How to change a train ticket with a date change – rules and restrictions, exchange commission, refusal options

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Many people prefer to buy tickets in advance, but there are times when circumstances change and you need to hand over or exchange a ticket.

Rules for the exchange of train tickets

There is no difference between tickets purchased at the box office and ordered on the Internet. Boarding a train is carried out upon presentation of a ticket and ID. If your plans have changed, or you change your mind about traveling by train, you can hand over or exchange a ticket at the ticket office of the railway station, subject to certain conditions:

  • An exchange for another date with the current rules is not provided, but if desired, the passenger can hand over the existing ticket and purchase a new one. You will be charged a commission for the return, and you can purchase a new pass only if there are free places.
  • Children’s coupons can be exchanged for adults with a surcharge up to the full fare. In addition, you can always change seats in a child ticket if there are any.
  • The exchange is carried out if at least 24 hours are left before the train departure (for fast or passenger). The rule does not apply to high-speed trains.
  • Re-issuance is carried out on the same carrier, which was indicated in the original document.
  • The client can change the number of seats for others in the same train car or a class higher (coupe, luxury).
  • The city of departure and destination cannot be replaced during the exchange.
  • If you are handing over a train ticket purchased by your friends, you must have a notarized power of attorney and a passport with you.

Train travel document in hand

How to change an electronic ticket

Internet users can purchase travel documents through the site. As with paper travel tickets, it’s not possible to change the train ticket to a different number. If you bought it through the website and did not issue it on the Russian Railways form, you can submit the document from your personal account or order page:

  1. Log in to your account with your username and password.
  2. Click the “My Orders” tab.
  3. Select the desired reservation, click the “Refuse” button opposite it..
  4. Fill in all the fields in the form that appears. Be careful when writing 14 digits of the electronic receipt, the number of the bank card with which you paid, the number of your mobile phone.
  5. Check all the data and click “Submit”.
  6. Pay for a new pass on a date suitable for you.

If necessary, in the electronic version, you can change the landing place (if available) or the type of carriage to a higher or lower class. This must be done a maximum of a day before departure. This does not apply to those travel cards that were issued without a seat, for example, when traveling with a child under 5 years old..


The administration has the right to refuse to exchange electronic document for passengers under the following conditions:

  • a travel document was purchased without a seat;
  • the sale was carried out outside the Russian Federation;
  • the need to replace an international travel card;
  • replacement of a child ticket with an adult with the same place.

Exchange Commission

The price includes: price for a reserved seat, travel to the destination, insurance and commission fees. The cost of a reserved seat means the price for a berth. It is indicated on the side of the ticket form. On railway communication through the territory of the Russian Federation, when returning or exchanging a travel document, the passage is compensated for by

  • The total cost of the ticket and reserved seat, if the exchange was made no later than 8 hours before the departure of the train.
  • The whole fare and half of the reserved seat, if the return is made 2-8 hours before the train departure.
  • Only the price of the ticket, if the document was returned less than two hours before the train was dispatched or no later than 12 hours after it left the boarding station.

Ticket office

Tourist, commission or other fees (excluding insurance) that were made at the time of the acquisition of the railway document are not returned. In addition, cashiers charge a commission on passengers for a refund of 192 rubles 70 kopecks. This amount is relevant until the end of 2019.

Money back terms

Please note that the method of returning money and the terms for tickets handed in depend on the method of payment of the railway document.

Payment method

Where will the money go back

Payout time

Bank card

To the card with which payment was made.

Up to 30 business days.

Salons of mobile communication, terminals

By electronic payment to a card or wallet. When returning through cash desk – in cash.

For electronic transfers from a few hours to 30 business days.

Electronic currency

To the wallet from which payment was made.

Up to 10 days.

Cashless payments

Checking account.

The day after filing a refund application.

Cash purchase

Cash at checkout.


How to exchange an electronic train ticket for paper

The need to exchange an online form for paper depends on whether you have completed electronic registration on the site. This can be done at any time, but no later than an hour before the train is dispatched. If the electronic registration has been passed, it is not necessary to change the electronic coupon; upon boarding, you can show your passport and the purchased printed ticket.

If registration has not been completed, the exchange of an electronic document of Russian Railways can be made in the terminal or through the cashier. Procedure:

  1. Contact the cashier, presenting him with your passport and the number of the electronic document obtained during its execution through the website. Please note that when reissuing through the cash desk, a fee of 100 to 250 rubles may be charged.
  2. Fill out a paper form through the terminal. To do this, you must have a printout with a barcode. Lean the code against the scanner, get a paper version of the train ticket. An important point: registration through the machine is free.

Ticket Terminals

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