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Trips between the two capitals are the trips that many passengers encounter: someone goes to work, someone to relax. The most convenient and fastest way is to go to Sapsan, and not choose a reserved seat train car. But this is far from the cheapest option. To save while traveling, you need to know how to buy an inexpensive Sapsan ticket.

Through the Sapsan official website

Train on the way

To complete the purchase of an electronic ticket online, you must go to the official website of Sapsan or Russian Railways. On the right side, you can select the direction (from Moscow or from St. Petersburg) and the desired date. The opened scheme window offers a large selection of trains that go where you need to. Here you can book or book tickets at a suitable time. After that you can choose from the entire list of available seats and make a purchase. We advise you to immediately take a return ticket: its cost can change even in a day.

Discounts for Peregrine Falcon

For regular passengers, Russian Railways employees came up with stocks on Sapsan. If you buy a road map, then the cost will be reduced by a pleasant percentage (10-50%). Each category of citizens can find a special map for them, for example, there are such types of road maps:

  • “School”;
  • “Youth”;
  • “60+”;
  • “Two capitals”;
  • “Flight”;
  • “Saturday”;
  • “A restaurant”;
  • “White Nights”;
  • “Universal”.

Road maps give different discounts. Some of them are designed only on weekdays, others only on Saturday. Some cards imply a purchase only at a given time. The Restaurant option has one more advantage: food in a bistro car is guaranteed. Cards cost from 500 to 3000 rubles. They can be purchased at the station at the railway ticket offices or directly at Sapsan from one of the guides. If the purchase is made through the Internet, then in order to receive a discount, you must enter the card number in a special field at the time of booking.

Russian Railways tickets at the box office

Ticket purchase at the box office

It is becoming easier to buy tickets over the Internet, some people prefer to buy tickets when approaching the station. When making and booking, you can immediately check with the cashier all the necessary information, for example, how much a ticket for Sapsan costs. If necessary, it is much easier to hand over the document to the cashier and receive a refund. It is impossible to return your money without a cash desk, through online resources.

Cheap Sapsan tickets at time of departure and purchase

To save on buying you need to know a few features. Prices for Peregrine Falcon depend on the date of purchase: if you buy early, then pay much less than if you decide to buy at the last moment. Tickets appear for 45 days, and two days before departure, most likely, only business or first class will remain, which will cost even more than a trip by plane. Start Tracking – The Right Way to Buy an Inexpensive Sapsan Ticket.

The second feature that you need to know is the train departure time. Tickets in the morning will cost much more than if you decide to come to one of the capitals at the end of the working day. In the evening, even closer to night, they will cost much less, since demand is lower. If it’s not important for you to arrive early in the morning, before work, then you can arrive late in the evening, spend the night in St. Petersburg and enjoy the beauty of the city, gaining strength.

Economy Peregrine Falcon Prices

Economy class prices range from 1290 to 3483 rubles. Business class will cost more, but according to reviews, they are worth the money. If you do not go to the end, but go to Tver, then the cost will differ: from Moscow – from 1327, and from St. Petersburg – from 1086. Buying two tickets (one to Tver and the other to the capital) will not save. Travel with a transfer will cost twice as much.

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