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A story about a person not supported by examples is just a set of phrases. To clearly demonstrate their skills, talents, it is worth placing a portfolio. According to the level and quality of the work presented in it, customers judge the contractor and decide whether to work with him.

What is a portfolio?

This is a collection of works, photographs that give an idea of ​​the services of a specialist. A portfolio is a reflection of a person’s personality, a document that creates the first impression of him as a specialist in a certain field. The purpose of the compilation is to interest the client, to show oneself from the best side.

Not every specialist needs such a dossier. A collection of works must be asked from representatives of creative professions: photographers, architects, actors, models, artists, copywriters, stylists, designers. After all, only by examples can we judge the level of their skill, giftedness, creativity.

There are professions in which the dossier should be drawn up in order to stand out from other applicants. A lawyer can provide examples of winning processes, a teacher – innovative techniques, a programmer – developed applications or sites.

Pupil or preschooler

Schoolboy Portfolio

A child’s dossier is drawn up for the purpose of admitting a child to school. There are four types of portfolio of a student, a graduate of kindergarten:

  • of documents – includes certificates, diplomas, certificate;
  • works – A collection of educational and creative projects;
  • reviews – consists of the characteristics of the student’s attitude to various activities;
  • integrated – includes all listed types in the form of sections.


Applicant Portfolio

The applicant’s portfolio for the position in the organization is designed to demonstrate skills in a certain field of activity:

  • dossier of a photographer, artist, fashion designer, designer, model consists of images;
  • musician – from sound files;
  • teachers – from the development of lessons, programs, teaching materials;
  • copywriter or journalist – from articles.

Personal File Format

The way a document is executed depends on the content and type. It is worth focusing on the main types of portfolio: paper and electronic. The difference between the second option and the first is only that it is digitalized using Adobe InDesign CC, PowerPoint applications.

Folder with documents and certificates

A traditional option suitable for a student or student. The folder shows achievements, acquired skills. The first file contains information about yourself, then the original documents.

Portfolio presentation of works

Fashion Designer Portfolio

This type of dossier is acceptable for representatives of creative professions creating original works or projects. Portfolio may include completed tasks for designers, paintings and drawings, photographs. Exhibited samples can be accompanied by the appropriate text..

Photo album

Photo album option

A portfolio in this format is necessary for photographers, people engaged in needlework, and designers. Put the files in thematic folders so that the customer immediately finds the necessary information. For personal meetings, it is better to print or print a photo book..

Blog or vlog on Youtube

Girl in front of the camera

A personal channel on a popular hosting is not the best way to find a customer or employer. This option is acceptable if there is not enough work to create your own site, although many top Western programmers maintain their blogs or vlogs..

Online portfolio by type of work or topic

A dossier posted on your own site is always a winning option. To submit a collection of documents to the employer, add a link to the resume. Choose the most successful works and group them so that the service is convenient to use.

How to draw up a student’s portfolio

Student Portfolio Options

The student dossier illustrates the knowledge, abilities, skills of the child, gives an idea of ​​interests, hobbies, demonstrates achievements in sports, study, creativity. With the transition of educational institutions to the Federal State Educational Standard, the presence of a collection of works for each student has become mandatory.

The school explains the goal of creating a portfolio of primary school students as follows: in the process of creation, the child comprehends his own achievements and opportunities, he has an incentive to develop further. Work for high school students will help when moving to another school. Portfolio of a gifted child gives more chances when entering a higher educational institution.


The student dossier consists of the following sections:

  1. Portfolio Cover Sheet.
  2. Story about interests and plans.
  3. Achievements: diplomas, certificates, diplomas.
  4. Creative works: poems, prose, do-it-yourself crafts, drawings, projects.
  5. Reviews and recommendations of teachers.

