How to block the Internet on a child’s phone – step-by-step instructions on restricting access

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There are many reasons why parents need to periodically block their child’s Internet connection. Uncontrolled access to the network is addictive, which leads to poor grades at school, unwillingness to do useful things, irritation, lack of exercise. To avoid the negative impact of the Internet, you need to know how to block it.

Ways to block the Internet on a child’s phone

Almost every modern child has his own smartphone. This is not only a way of communication, but also a window into an attractive, but far from harmless virtual world. There are several ways to protect a minor from harmful information:

  1. Making changes to the Windows system folder. You need to open the operating system settings and the hosts file, then manually register all the addresses of dubious resources.
  2. Parental Control settings in the browser. Blocking unwanted sites is easily done in Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox. These browsers have their own settings for parental control. Through a personal profile and password, adults can manually register a list of sites that they want to block access to.
  3. The built-in parental control function in the router. One of the most effective ways to protect your child from unwanted web resources is the integrated parental control on some WiFi routers (Zyxel, TP-Link, Asus). Access to selected resources will be limited on all mobile devices and desktop PCs connected to the router.
  4. Special programs. There are third-party applications developed for the Android and iOS platforms. With their help, blocking sites from children occurs in different ways, but in general, the characteristics and functions of such programs are similar.
  5. Services of mobile operators. The companies Megafon, MTS, Beeline help create safe conditions for children’s Internet. They developed additional features that can be connected to the current package, and even special tariff plans..

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How to block child sites in Google Chrome

The parental control feature, which is available in the Google Chrome browser, is carried out through profile management. To activate it, you must take the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Chrome account, if not, create a profile.
  2. In the browser settings, find the “Users” section, and then select “Add a new user”.
  3. After opening the “Create a user account” window, select the image and name, then activate the “Controlled profile” by clicking on the “Create” button.
  4. After confirming the creation, launch a browser with a controlled profile, which uses secure search by default: when certain queries are entered, the search results will not be displayed.

In Google Chrome, through the controlled profile, you can activate the control function for parents. To do this, enter the browser settings, and then in the “Users” section, click the “Profile Control Panel” button. Further actions:

  1. After authorization, a page will automatically open where you will configure access rights to all sites.
  2. You can approve or deny access in the “Requests” section.
  3. You can view web pages visited by a child if you use the “Statistics” section.

Google Chrome on the phone

Disconnecting mobile Internet from telecom operators

If the restriction of the child’s visits to web resources and games does not give positive results, then you can completely turn off the Internet from mobile operators. This is done in several ways:

  • call to a mobile operator;
  • in your account on the company website;
  • via ussd code;
  • personal visit to the company office to fill out an application (if the contract is drawn up for you).

Telecommunications operator

Lock methods

How to activate


USSD command service

type on the keyboard * 236 * 00 # call, wait for the SMS about disconnecting the service

SMS request

write the word “stop”, send it to the number:

  • XS 05009121;
  • S 05009122;
  • M 05009123;
  • L 05009124;

call to operator

call toll free number 0500, give the operator passport data, ask to disconnect the Internet.


USSD request

dial the numbers * 110 * 180 # and call

call to operator

by number 0611

through your account

log in to the company’s website, go to the “Services” – “Internet” section and click “Disconnect”.

Function “Parental Control” from mobile operators

Another option to block the Internet on your phone is the paid Parental Control service offered by mobile operators. Names and tariffs:

  • “Children’s Internet” from Megaphone. To connect, you need to send a request to the operator on the number * 580 * 1 # call, send an SMS with the word “ON” to number 5800, or activate the service in your account. Installation of the option is free, and daily use is 2 rubles.
  • “Parental control” from MTS. The option is activated in several ways: using SMS with the text 442 * 5 to number 111, USSD – commands * 111 * 72 # call or using the child’s account on the official website of the company. In the latter option, you need to find the Black List section and install the service. The daily cost of the option is 1.5 rubles, disconnection is free.

Parental control from MTS

Programs for blocking sites from children

You can download and install the application data to your phone through the Google Play store or from the Internet through any browser. The most popular programs that help block unwanted sites:

Program name

Features and Functionality

Kids place

A free application that helps block unwanted sites and applications on your phone and tablet. Main functions:

  • access only to approved programs;
  • internet control;
  • PIN protection for all filters;
  • a ban on the purchase and download of applications;
  • block incoming / outgoing calls;
  • You can lock and unlock the phone at a specified time.

Care4Teen for Android

A universal set of tools to help ensure the security of your child’s phone from malicious sites. Functions of the free program:

  • prohibition of visits to unwanted web resources;
  • monitoring the search history of the phone’s browser;
  • information about incoming / outgoing SMS and calls;
  • indicating the location of the child online;
  • if necessary, you can block the launch of any widget and application on the phone.

SafeKiddo Parental Control

Multifunctional protection of the phone and tablet with intuitive controls and access to a panel that reports on the user’s internet activity. Key features of the free app:

  • setting surf time for each day of the week;
  • access to the necessary Internet content, depending on the age of the baby;
  • blocking of any site;
  • remote control of the rules and mode of using the Internet.

Norton family

The program uses a wide arsenal of control methods, which allows not only to block individual sites, but also to send instant notifications to parents. Norton Family Features:

  • tracking sites and applications used by a minor;
  • message monitoring;
  • easily customizable restrictions;
  • program cost – 1240 rubles.
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