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All thoughts of high school students are occupied by the upcoming exam and entering a dream university. Every year, the requirements of universities are changing, and future students have more opportunities to apply for places in various educational institutions. Do not let everything drift away – as for final exams, you need to prepare carefully for admission.

Rules for admission to universities

Admission to the university is an exciting process, therefore, before choosing a university, you should consider a number of certain features in order to facilitate your choice of a future profession:

  • USE. Each area in advance publishes a list of exams required for admission. In general, three exams are required in different areas.
  • Passing score. For each exam, universities establish a minimum passing score required to review documents upon admission.
  • Additional tests. Some higher education institutions (for example, Moscow State University) or areas (for example, journalism) conduct their own internal exams in addition to the exam, for which the future student should prepare.
  • Individual achievements. Additional bonus points (up to 10) are awarded for a gold medal, victories at the Olympics, the golden badge of the TRP, volunteering and the successful writing of the December graduation essay.
  • The number of budget places. Do not forget that budget places in universities are designed both for applicants on a competitive basis, and for beneficiaries, olympiadnikov and target students. Therefore, the number of budget places declared by the university can be safely divided into two.
  • The specifics of the directions. Specialties with the same name in different universities have different curricula. On the websites of universities you can find published contents of the curriculum so that each applicant can get acquainted with what he will study in the next four years.
  • Payment of studies and dormitories. Before entering a university, it is necessary to evaluate the possibilities of paying for a commercial department. Nonresident students should pay attention to the hostel, information about which is easy to find on official sites or groups in social networks.


What time can I apply?

The applicant has the right to apply for admission to 5 educational institutions in three specialties. With simultaneous submission to different universities it is allowed to provide photocopies. Leave the originals for the priority specialty. If the applicant has special enrollment rights (target direction, victory at university olympiads), the corresponding copies become invalid – the originals are submitted in only one direction.

The order of admission for winners of the Olympiads

Victories at the university or all-Russian Olympiads give students the benefits of admission. It should be remembered that you can use this privilege when entering only one direction in accordance with the third paragraph of Article 71 of the Federal Law on Education.

Admission to other universities and fields is carried out on a common basis.

What documents are required for admission to a university

When choosing a university, you must personally or by mail send a package of documents to the admissions committee. In addition to the application, the form of which the applicant can find on the website of the educational institution, it will be necessary:

  • a copy of a passport or other document proving the citizenship and identity of the future student;
  • school certificate or other certificate confirming the presence of primary, secondary or higher professional education;
  • USE certificate if the applicant passed the exam;
  • a medical certificate of the established form for some specialties (medical, pedagogical);
  • 2 photos if additional entrance exams are planned;
  • registration certificate or military ID (if available).

If the applicant is underage, the parent or guardian must sign a consent to the processing of personal data, without which the documents for admission to the university will not be accepted. It is not necessary to submit only originals, especially if you plan to submit them to several educational specialties. Copy certified by a notary is not required. Some universities may require other documents (certificates of olympiads, competitions, etc.), which are specifically written on official websites.

Necessary documents for admission to the university

Deadlines for acceptance of documents and admission

The deadline for the submission of documents and the corresponding enrollment depends on the presence or absence of the exam results for the applicant:

Order of receipt

Submission of documents

according to the exam results

until July 26

according to the results of entrance exams

until July 10

After conducting internal university exams, enrollment to budget places begins, which takes place in several stages. Dates of admission to the commercial branch and correspondence form are determined independently by a particular university.


Terms of enrollment orders

Priority enrollment (applicants who enter without exams, within the framework of a special, targeted quota)

July 29 (until July 28, it is necessary to submit the original documents to the priority university)

I stage of admission (in accordance with the position taken by the applicant in the list of applicants)

August 3 (originals are submitted before August 1)

II stage of enrollment (filling in the remaining budget places after the first stage)

August 8 (originals are accepted until August 6)

Submission methods

Submission of documents to the university does not always require a personal presence. Filing methods are related to the features that you need to consider when choosing a future educational institution:

  1. Personal feed. In this case, the adult entrant provides all the originals or copies to the selection committee without the presence of the parents or guardian in a live queue.
  2. Submission by proxy, certified by a notary. The trustee has the right to represent the interests of the applicant in the selection committee.
  3. Submission by registered mail in the mail with a note of delivery. This method may take from five to seven days..
  4. Electronic feed. First you need to fill out an application for admission and put a personal signature, then the document is scanned and sent by e-mail along with the rest of the copies. Consideration of an electronic application occurs after 2-3 days from the date of receipt of copies by the educational institution.

University submission

Features of electronic filing

Not all Russian educational institutions provide for the submission of documents to universities through the Internet, since there are no corresponding general requirements. For training at Moscow State University. Lomonosov accepts all copies exclusively of the PDF format, signed by the CEP (qualified electronic signature) of any accredited CA (certification center). The following universities do not accept documentation online:

  • HSE
  • MEPhI;
  • RSMA them. Sechenova.
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