of the artist, who has become an example to follow, is not very different from the diet she describes. The difference is that the actress sometimes allows herself a little sweet and started eating fatty meats.

The caloric content of the daily diet of Kartunkova is 1800-2000 calories, of which the bulk are complex carbohydrates and proteins. During weight loss, calculating BZHU became a habit and now Olga does not monitor the accuracy of the quantitative ratio of nutrients. The actress learned to listen to her body and respond to its signals in time.

Photo by Olga Kartunkova

Menu for 1 day

For those who want to repeat the path traveled by the famous artist, Olga openly shares her diet. The number of meals is 6 times a day, the first meal should be in 20 minutes. after waking up. The 1-day menu provided by Kartunkova as an example of her regime looks like this:


Meal time, h.




Protein omelet, cucumber and tomato salad dressing with olive oil and lemon juice, tea without sugar

Late breakfast


Macaroons, a glass of kefir



Turkey Steak, Cucumber



Hot vegetable soup



Buckwheat porridge, tomato

Late dinner


Low Fat Yogurt, Cottage Cheese

Weekly diet

Dietary nutrition should be varied in order to provide the body with the necessary trace elements. Sample menu for the week, which adheres to Kartunkov:


Meal time




3 boiled eggs without yolk, cottage cheese with herbs, weak coffee

Late breakfast

Fruit Salad with Lemon Juice


Boiled Chicken Breast, Cauliflower Salad


Stevia Milk Pudding


Millet porridge, steam fish cakes

Late dinner

Curd unsweetened casserole



Oatmeal porridge, unsweetened coffee

Late breakfast

Nuts (walnuts, almonds), freshly squeezed juice


Broccoli soup, prune compote


Bean paste with carrot, kefir


Baked Eggplant with Cheese

Late dinner

Cottage cheese



Hard Cheese, Cucumber and Cabbage Salad, Tea

Late breakfast

Green apple, 1 tsp honey


Boiled beef with vegetables, berry juice


Seafood salad seasoned with lemon juice


Buckwheat porridge, cucumber

Late dinner

Ginger Kefir Drink



Omelet with vegetables, fresh orange

Late breakfast

Baked pear, natural yogurt


Salmon steak, grilled vegetables


Stewed cabbage with cherry tomatoes


Baked Chicken with Vegetables

Late dinner

Natural Yogurt with Berries



Millet porridge, tomato and arugula salad, coffee

Late breakfast

Baked apple, almonds


Turkey steak, sun-dried tomatoes


A glass of tomato juice, cheese


Boiled fish, coleslaw

Late dinner

A glass of kefir with cinnamon



Oatmeal with 1 tsp honey tea

Late breakfast

Assorted fruit


Vegetable stew, chicken liver stewed with soy sauce


Mushroom casserole


Shrimp Salad with Tomatoes

Late dinner

Fruit yogurt



Curd pancakes, tea

Late breakfast

Rye garlic crackers


Vegetable Chicken Pillow


Spinach and Cucumber Smoothie


Diet soup

Late dinner

Cottage cheese casserole

Exercising to maintain results

The artist of the humorous genre, who was able to achieve serious results in losing weight, realizes the need for sports to bring muscles to tone. During the diet, the body experiences stress, and in order to maintain an emotional background, you should engage in activities that bring pleasure, contribute to the production of endorphins. Kartunkova visits the pool, and from the simulators prefers a treadmill. According to the actress, these sports contribute to the development of all muscles and are suitable for people with any level of physical fitness..

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