How the soul of a child chooses a mother from her own experience, spiritual and mental development

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The family is not just a cell of society, it is also people who are not just connected by fate. If you find the answer to the question of how the soul of a child chooses a mother in heaven, even at his birth it can be assumed what his life will be and what his karma will present him. Knowing all this will help the knowledge that has developed in the minds of spiritual teachers for many centuries..

Baby soul energy

Many will agree with the statement that children are born with rich experience from past lives and partially remember it. Only nobody has been able to use it in incarnations in the material world from the first days of life, because after birth everything starts from scratch. Still very young souls who have committed little or no good deeds in the real world, cannot choose their parents, up to the point that they may not even be born (this refers to unwanted pregnancies that interrupt for any reason).

If the soul already has a lot of experience from past lives, then she can not only choose her mom and dad, but also educate them as she pleases. 3 energies: Sat, Chit and Ananda (Sanskrit) – the components of each mana (higher power, the carrier of which is the soul). While she is outside the body, she picks up her parents with developed feelings of knowledge, compassion, happiness. To do this, she can specially confront her future mom and dad with various situations on earth, where they can show these qualities. After such a test, the soul is embodied in their child.


The energy of Sat is the starting point for everyone. This is the first step towards enlightenment. It gives clarity, purity of understanding of the whole universe, the meaning of life, piety. To come to the energy of Sat is not so simple, because you need to accept the world, the people who surround you, learn to love everything that is not created by you. Such are the children born – they really relate to everything as if there could be no other, accept and forgive, until they forget about their past incarnations.

Child with flower


The second energy of Chit is the next step, which makes a person better and higher than the rest. It helps to find harmony with nature, high art. People with developed Chit energy are refined natures, not like others. Among them you can meet clairvoyants, psychologists, people with supernatural abilities, including seeing spirits.


The most powerful energy of Ananda happiness is the personification of the highest bliss. Those who have reached this state do not need to incarnate in the material world, however, if this happens, they often transfer a good soul to the body of geniuses, talented people, who the whole world will subsequently recognize for committing something bright. Such mana can be chosen by absolutely any parents, because they can survive in any conditions.

How children choose parents before birth

The child’s soul chooses parents who accept everything that comes, consciously ask her to come to them now, promise to give her everything: from a good upbringing to a blessed life. You can also attract a soul through donations, charity classes, perfect austerities (quit drinking, smoking, gambling or other addictions that ruin the life of your loved ones). It is necessary to continue to develop even when the baby is in a state of expectation: often mana leaves pregnant women due to a misunderstanding of the situation in which the baby’s soul chooses mom.

Mom with baby

The nature of future parents

How does the soul of a child choose mom and dad? Often, she knows in advance in which family she will have to grow and develop further. The character of his parents is not just chosen: the younger the mana, the worse she understands people and the more often it happens that the baby is born in a dysfunctional family, where the parents are alcoholic, mentally unbalanced, and so on. More experienced souls who have learned the energy of Ananda can choose mature parents for themselves to grow with pleasure..

Physical health

If we turn to the physical state, then mana does not always choose healthy pairs. Weak, dependent, with chronic diseases people also give birth to children, and as if help comes from above from above. This is the destiny of the soul, preparing to be born. With the advent of a child, a person begins to grow younger, more to take care of himself, because such a responsibility is to educate a small person. The same projection happens with physically strong people: their children can be born unhealthy only because the soul is confident that the parents can cope and help the child become better.

Spiritual development

Parents can choose their own child through spiritual development. If they accept each other as they are, repent of their sins that they committed during life, will be more tolerant of people, and even more so of their loved ones, then they may have a genius, a bright person who will give people love and kindness . Just wanting to have a baby is not enough: the more mature the wife and husband become, the more chances there are of having a talented person. Strong and experienced souls of children choose their parents wisely so that the soul has the opportunity to further develop spiritually.

Angel baby

Material well-being

The soul will unconsciously choose future dad and mom, who can give everything for its development. It does not have to be rich people only. In low-income families, children are also born and live as their budget allows. At the same time, they also go to school, gain experience from different situations in life, become mature and established individuals, regardless of the material side of life. The child chooses the parents before birth to be taught or, on the contrary, to be taught.

Why are spouses barren?

Infertility is a sentence for many, but this does not mean that there is only a physical problem. Often, parents cannot conceive a baby just because no soul so far wants to associate their fate with them. The wrong way of life, addictions, and excessive enthusiasm for a career play a role here. As soon as the couple realize that for the appearance of the child they should change (stop drinking and smoking a lot, spend more time together than at work, relate to each other with understanding), then the fatal diagnosis may disappear.

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