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The iso (image) disk image is a special file that contains a copy of the user-specified data from the media. It can be stored on a PC hard drive. In other words, this folder, in fact, is a DVD-ROM, but which does not have a material shell. As a rule, a duplicate is created for backup, so that if necessary it can be reproduced in its original form if the original is missing. Many users are often interested in the question, how to create an iso image of Windows 7? It’s simple: there are special programs for reading and writing data.

What is iso

For PC users, ISO folders in the system can become real magic wands if viruses suddenly crash onto the computer. No one wants to lose their personal data without further recovery. It is important to backup, that is, to form an image of the system. Iso is a digital copy of an optical drive. When downloading a special program, ISO will contain folders in the same form as if the disk was inserted into the PC. Learn how to make iso – how to create the disc image you need for work and fun.

Programs for creating a disk image

The ISO format helps to read and copy various information from the media: content, directory structure, system information, boot information. Thanks to this, the ISO format allows you to create a copy of the boot system. To create a backup there is a special program for iso images, and not one. There are several such programs – both free and paid. The most convenient and at the same time popular are Nero, Ultraiso, Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools.

UltraISO Window


The UltraISO program is used to record a variety of storage media. The main function of UltraISO is to create a byte copy of the data. You can create an ultraiso image from a natural compact drive, where the main source is the existing real disk, which must be inserted into the drive. To do this, you must:

  • put the information medium into the drive and run UltraISO;
  • then open the “Tools” menu;
  • find the “Create CD image” item (you can just press F8);
  • a window should open before you to create an archive;
  • then in the window select the drive where the drive is installed;
  • specify the location to save the ISO file and its name;
  • select the desired format, in this case ISO;
  • click on the “Make” button;
  • the next step is the process of creating an ISO file;
  • upon completion of the process, the duplicate will be in the folder that you yourself selected.

Daemon Tools Window

Daemon tools

The main task of Daemon tools is to create a backup and open it in different formats. This program is considered simple and easy to use. If you do not have it installed, you should simply download it for free. After Damon Tools is ready for use, we proceed to the formation of a complete copy of the data. So, let’s look at how to create an iso image for Windows 7 using Daemon Tools. To do this, you must:

  • insert the information carrier whose image you want to make into the drive;
  • click on the Damon Tools program;
  • in the list that appears, find “Create image”;
  • choose a drive whose data you will copy later (as a rule, this is the very first in the list);
  • then find the “Image Output File”, that is, indicate where the finished archive with data will be stored;
  • choose a format (press the key with three dots);
  • Find a place to store the file and determine the format (iso);
  • write a name for the future archive;
  • click “Save”;
  • after all the settings, click on the “Start” button;
  • creation of a copy will begin;
  • upon completion of the creation process, click “Close” and go to where the duplicate storage location is.

How to burn an image

The original for the ISO image can be a flash drive, an optical real disk, a partition or a set of files located on a hard PC. For each of these options for creating a copy of the information has its own characteristics. But first of all, before choosing what exactly the duplicate will be saved on, you should prepare the image with the necessary information using the above programs.

How to write to a USB flash drive using Unetbootin

On a flash drive

To record a copy of Windows data on a USB flash drive, download the free portable program unetbootin, which does not require installation. Your actions:

  • Run the software, in the pop-up window, select the item disk image – the desired flash drive.
  • Indicate that this is a flash drive, not a hard drive, and which one.
  • Click OK, and after a few minutes the recording will be completed successfully.
  • After completion, it is not necessary to restart the computer.
  • Click “Exit”.
  • The program during the recording process sometimes suggests overwriting the file.
  • Click “Yes”.

How to create a copy using Nero

To disk

You can create a boot disk with a copy using the reliable Nero program:

  • If there is no program on your PC, download it for free from the Nero website.
  • Run the program after installation.
  • A window “write an iso image to disk” will pop up on the screen.
  • Choose DVD or CD.
  • Click “File – Open”
  • Choose the file you need.
  • Click on “Open”.
  • Insert a blank disc into the drive.
  • Press “Burn” and record a full copy of the data.
  • After the process is complete, the drive must exit the drive.
  • You can immediately check the reading of all files. Launch media.

Video how to create an iso file

Windows users often need to preserve important information – for example, you need to work with the image. The whole process of creating and further recording will not cause any difficulties for professionals, the procedure is performed in a few clicks. For beginners, there is a special video that will help you understand what ISO is and how to create an iso image for Windows 7.

How to create an installation flash drive

A copy of the operating system is conveniently stored on disks, but during operation, these optical storage media are scratched, cracked, and sometimes lost. Given these circumstances, it is more convenient to use a USB flash drive to create a duplicate. Creating a bootable flash drive is using the program UltraISO. Details on how to copy installation files to flash media are described in the video. After viewing, you can easily record the necessary information from the WINDOWS 7 OS to a USB flash drive for further installation of the OS on a computer.

Burn ISO to DVD

The image file is used to create a copy of the DVD. If you simply transfer all the information to the hard drive from a DVD, then information about the tracks, boot and other data will be lost. With a backup, you can later easily restore the original version of the copied media with ease. About how to correctly burn the iso archive to DVD, described in detail in the video.

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