How to block and restore a Sberbank card: what to do in case of loss or theft

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A small plastic card is a convenient means of storing money and paying for goods, but small sizes can lead to its loss, and at such moments, the customers of the most popular issuer have a question: what to do if they lose a Sberbank card. All categories of the population use the services of card accounts of this bank, which are credited to salaries, benefits, scholarships and pensions. In order to simplify the mechanism for restoring access to funds in case of loss of a card, simple rules for its reissue have been developed.

What does “lost credit card” mean?

Before you sound the alarm about the loss, you need to make sure that the card is really lost, because if you find it after contacting the bank about the loss, you will no longer be able to use the card found. A cause for concern is the lack of a card in the places of its likely location or if the wallet or bag where it was stored was stolen. Depending on the circumstances, the options for loss may be as follows:

  • she could get lost at home;
  • it could be stolen by an attacker;
  • detected loss after leaving the store or from another crowded place.

Empty wallet in hands

If you lost a Sberbank card in an apartment

The option, when you are sure that the card was lost within the apartment (for example, fell over furniture or another hard-to-reach place), requires action only when there is no opportunity to get it, and there is an urgent need to use it. If you happen to forget where you put the plastic card, and you can’t remember it at all, you should be aware that the customer’s appeal about the loss is a reason to block, and you can’t use the old card, even if after a while you remember where you put it.

Lost Sberbank card in a public place or in a store

If a salary card is missing (or a credit card is lost) after leaving the store where it was used to pay for goods purchased, you must return there and ask the manager to advertise the loss. However, even in the case of a refund, you cannot be sure that its data was not used by scammers. Plastic means of payment, although they have a high level of protection, but the security of funds is guaranteed only if the owner’s secret data is not accessible to third parties.


The most dangerous option for losing a Sberbank card, which requires immediate action, is theft. Targeted theft of plastic cards is carried out in order to make purchases through the Internet. This is because it is impossible to withdraw money from an ATM without knowing the PIN code, and customer IDs, such as account number, secret code, and validity period, are used to pay for goods in some online stores. These data are indicated on the card and can be used for criminal purposes..

What to do when losing a Sberbank card – step-by-step instruction

No matter how you lose access to the plastic means of payment, you need to know what to do when you lose your Sberbank card. The sequence of actions if the card is lost or stolen is identical, and it consists in the following:

  1. Lock out. You can perform this procedure in several ways, choosing the most convenient of them. The faster the card is blocked, the less likely it is to lose funds from it.
  2. Appear at the address of the bank branch specified in the service contract. You should have a passport and an agreement with you (you may need documents confirming the theft, for example, a copy of the appeal to the relevant authorities).
  3. Write a statement in order to reissue the card. At the same time, the bank will charge a commission in the prescribed amount, which can be checked with a bank institution employee.
  4. Fill out an application for withdrawing the cash balance (if there is a need to withdraw). Keep in mind that the amount of the balance can be reduced by the amount of the commission for re-issuance and placing in the stop list.
  5. Wait for the amount of time that is required to issue a new card. A bank employee informs about readiness by contacting you by phone specified in the contract.
  6. Go to the bank office to receive. The procedure provides for the issuance of a new pin code in a sealed envelope.

Woman fills documents in the bank office

If it so happens that you forgot the combination of digits of a personal identification number for conducting operations with the account, and are trying to find out what to do when the PIN code is lost, you should know that the secret code cannot be restored. To renew the ability to make payments and other payments in case of loss of the PIN code, it is necessary to perform the same actions as in case of loss of the card.

How to block a Sberbank card in case of loss

The integrity of the funds in the account depends on how fast your actions will be when a loss is detected. In order to prevent the possibility of using personal data of a client who has lost access to a plastic means of settlement, the bank provides several options for blocking:

  • in telephone mode (calling a hotline or sending a message);
  • via the internet;
  • appeal to the bank.

