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Doctors in recommendations to the expectant mother often say that she should eat for two. However, this phrase can be perceived extremely incorrectly, and after childbirth a woman will begin to look for a way to remove extra pounds. How not to gain excess weight during pregnancy without prejudice to the food necessary for the baby and not suffering from severe hunger?

Why appears overweight during pregnancy

Some expectant mothers have no risk of recovering – toxicosis and gestosis cut off any thoughts about food, or your appetite simply disappears. However, there are only a few such women, since the hormonal background, which varies greatly during pregnancy, is prone to provoke a craving for constant absorption of food. They rarely control it, believing that everything goes to the development of the fetus, the body asks for only what is important to it. As a result, it’s easy to recover, but it’s almost impossible to lose it after giving birth.

To figure out how not to gain excess weight during pregnancy is easy – you need to adjust the diet. However, factors independent of you may occur that provoke a change in body weight:

  • Genetic predisposition to fullness. A woman will recover during pregnancy, no matter what action she takes.
  • Large fruit. Affects only the weight and volume of the abdomen.
  • The accumulation of fluid in the tissues. A woman can swell even in the early stages, although this situation often occurs closer to the day of birth.
  • The increase in the volume of water in which the fetus is located in the last weeks of pregnancy.
  • Age affecting weight gain.

Pregnant woman

How much can you recover during pregnancy

The increase in body weight occurs because the fetus grows and becomes heavier. Weight changes even for an asthenic future mother. However, not all women understand which figures for pregnancy are considered the norm, and which should make them alert and review the diet. To control changes in the body, you need to know the following things:

  • The natural increase during pregnancy with one child is in the range of 8-14 kg. If you wait for twins, the weight corridor shifts to 15-21 kg.
  • If you start to recover too quickly and stronger than the norm, and this is not connected with nutrition, you need to urgently see a doctor.

Weight changes occur very smoothly, especially towards the end of pregnancy, and are determined by the term:

  • First trimester – a woman is able to recover by 0.5-2 kg.
  • For the second trimester of pregnancy, each week will bring an increase of 250 g.
  • The last trimester is characterized by a daily increase of 50 g.

How not to gain weight during pregnancy – nutrition rules

The classical scheme for maintaining a beautiful harmonious figure is made up of a healthy diet and physical activity. The permissible daily number of calories is increasing: the expectant mother, even fearing to get better, needs to eat about 1800-2000 kcal. Any strict diets during pregnancy are immediately cut off: they can harm the baby due to a deficiency of vitamins. How not to get better during pregnancy? Observe these rules:

  • Breakfast, even if tormented by toxicosis / preeclampsia.
  • Monitor bowel activity in the last trimester of pregnancy.
  • Reduce the amount of salt in the diet – it can retain fluid, which will cause swelling.
  • Try to use less “empty” carbohydrates less – during pregnancy, they are not necessary, and they will affect the figure negatively.
  • Take care of a balanced diet: if the products contain all the substances the body needs, the craving for harmful foods (fried potatoes and others) will disappear.

A pregnant woman holds pepper and a bunch of grapes in her hands

What to eat for pregnant women – allowed and prohibited foods

There are no serious “impossible” things on the part of doctors for expectant mothers, excluding alcohol, which is asked to be removed from the diet not for the sake of preserving the figure. Most food bans are advisory in nature, but can really help you figure out how not to gain weight during pregnancy. The list looks like this:


It is impossible

In moderation

Milk group

Fast food


Fish, seafood

Carbonated drinks



Pickled dishes


Porridge, pasta

Canned food





Dried fruits

Lean meat

Pork, lamb


Sample menu of a pregnant woman

Doctors say that if a person does not know how he will eat today, there is a high probability of eating disorders. Think over your daily diet in advance. Pay special attention to snacks. If it is important for you to know how not to get better during pregnancy, try compiling a menu using the following example:


Oatmeal, a handful of nuts, honey


Orange or a pair of tangerines


Vegetable broth, a slice of baked veal with cauliflower

High tea

Cottage cheese with cinnamon, slices of fruit and yogurt


Salad with boiled squid, egg, tomato and corn

How not to get fat during pregnancy with exercise

It’s not advisable to start a sports lifestyle if you haven’t previously visited the gym before the baby’s waiting period. However, every expectant mother needs a certain amount of physical activity if her pregnancy is proceeding well: this will not only preserve a beautiful figure, but also facilitate the process of childbirth. Doctors advise everyone who is interested in how not to get too well during pregnancy:

  • Do exercises for the back muscles. The abdomen should not be loaded, as this can provoke uterine hypertonicity. The loin must be strengthened.
  • Walk. An hour and a half every day, and you stop thinking how not to get better during pregnancy, and toxicosis will pass.
  • Attend fitness that supports a woman in shape and prepares for childbirth.

Pregnant woman performs an exercise while sitting on the floor

Doctor’s recommendations: how not to get better during pregnancy

The first advice from professionals is to record weight fluctuations. Do this daily, so that after a month you can see a clear trend. You will be able to save a figure and notice possible pathologies at the beginning of pregnancy. If the risk of recovering comes from an emotional or hormonal increase in appetite, the following recommendations may help:

  1. Find yourself an exciting activity.
  2. Include sources of phosphorus and magnesium in your diet – pregnancy leads to a shortage of these substances.
  3. Avoid depression: they provoke emotional hunger.
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