Order of registration

Pusher Portfolio Content

A child can do the work on their own or with the help of their parents. For registration, you can purchase ready-made printed forms by writing on them the necessary information by hand. A document with an original design made using MS Office, Photoshop or the GIMP graphic editor looks more creative. The procedure and rules for compiling a portfolio are as follows:

  1. Create a cover sheet. Indicate the name of the student, age, grade. Add a photo.
  2. Make out the section “My World”. It includes a story about hobbies, interests, hometown, school. The material is best submitted in the form of short essays, accompanied by photographs.
  3. In the “My studies” section, imagine your progress, write a mini-essay about your favorite subject and teacher, attach examples of successful creative work.
  4. The My Achievements section is a copy of the student’s awards. Here it is worth mentioning the skills.
  5. Optionally, you can include in the portfolio the section “My impressions”, which tells about museums, exhibitions, and excursions visited.
  6. The final section of the student dossier – a collection of reviews and characteristics.

A student’s portfolio is not a static document. New pages are gradually added to each section, demonstrating successes and achievements..

How to create a successful job search portfolio

Tips for creating awesome portfolio designs

Portfolio Design Tips

To interest a potential employer, a text resume should be supplemented with a spectacular application. It should reflect the most daring ideas that need to be presented correctly and creatively:

  1. Highlight the main areas that need to be highlighted..
  2. Select the best works and projects for each of them. Each thematic group should include 10–20 works.
  3. Think of a spectacular design: all folders should match the style.
  4. Place the finished portfolio on the Internet, on a personal website or on special services, duplicating it on a portable drive.

Programmer’s business card

Specialists in this field should draw up exclusively online dossiers. The best platform for hosting a programmer’s portfolio is GitHub. There you can see the code and the filling of the system, application. If you want to show the dynamics on the video, you need to create a website or create a channel on YouTube.

Freelancer dossier

What should be in the portfolio of a freelancer

Portfolio of a remote employee – an indicator of experience, a list of completed work, projects. According to it, potential customers will judge the level of freelancer. Designing a collection of documents is better in the form of thematic folders, and uploading it to Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex Disk cloud storage. The customer will be able to follow the open link and see the information of interest.

Teacher portfolio

The main goals of working on a portfolio

The teacher’s dossier consists of standard sections reflecting the level of education, work experience and achievements:

  1. Title page.
  2. General information.
  3. Documents: scans or originals of diplomas of students, certificates from courses, diplomas, grants.
  4. Description of modern technologies and techniques used for training.
  5. The results of pedagogical activity. Tables reflecting the quality of students’ performance, the results of graduate exams, the number of students enrolled in universities or employed, victories in olympiads, contests.
  6. Scientific and methodological work. Personally developed materials.
  7. Practical experience of the teacher. Story about contests, workshops, meetings where you participated.
  8. Self-development and self-education. Information on continuing education courses, certificates of attendance at seminars, webinars, lectures.
  9. Reviews of parents, graduates, colleagues, leadership.

What work and achievements to add to the document

What to add to portfolio

You should not add to the portfolio everything that you have. To present your creativity, select the most successful samples, arranging them by styles and genres. Representatives of non-creative areas need to add documents attesting to the level of professionalism: letters, licenses, diplomas.

Where and how to place a portfolio

It is better to always have a beautifully designed dossier at hand (on a flash drive or disk), so that on occasion you can present it to an interested person. The most successful and win-win option – publication of works on the Internet.

Social networks

A thematic account on a popular site is a good option for placing an advertising dossier. For clarity, the avatar should be chosen in accordance with the profession, creating thematic albums for each type of service on the page.

Professional sites

Social Network Pinterest

Many freelancers are not willing to spend hours working on dossiers. To save time and present yourself in a favorable light, having advertised the services, special services help:

  • Behance. Website for designers. It is necessary to fill out the personal account page with edited images. For clarity, it is worth publishing drafts and stages of creating work.
  • Contently. A large site dedicated to content marketing. Bloggers, editors, copywriters, writers, movie makers can publish works here. The design of profiles is similar to social networks: you can add links to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. At the top, you must specify the profession, skills and experience, on the page – publish links to content from external sites.
  • Pinterest. Social network consisting of visual bookmarks. User profile – a collection of thematic boards, including pictures and links to work. The service is free, convenient for people engaged in needlework. You can download the Pinstamatic extension. The picture is added in 2 clicks from the PC, the link is right from the browser.
  • Portfoliobox. A tool for creating websites with an online portfolio that is used by photographers, designers, architects, stylists, models.


Platforms for searching for remote work are a good option for attracting potential customers. The disadvantage of exchanges is the need to pay a certain fee for using the service and high competition.

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