By phone hotline

If a Sberbank card is lost, to block it, call the phone number specified in the account servicing agreement. If it is not possible to find a document, you can use a bank statement, check, receipt or visit the website of Sberbank. You can call the toll-free number around the clock. In order for the employee to carry out the blocking, he will need information about passport data, and he may also ask for a code word, if such an option was provided for at the conclusion of the contract.

On the Internet in Sberbank-online

Activation of the Internet banking service provides the ability to block access to the account of the owner of a plastic means of payment online using your personal account. To do this, you must:

  1. Log in to the system.
  2. Select the type, level of bank card (Visa, Mastercard) and account number to be blocked.
  3. Select “operation” mode.
  4. Follow the link “lock”.
  5. Fill in the open application form.
  6. Confirm Actions.

Open page of Sberbank on the Internet

At the bank branch

The blocking procedure can be carried out by a bank employee, for which you need to contact the nearest branch and find out what to do if you have lost a Sberbank card. After submitting an application with a description of the reason for the blocking and indicating all the necessary data, an instant blocking will occur. This method is convenient in that it allows you to immediately take an interest in all the details of the recovery procedure and clarify your next steps.

By SMS to 900

Using a mobile service to block an account is convenient and saves time. In order to use this method, you should type the text of the message starting with the term “blokirovka”. After this word, the last 4 digits of the account to be blocked and the identifier of the reason (0 – loss, 1 – theft) are indicated. After sending a message to 900 short number, access to the account is automatically blocked.

How to recover a Sberbank card

A lost plastic card is subject to recovery, which occurs on the basis of a reissue application. The procedure takes from 3-4 days to 2-3 weeks. The duration of the wait depends on certain conditions. For example, if you are an owner of a card with annual servicing, and its validity period is coming to an end, it is probably already made – in this case the waiting period will be minimal. The instructions for recovery are described on the official website of the bank, and it consists in the following:

  1. Registration of the application for the loss of the established form.
  2. The procedure for obtaining a new card after its reissue.

Application Form

In order to start the recovery mechanism of the Sberbank card, you should write a statement indicating the reason for applying. If the account holder – contact in person. A sample application is provided by a bank employee, who will help fill out the form. Another option for filling out an application is to fill out an electronic form for card restoration through a client-bank. Following the menu prompts, the user creates an application for reissue and sends it to the bank for consideration.

Card reissue

The card is produced on the basis of the client’s application, and it can only be issued in person. The reissue of a Sberbank card in case of loss, like its initial issue, is not a free service. Without payment, only a personalized payment instrument is issued whose validity period has expired. Pick up the card should be in the department where the application was submitted. Those who want to play it safe in case of repeated loss can make a duplicate and put it in a safe place or give it to someone from the family for storage.

How much does it cost to restore a Sberbank card in case of loss

The recovery service involves the commission of a reissue. The amount of payment depends on the type, level and reason for applying for recovery. The cost of reissuing a debit card due to the loss is from 30 to 300 rubles, where the minimum commission is the standard type of entry-level, and the maximum is nominal or privileged. A credit card can be ordered for 150 rubles. The amount of the commission is automatically debited from the card account or is paid through the bank cash desk.

Hand-to-hand transfer of a plastic card

Is there a penalty for the loss of a Sberbank card

The loss of a plastic card can happen to everyone for circumstances beyond the control of a person, therefore banks approach loyally to this kind of problem and do not punish their customers with penalties. However, when a lost plastic card is blocked, data is automatically entered into the stop list (which guarantees the complete safety of customers’ funds) and this operation costs 1,500 rubles. Funds are debited by the bank payment system from the holder’s account, and if there is insufficient balance, it becomes necessary to deposit cash at the cash desk.

Is it possible to withdraw money from a lost card

The process of re-issuing a lost card may take several weeks, therefore, in order to cash out the available balance of funds from a lost card, you should contact the bank office where the issue was made. In order to get money on hand, you do not have to wait long. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. The Sberbank card holder personally comes to the bank branch with a passport (it is advisable to have an agreement for servicing the account with you).
  2. An application for withdrawing funds from the card account is submitted.
  3. Cash is issued by the cashier from the bank cash desk upon presentation of the application and the original passport.
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