How to charge the phone if the socket breaks. How to fix a charging connector at home with video

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Initially, the mobile was a simple device for making calls. Now this is a multifunctional device, without which a person will not be so comfortable. Inaccurate use sometimes breaks the power socket. In this case, you should know how to fix the connector for charging the phone or charge in another way.

How to fix a phone jack by changing position

You must immediately indicate that your device cannot be repaired in this way. A broken power socket will remain such and repair cannot be avoided. This half measure is necessary in situations when there is no necessary amount to fix it, but you need to use a mobile one. Instructions on how to charge the phone if the socket breaks:

  1. Connect the charger to the device, plug into the network.
  2. Try moving the cord by moving the plug up and down.
  3. If the battery cannot be charged due to the contact being removed, such actions may close it..
  4. In case the cell-phone detects a charger, try to fix this position. Try to put books or other objects under the wire so that the cell phone can lie so night and the battery is charged.

Before carrying out such manipulations, make sure that the problem is really in the connector, not the battery. With prolonged use, they have the ability to stop holding a charge. In this case, you should buy a new battery, and not fight with the allegedly damaged socket. . If the matter is really in the connector, then repair is unlikely to be avoided. Keep in mind that such manipulations with the wire can further undermine the connection point or completely break it..

Smartphone Charging

Replacing the charging connector with a universal “frog”

In a critical situation, when you do not know how to charge the phone, if the socket is broken, you can use universal charging. Sometimes they call the device a “frog”, it is relatively expensive, so it’s not a fact that it’s better than giving the device for repair. This device has a special groove into which you need to insert the battery removed from the mobile. However, this method has several obvious disadvantages:

  • while charging, the smartphone is turned off, you can not use it until the battery is charged;
  • the cost of the “frog” is high and sometimes does not justify the cost;
  • Among user reviews there are situations when the charger broke the battery.

Battery Charger Frog

The charging connector on the phone has broken – we charge directly

If you do not know how to change the charging socket on your phone, you can try to replenish the battery, eliminating the need for a power socket. The method is relatively complex and requires some skills from the field of working with electricity. The bottom line is:

  1. It is necessary to remove the battery from the phone.
  2. Cut the insulation off the charger wire, expose the wires (disconnect from the outlet at the same time).
  3. Strip the veins, determine where plus and minus.
  4. Locate the appropriate terminals on the battery from the mobile phone. It is important to observe the polarity of the wires and the device.
  5. Lock the cores and insert the plug into the outlet.

It is strongly recommended not to use this method if you are not 100% sure of your skills. You should not carry out manipulations when you are alone at home, there must be a person nearby who could help you with a possible electric shock. Please note that this connection option is not normal for the battery and may cause breakdown or premature exhaustion..

Mobile phone battery

How to replace the charging socket on the phone

The only proven way to get rid of the problem is to put the matter in the hands of professional workers. Perhaps, after they tell you how much it costs to fix the phone’s charging socket, you don’t want to use any “workarounds”. In modern devices, this connector still performs the function of connecting to a computer, transmitting data, so its breakdown greatly reduces the functionality of the device. This is a microcircuit that you cannot repair yourself at home. Phone repair often translates into a round sum and you should be prepared for this.

In this case, it is best to contact a certified center. An ideal option would be a branded service point of the same manufacturer as your mobile. They know all the intricacies of the device of their products and will be able to provide qualified assistance to eliminate the breakdown. Inexperienced or sloppy workers can aggravate the situation and lead to even greater damage to the device.

Learn how to charge your phone without charging.

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