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Since January 2019, the whole country is gradually switching to digital television broadcasting. On April 15, in connection with Presidential Decree No. 715 of June 24, 2019, state support for analogue broadcasting was completely discontinued. Switching to digital television requires installing an antenna and connecting a set-top box if the TV does not have a built-in T2 tuner. Turning off analog television will not affect cable TV broadcasting.

Signal reception methods

Digital television

There are 4 options for receiving a digital signal:

  • Cable. The signal is received via cable. It requires a monthly fee. At the same time, you cannot make a selection of channels, since tariff plans are formed by thematic programs.
  • Satellite. It is necessary to install a personal antenna, the signal is transmitted via satellite. There is a free broadcast and paid. Paid channels are paid separately..
  • Broadcast (DVB Television). Such a signal can be received by a conventional street or indoor decimeter antenna. This option requires a TV with a built-in T2 set-top box or it must be purchased separately.
  • Internet Television (IPTV) – You need a network connection with a speed of 7 Mbps and a smart TV or special set-top box. Many free and paid channels.

Multiplex in digital TV

Federal program

Multiplex is a set of television programs that are transmitted on one digital channel.

Digital TV in Russia in DVB T2 format offers 20 channels that are divided into 2 packages – this is called a multiplex.

For reception you only need a TV and antenna. If the device does not have a decoder that accepts the DVB T2 frequency range, then you need to purchase a special prefix.

Free Channel List

Connection Order

The digital broadcast package is distributed in multiplexes, each with 10 channels. 20 of them are broadcast in normal mode, the third package is being tested.

You can find and configure them in manual or automatic mode..

With cable television, the list will include the list provided by the operator.

First multiplex

Multiplex 1 channels

On the territory of the Russian Federation, by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 715 “On All-Russian Compulsory Publicly Available TV and Radio Channels” dated June 24, 2009, the First Multiplex was approved. This is a list of free television and radio channels, which includes news, development and information programs.

They are transmitted on the same frequency, so they are connected all together. Work wherever there is digital television.

The package contains the following channels:

  • federal: First, Russia 1, NTV, Petersburg Channel 5, Russia K, TV Center;
  • sport – Match TV;
  • news – Russia 24;
  • children’s – Carousel;
  • Russian Public Television – OTR.

In addition, there are 3 radio stations: Mayak, Radio of Russia and Vesti FM. All programs are broadcast in MPEG4 video format, MPEG2 audio at a frequency of 546 MHz, TCE – 30.

Second multiplex

TV channels Multiplex 2

An entertainment broadcast package may not yet be available in all regions of Russia. It requires another repeater (RTRS-2), which should be far from RTRS-1. To select the channels that will be included in the package, a broadcasting contest is held annually.

The multiplex is caught at a frequency of 498 MHz, corresponding to 24 channel.

The package includes programs:

  • entertaining – STS, Home, TV3 and Friday;
  • federal – REN TV;
  • religion – SPAS;
  • military patriotic – Star;
  • CIS – PEACE;
  • films – TNT;
  • music – Muz TV.

Test multiplex

Ostankino Tower

The third set, unlike other packages, contains more entertainment, sports, information and educational channels.

The service has not yet been officially launched and is being run in test mode from the Ostankino TV tower, the signal is received within a radius of 100 km.

Broadcasting is broadcast at a frequency of 578 MHz, TCE 34:

  • Sport 1;
  • Sport 2;
  • Fight club;
  • My planet;
  • Science 2.0;
  • Russian novel;
  • Russian bestseller;
  • Russian detective;
  • Story;
  • Cartoon;
  • Sundress;
  • Country;
  • Living planet;
  • IQ HD (SD quality);
  • 24 Doc;
  • Techno 24;
  • Mum;
  • HCT;
  • Amusement park;
  • Moscow. Confidence;
  • Euronews;
  • Music of the First;
  • Home Cinema;
  • Time;
  • Telecafe
  • Beaver;
  • 365 days of TV;
  • TNT-Comedy;
  • A lot of tv;
  • HD Life (SD quality);
  • STV;
  • India TV;
  • Fighter;
  • Comedy TV;
  • La Minor;
  • Men’s cinema;
  • Kitchen TV;
  • Auto Plus;
  • LifeNews
  • Our football.

Paid Packages

Package No. 3, which is in test mode, will be paid. The exact time of the launch of the third multiplex throughout Russia is still unknown. To get paid digital channels, you should use cable, satellite or Internet TV with a tariff of 200 rubles per month.

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