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Work as a flight attendant has always been considered very romantic, because it gives a chance to see the world. Many girls dream of flying above the clouds. Before becoming a flight attendant at Aeroflot or another airline, you need to find out the details about this profession: it is not the easiest. If you decide to connect your life with a flight attendant career, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons of this work.

What you need to become a stewardess

Not everyone accepts such work. To be a flight attendant, you must meet certain criteria. You need to understand that cabin crew not only carefree fly from one country to another. They are obliged to serve passengers who are sometimes very moody, nervous, and need help. We need to prepare for the constant change of time zones and climate, to think about whether your body is stable.

Stewardesses in the cabin


Each airline has its own list, but here is a rough list:

  1. In most cases, girls aged 18 to 30 are hired.
  2. You should be at least 160 cm tall, but not too tall, and with a slender figure.
  3. They prefer to hire pretty girls without physical disabilities, piercings, tattoos..
  4. Health must be perfect.
  5. Knowledge of English is required. If you speak other foreign languages, the chances of success increase.
  6. The stewardess must have a pleasant voice, the presence of defects is unacceptable.
  7. It is advisable that you have a college degree.
  8. The advantage is experience in sales and service..

It is worth mentioning where to go to become a flight attendant. You can sign up for flight attendant courses at the airline. They have different training programs: paid and free, followed by the conclusion of a hard labor contract. As a rule, classes take two to three months, followed by an internship on board an aircraft. The second option is to enter the Moscow School of Conductors. Tuition is paid.

Flight attendant during work

How to get a job as a steward

Visit the website of the airline you would like to work for. Find the “Jobs” section there. Carefully study the requirements. If you think that you fit under them, then fill out the form by attaching a photo to it. Carefully consider your resume and photo selection. If the application is approved, you will be invited for an interview. If it is successful, you will undergo a medical commission. If everything is in order with health, then you will be invited to a final interview with a higher authority. After you begin to study in courses.

All about the work of the stewardess

If you cannot decide whether to look for a flight attendant job, then try to find out more about her. You must find out the pros and cons of working as a flight attendant, the expected level of salaries. Only after analyzing the information should a final decision be made. Otherwise, multi-stage interviews and training courses will be a waste of time..

Stewardess delivering tea to passengers

How much cabin crew earn

A very burning question. How much stewardesses receive depends on a huge number of factors. The range in Russia is 30-100 thousand rubles. Beginners get a minimum fee. Experienced employees who have proven themselves receive 3-4 times more. Key factors:

  1. the amount of salary depends on your level of education;
  2. the number of hours spent in the sky is taken into account;
  3. the better you know foreign languages, the higher the rate;
  4. salary is also affected by whether the flight attendant serves international flights.


If you are thinking about how to become a good stewardess, you should know that your work regime will be abnormal. Cabin crew must be normal and work at night. As a rule, they have to book a weekend in advance. Two days of rest in a row is an unprecedented rarity. A flight attendant must be in the sky for at least 80 hours per month. By law, flight attendants are entitled to an excellent vacation of more than 70 consecutive days.

Video on how to become a flight attendant

Watch the video to finally decide whether to connect your life with a career as a flight attendant. You will see with your own eyes how training takes place, what difficulties flight attendants have to face. Probably, after watching this video, you will not just understand how to become an experienced stewardess. Such videos become an occasion for many to change their lives.

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