How to change the graphics card on a laptop discrete and integrated with the video itself

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Video adapter is an important part of the computer system, which is responsible for working with video files, supplying pictures to the display. If the chip fails, it is impossible to work with the PC, because the signal will not arrive on the screen. In this case, you need to know how to replace the video card on a laptop. Please note that not all models have this feature..

Can I change the graphics card on a laptop

The main advantage of laptop computers is their compactness. Developers try to place all the details of the system (processor, video adapter, hard drive, etc.) so that they take up minimal space. In this regard, some manufacturers combine two functions at once in one chip. This is perfectly demonstrated on Intel’s i-Series and AMD A-Series chipsets. This type of placement is called integrated.

The second option is a discrete card (separate from the processor). Before you change the video card on a laptop, you need to find out which of these options is used on your computer. If you have a discrete one, then you have much more chances to put another graphics chip. As a rule, all the necessary information is written on the case. Sometimes in the system there are both types of video adapters that interact with each other.

Video Cards for Laptops

Can I replace the video card on a laptop with an integrated card

The idea to integrate the ability to process video into the processor appeared to save on production (such computer models are usually cheaper) and save more space for other parts. The problem is that the performance of such graphic adapters is relatively low, they are definitely not suitable for gamers, so the idea is to upgrade and improve performance. The problem with integrated graphics is that it is part of the processor and there is no way to change it only, so you can forget about the upgrade.

If your laptop is broken, then you should replace the entire processor chip as a whole, which will result in a serious amount. Typically, this part is 30-40% of the total cost of the PC. Technically, this operation can be carried out, but only the exact same chip is suitable for replacement. It is connected to the motherboard and the other view will be simply incompatible. It will only be possible to put a new chip in the service center, because they have the necessary installation for desoldering the board.

Disassembled laptop

Replacing a graphics card on a laptop with a discrete card

The second type of video adapter is a separate chip, and sometimes a board. They have a large amount of memory, frequency and are more suitable for games. There is a way to change the video card on a laptop, if it is a discrete type, but there are two important points:

  1. The new model should be compatible with the rest of the system (motherboard, processor, BIOS). These parameters should be strictly observed when selecting a card. If they are incompatible, the computer will not work correctly.
  2. A discrete graphics card can be soldered to the motherboard or located on a separate one. In the second case, it is possible to change the part yourself. If it is soldered, then you need to contact a specialist who has the necessary equipment for desoldering.

To remove the discrete graphics adapter, you need to disassemble the PC. This process is not very complicated, but there may be extra bolts, somewhere you forget to connect a cable or power. You must either find a video tutorial on disassembling specifically your PC model, or seek help from a specialist. It is likely that inept actions will lead to equipment damage. Remember that by default the warranty stops working if you yourself opened the case.

Discrete graphics card for laptop

How to replace a video card in a laptop

Computers from different companies of different series may have a different layout of parts. Replacing a video card in a laptop with a more powerful one requires a complete analysis of all the elements, but the actions have a general principle. Remember that you will succeed in installing a new card if you have a discrete adapter on a separate board. You can change the part as follows:

  1. Disconnect the PC completely from power, unplug the cord from the socket, and remove the battery. To prevent residual current inside the system, hold down the power button for 10 seconds.
  2. Remove all the bolts that are located on the back cover, then remove it. To open the latches, it is better to use a plastic card, because there will be no risk of damage to the board or fasteners. If the panel is difficult to remove, it means that you forgot to unscrew something somewhere
  3. Find the location of the graphics adapter, using tweezers, disconnect the cables, cords that are connected to it.
  4. Unscrew the cooling element (cooler). In all PC models, it must be removable..
  5. Remove the bolts that hold the board. Disconnect it, as a rule, it is fastened with a latch.
  6. Install a new module. Screw on the cooling system. Do not forget to reconnect the cables and cables with tweezers.
  7. Build.

As a rule, after this procedure, you need to reinstall the driver, especially if you have changed the company of the chipset manufacturer. They are easy to find on the Internet on the company’s official website. The program will automatically download all the necessary software. If you have integrated graphics in the processor, and the discrete one is installed by another manufacturer, then you will need to switch them if necessary, they will no longer be able to work together.

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