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After the 37th week of pregnancy, the moment of the natural birth of the baby comes. However, this does not always go smoothly. Sometimes you have to cause contractions with the help of surgical or medical intervention. The stimulation of labor is carried out only by a doctor, when labor begins spontaneously, and then stops: a woman can no longer give birth. This article describes methods and methods for safe stimulation of labor in a hospital or at home..

What is labor stimulation?

The procedure of stimulation of labor is the birth of a child as a result of contractions caused by an artificial method. It is carried out to stimulate the labor of the pregnant woman according to the doctor’s testimony. It is aimed at ensuring the disclosure of the cervix of the woman in childbirth. If the birth canal is closed or not completely ready before delivery, then such labor is called weak. For this procedure, both medicines and natural methods can be used, which are described below..

Artificial methods

There are several artificial methods for stimulating labor. The first is transcervical. The essence of the method is that a catheter with a solid shaft is inserted into the cervical canal. Then it is replaced by a needle. The amniotic membrane is pierced with it to collect part of the amniotic fluid. After that, a highly concentrated sodium chloride solution or 20% glucose solution is injected inside. This method is not used on women who suffer from high blood pressure or have kidney disease..

The next method is transabdominal. It is not used if the placenta has fixed to the front wall of the uterus. The method is that doctors administer saline solutions with ultrasonic determination of the location of the placenta. It is used in case of damage or bleeding. A saline solution is injected into the amnion (the inner part of the placenta) after a certain amount of amniotic fluid has been taken. Unfortunately, in this case, the child does not survive, since saline kills him. In a couple of days, artificial labor is performed.

Artificial labor is also carried out by the method of expanding the cervical canal, after which the fetal bladder is opened. Stimulation of labor can occur if a woman in labor has contraindications to hypertonic solutions. There are medical methods that contribute to the disclosure of the cervix and the reduction of its muscles. However, stimulation of childbirth with drugs is used in extreme cases, when other manipulations are contraindicated to the mother. After such a procedure, there is a risk of consequences..

Pregnant girl

Natural stimulation

If artificial stimulation of labor is not suitable for a woman, the doctor or obstetrician offers to break through the membrane. This is the manual separation of the amnions from the uterine wall. The doctor inserts a finger into the cervix and, with the help of soft movements, separates the membrane from the wall. There is also a rupture of the water bladder with the help of an amniocryo. There are options to conduct a natural stimulation of labor at home, but more on that later.

What is dangerous stimulation of labor

In itself, stimulating childbirth can not only harm the baby, but also the woman. Any kind of stimulation is carried out only with the permission of a doctor who is familiar with the patient’s medical indications. Complications arise frequently. In the following sections, you will find out what the threat of stimulation during childbirth in the clinic is, how it can harm a mother or a newborn baby, and how this procedure can be dangerous.

Contraction pain

In order to stimulate delivery, a woman can enter synthetic hormones, which cause severe pain than with natural labor. Such pain passes quickly, does not cause the release of painkillers into the blood. During normal labor, they are produced by the female body. At the first stage of stimulation, gels or balloons can be administered that cause painful contractions. Painful discomfort also causes vaginal examination. You will learn more about how to stimulate contractions on your own..

Inconvenient posture

In the case of using droppers, doctors put the woman in the most uncomfortable and ineffective positions that prevent the birth of a child – lying on his back, on his side or standing on all fours. In such poses, unpleasant discomfort occurs, which can be aggravated. This interferes with the labor process, and pain in labor pains is noticeably increased..

Oxygen starvation of the fetus

Stimulation of labor can lead to the development of fetal oxygen starvation (fetal hypoxia). This is a violation of the intensity of blood supply. Such a problem does not summarize the development of the child. The diagnosis is “removed” after 3 months, when the child develops, as it should, no deviations are observed. In some cases, childbirth with stimulation can lead to impaired functioning of the baby’s heart system. However, this is fixable..

Fetus in mother’s stomach

Indications for labor stimulation

Labor activity is stimulated in several doctor’s indications. The most common reason for using stimulants is gestational age (more than 41 weeks). In such cases, natural stimulants can be used, which can be used at home. This procedure is performed to reduce the risk of cesarean section. It is used if the child is large.

In multiple pregnancies, when babies simply cannot appear in the usual way, they also prescribe stimulation. If the mother has diseases of the kidneys, thyroid gland, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, then doctors prescribe stimulation. This method is also used for umbilical cord prolapse. Doctors want to avoid complications during and after the birth process.

How to stimulate childbirth in the hospital

In the maternity ward, obstetricians and doctors stimulate labor through various methods. Doctors determine methods of stimulation for certain indications and situations. They can use pills, injections, autopsy, and oxytocin or prostaglandin. Such methods have advantages and disadvantages, which you will learn about in the following sections..

Drugs to stimulate labor

Nowadays, drugs have been increasingly used to accelerate labor in certain cases. They are used to cause minimal physical damage to the fetus during the process. If you want to use drugs during childbirth, and not other more dangerous methods, then you can discuss this with your treating gynecologist.


