How to attract wealth and good fortune with the help of an amulet – how to do it yourself or choose in a store

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To attract wealth, there are amulets for luck and money, which are designed to attract financial wealth and prosperity. The finished talisman should be placed in the wealth zone in the house or carried all the time with you. Amulets for raising funds are an excellent supporting element to improve the financial situation in the family. You can make a talisman for good luck and money yourself. For example, find coins, mold them with pieces of wax, decorate the desktop with a money tree in red ribbons.

What is an amulet

A talisman or amulet is an object or jewelry to which a person attributes the properties of a magical instrument, which should bring good luck, happiness, and be a guardian of negative energy. The owners of amulets constantly wear them on the body to attract positive energy to the soul, a favor for the life of a person with white magic. To attract financial prosperity to the family, the owners store talismans in secluded corners of an apartment or house. The amulet should not be flaunted due to the abundance of negative energy coming from strangers.

Amulet with magic inscriptions on a lace

What amulets attract money

Since ancient times, people have been thinking about ways to attract financial well-being. Talismans for good luck and money since ancient times were made by white magicians, psychics, sages. Over time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find an effective way to improve the monetary component of life. Most people have forgotten about this method of attracting success. Amulets for attracting money and good luck attract their owner not so much money as success in his affairs, work, business. The mascot can be any item, for example, a horseshoe, plants.

Money amulets that attract wealth are decorated with ancient symbols, runes, images of the zodiac sign. Amulets are often made in green, purple, red colors – they contribute to winning large sums, a successful search for precious treasures. You can also understand which talismans bring good luck and money, using your own experience using a tool such as a money amulet.

To attract good luck in banking, a magical item needs to be properly charged: during the full moon, put the talisman on large bills, gold jewelry (rings, pendants, bracelets), light a candle and drop the talisman with clover essential oil, visualizing the fulfillment of desires in the field finance, the desired invoice amount. Such ceremonies symbolize successful commercial transactions..

Rune image

Classically applied to the inside of the wallet or to the bottom of the piggy bank, metal safe. Runic talismans were used in conspiracies, magic rituals, to attract and preserve wealth – fertility of lands, livestock health, successful trade. Some emperors, large merchants, and merchants believed so strongly in the power of this powerful talisman that they burned or scarred the runes on their own bodies. For image fit:

  • Fehu – similar to the Latin “F”, raised up;
  • inguz – a rune of fertility and fertility, a rhombus with a “mustache”;
  • Uruz – a symbol of the sun, action and success.

Animal figures

Ancient people believed in the sacredness of domestic and wild animals, in their ability to bring money, luck, and glory. These animals tried to start in the house and in the barnyard. If for some reason an animal that brings wealth and prosperity cannot be wound up, their images and figures were used. Amulets were made of natural noble materials: mahogany, ivory, gold. You need to make a figure yourself. The most common mascot animals are:

  • frogs;
  • domestic cats;
  • cows
  • elephants (with trunk up).

Gold elephant pendant

Unchangeable bills

One of the most effective amulets of enrichment is an invariable banknote or coin. The size of the face value is not important, but it is desirable that it be a large bill. An irreplaceable bill must be stored separately and in a secluded place, away from prying eyes, as it is believed that strangers take the energy of money. In addition, banknotes for money talismans should be chosen from those found or donated – this contributes to easy earnings.


Gemstones can become an alternative to an immutable coin. The most successful choice for such an amulet will be untreated, not peeled stone, preferably mined or found. If you use gems from the store, they may be less effective. This is due to the “desquamation” of the energy of the stone during processing or while owning another person. Emerald recognized as the most effective stone amulet.

Amulet for good luck and do-it-yourself money

Charms for luck and do-it-yourself money are usually made from the very beginning of their use. Making a talisman with your own hands greatly enhances its effect, because he “remembers” the owner, creator and directs all the power to a specific person. Amulets can be made from any improvised materials, the main thing is to study suitable amulets, the principles of their action on the chakras. How to make a talisman for money, you can find out on thematic forums, see how to make amulets on video.

Imperial amulet

Making an imperial coin yourself is very simple:

  • you must select a suitable night (full moon);
  • in the dark, put the selected coin on a piece of red matter;
  • tie with a green thread;
  • read a prayer request for welfare;
  • hide the amulet in a secluded place.

Special magic cord

The amulet for good luck and money in the form of a special magic cord can be made as follows:

  • take thick threads (woolen or silk) yellow, green and red;
  • weave into a braid or other figured weaving;
  • when forming the cord, you should imagine a successful, prosperous life;
  • always carry the cord.

Braided Magic Cord

Bag of herbs

To make a talisman with herbs, you must:

  • pre-collect and dry herbs (mint, thyme, thistle);
  • take a small bag made of coarse linen fibers (it would be better if the fabric for the bag to make yourself);
  • folded herbs;
  • hide behind an icon or among books.

Money ball

This talisman will help attract monetary wealth. For its manufacture it is necessary:

  • take any coin and green wool yarn;
  • wind up to a ball;
  • fix the ends of the thread in a ball with pins;
  • hang the amulet from the inside of the front door.

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