The substance oxytocin is a synthesized analogue of the hormone that the pituitary gland produces. It stimulates the contraction of muscle fibers of the uterus, which helps with weak labor, postpartum hemorrhage and to stimulate lactation. Available in the form of a solution for subcutaneous and intramuscular injection. The disadvantage of this drug is that a woman cannot move normally while being under a connected drip system.

Doses are selected for each woman individually – each body reacts differently. The drug does not affect the readiness of the cervix to open, therefore, when oxytocin acts, labor pain appears. It can be taken with antispasmodics. This drug is not used if it is undesirable to have a baby through an ordinary birth, if the baby is not in the right position, if you are intolerant of the components, if there are scars on the uterus and others. Side effect – may lead to hypoxia.

De ampoules of the drug Oxytocin


Miropriston is a medication that is used to terminate uterine pregnancy in the early stages (up to 42 days) and for the artificial initiation of childbirth. The analogue of this tool is Pencrofton. Both drugs are used for confirmed ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy, which arose when using intrauterine or hormonal contraceptives. It is contraindicated in:

  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • porphyria;
  • anemia
  • violation of hemostasis;
  • adrenal insufficiency;
  • uterine fibroids;
  • smoking;
  • acute inflammatory pathology of the female reproductive system.

Birth control pills

A popular method by which the uterus “ripens” is to use the hormones of Prostaglandins. They stimulate delivery by acting on the cervix, causing structural changes. They are used for the slowed-down course of labor, the reason for which lies in the immaturity of the uterus, its resistance. Next, consider the pros and cons of such hormones.


Hormones have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system of women. They stimulate smooth muscles, fallopian tubes, the uterus and the cervix. The drug causes painful contractions that help a woman give birth faster. Available in the form of tablets that have side effects. The tool acts approximately the same as oxytocin. Side effects include nausea, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and more. They cost a little more. Tablets are used for artificial termination of pregnancy in the early stages.

Amniotic membrane detachment

Antenatal stimulation of amniotic membranes is performed only by a gynecologist or midwife during a gynecological examination. From the lower parts of the uterus near the internal pharynx of the cervix, the amniotic membranes are carefully peeled off. This procedure is used several times until the moment the labor of the woman begins. It is rarely used, only in extreme cases and as directed by a doctor.

Girl at the reception at the voach

Amniotic fluid puncture

Amniotomy is performed exclusively during delivery. It is not used today, because there is a risk of infection of the child with various infections. Rarely, when other methods cannot be used, an amniotic bladder puncture is used. At the same time, it is used when the cervix is ​​softened, using a special tool to pierce the fetal bladder.

Foley’s catheter

To use this method, you need to consult a specialist. On examination, the size that suits you is determined. Please note that the catheter is introduced into the hospital by doctors, it is forbidden to do this at home. This will harm the baby and mother. It is rarely used and only if there are medical indications for use. Foley’s catheter is contraindicated in:

  • inflammatory process in the cervix (cervitis);
  • inflammation of the vaginal mucosa (vaginitis);
  • rupture of the fetal bladder;
  • low placenta previa.

Stimulation of labor at home

Often, girls do not want to use different medications, go to the operating table, so they discuss possible ways of stimulation during childbirth at home with their gynecologist. Such an independent decision comes to mind the fastest. If you also don’t want to use traditional methods, you can choose one of such methods as late sex, pregnant exercises, nipple massage and castor oil. If you don’t know how to stimulate birth yourself at home, the following sections will help you..

Late Pregnancy

During sex, oxytocin is produced, which helps accelerate labor. Male sperm contains prostaglandins, which contribute to the maturation and expansion of the uterus. Unfortunately, this method is used only when the water has not passed, because it can bring the infection to the placenta. Sexual contact is prohibited if you have a low placenta previa.

Exercise to stimulate labor

Small exercise is also a natural stimulator of childbirth. Daily walks at a slow pace along the street will help you quickly cause fights. We recommend that you climb the stairs through the step, dance and slowly rotate your hips. It is forbidden to lift weights, use strength exercises on simulators. Another option would be mopping without a mop.

The advantage of using such methods is that the cervix softens and smoothes faster, which causes a quick delivery in a woman. However, this method will be harmful to women with preeclampsia, indications for cesarean section, for up to 40 weeks, chronic diseases that are not related to pregnancy. Before using this method, consult your gynecologist..

Pregnant girl doing exercise

Nipple massage

A special nipple massage helps the female body to produce the hormone oxytocin. It stimulates the contraction of the uterus, which helps to quickly begin labor. This also helps the woman to get used to the discomfort, because after birth the baby will “bite” your chest. When massaging the nipples, the same feeling is felt. Massage is done several times a day for 15 minutes. Nipples should be lightly plucked and stroked.

Castor to accelerate labor

Castor oil was used earlier to cause bowel movements, as castor has a laxative effect. Today it is sold in the form of candles. Castor stimulates the contraction of the intestines and uterus. However, if you use the dose a little more, diarrhea begins, which can lead to dehydration. Such an action can lead to real danger. It is better to drip a couple drops of castor oil on bread and eat with tea.

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