How to choose a cradle in a car for a newborn baby – an overview of the best models with prices

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For the safe transportation of babies up to 1 year old in the car, it is important to use a special automobile children’s device – a car seat for newborns. The design is designed to ensure the safety of the crumbs in emergency situations and comfort when moving the baby. The health and life of the child depends on the right choice of chair, so you need to approach this task responsibly.

What is a baby car seat

The safety of the child in any situation is the task of each responsible parent. During the movement of the car, when traveling from the hospital, your baby will need a baby car seat, which is the basis for safe transportation. The design is a bag with a hard bottom and a handle. A wide belt is provided for fixing the baby. It wraps around the abdomen and holds the newborn securely.

Child in a car seat for a safe ride


For all weight and age categories require different groups of chairs. According to the European classification, only 2 categories are suitable for newborns, the rest (1, 2, 3) are used from the age of 1 year. Group 0 is a cradle for newborns in the car. Buying a car seat is not a good idea because of its insufficient safety. Experts recommend giving preference to car seats from the 0+ category. For babies in the children’s store you can offer the following options:

  • group 0 is suitable for babies up to 10 kg;

  • group 0+ designed from 0 to 13 kg.

What is the difference between a car seat and a car seat

Passenger categories from 0 to 6 months are suitable for a baby carriage for newborns, but overall seat safety indicators are higher. Parents in a hurry to choose a car seat are those who believe that only in a horizontal position can infants be transported. The correct angle of inclination will not damage the spine of the baby, in a comfortable chair the child can spend 2-3 hours. An additional plus of car seats is the ability to use them as a carry.

How to fix a car seat

The seat in the car is attached using standard straps or isofix mounts are used. Fixing by means of special devices is an invention characterized by a high safety class. On tests, they show the best results. Car seat can only be installed with car seat belts. The instructions describe in detail the mounting process..

How to install a car seat

Car seats for a newborn child should be installed against movement, only after one year the baby is permissible to carry him face forward. The safest place in the vehicle is the middle one in the back seat. Only in extreme cases is it permitted to install a seat on the front passenger seat. Here the danger to the baby is the highest.

Car seat rating for newborns

Armchair manufacturers offer products equipped with additional features, removable cradles, practical materials that cover the back of the chair and other details. These factors are taken into account by consumers when choosing seats, but the safety of the baby should be at the heart of the purchase of caring parents. You can determine the level that car seats provide with crash tests..

Best Baby Car Seat

For safe transportation, it is important to choose a reliable chair that will be convenient to use. Manufacturers all over the world offer different options that differ in design, shape, additional features. In each case, the choice of the buyer will be based on personal convenience, additional functions and safety provided by the car seat..

Britax Romer

For several years, the Britax Romer has received excellent test scores; a baby carriage is considered a safe option. This Romer model is designed to transport babies from birth:

  • model name: Baby-Safe Plus II SHR

  • price: 22300 r.;
  • characteristics: maximum weight – 13 kg,
  • pluses: headrest adjustment, equipment with a special liner to reduce the load;
  • Cons: the design is narrow, the equipment with an inner liner can cause a greenhouse effect and it will be hot for the child.

A worthy representative among the chairs for newborns is First Class Plus. A comfortable chair is in high demand:

  • model name: First Class Plus;

  • price: 20660 rubles;
  • Characteristics: up to 18 kg, side impact protection;
  • pluses: many adjustments to the tilt and mount;
  • cons: fastened only with standard straps.

Baby Carrier Baby-Safe Plus II SHR

Happy baby

For newborn car passengers, Happy Baby offers a modern seat:

  • model name: Gelios;

  • price: 4800 rubles;
  • Characteristics: up to 12 months, anti-travel;
  • pluses: overlays do not stick during sharp braking in the case;
  • cons: no additional side protection.

The budget option from Happy Baby – Voyager is popular. The main advantage of this chair is its affordable cost:

  • model name: Voyager;

  • price: 7500 r.;
  • characteristics: up to 25 kg;
  • pluses: enhanced lateral protection;
  • cons: no baby head support.

Happy Baby car seat with liner - Voyager


From birth to 4 years, Cybex offers the use of Sirona. Sirona seats are equipped with rotating special bases that make it easy to get your child in the car. As an airbag manufacturer uses an adjustable table:

  • model name: Cybex Sirona;

  • price: 34,400 rubles;
  • Characteristics: up to 18 kg, adjustable tilt angle;
  • pluses: 10 positions of the headrest, which holds the baby’s head;
  • cons: high cost.

For long trips with babies, Cybex has developed the Cloud Q Plus Comfortable Baby Carry Cot. In such a child seat the baby will be comfortable and convenient for several hours.

  • model name: Cloud Q Plus;

  • price: 18,000 rubles;
  • characteristics: the ability to install on a chassis strollers, 0-13 kg;
  • pluses: successful participation in crash tests;
  • cons: the child can not be transported in a horizontal position, it is used only outside the car.

Cloud Q Plus Baby Car Seat Model


One of the leaders among car seats that caring parents are in a hurry to buy is Concord, although it is expensive. It has passed the most stringent tests, meets the highest safety requirements:

  • model name: Reverso Plus;

  • price: 24900 rubles;
  • characteristics: up to 18 kg, the presence of three-point internal belts;
  • pluses: fabric pleasant to the touch, a removable cover;
  • cons: no sun awning.

Another noteworthy system is Ultimax Isofix 3.0:

  • model name: Ultimax Isofix 3.0

  • price: 26,000 rubles;
  • Characteristics: up to 18 kg, Isofix mount;
  • pluses: special insert from polyurethane foam;
  • cons: no horizontal position, satisfactory crash test scores.

Ultimax Isofix 3.0 Baby Car Seat


For the safety of children in vehicles, HTS has developed a comfortable seat. It can not be said that it is cheap, but the comfort of the baby is above all:

  • model name: BeSafe iZi Go + Isofix Base;

  • price: 35980 r .;
  • Features: adjustable headrest;
  • pluses: convenient transfer handles;
  • cons: crash test results are satisfactory.

If you are in doubt about which baby car seat to choose, pay attention to HTS products that are suitable for any car seat:

  • model name: BeSafe Izi Sleep;

  • price: 9600 r.;
  • characteristics: up to 12 kg, deep cup-shaped sidewalls;
  • pluses: long seat and back;
  • cons: no Isofix mount.

Baby sleeping in a BeSafe Izi Sleep car seat


From Inglesina, Marco Polo multifunctional and versatile armchairs are available at an affordable cost. Caring parents rush to order delivery by mail of this option because of the confirmed safety and ease of use:

  • model name: Marco Polo;

  • price: 19 040 r.;
  • characteristics: up to 4 years, width – 44 cm, 6 tilt positions;
  • pluses: easy control of the back;
  • cons: small footprint;

A good option from Inglesina:

  • model name: Huggy Multifix;

  • price: 9140 rubles;
  • characteristics: from birth to 4 years, installation on the base or seat belts;
  • pluses: protection against side impacts, ergonomic shape;
  • cons: not found.

Huggy Multifix Infant Car Seat


The Maxi-Cosi car seat shows good results in crash tests, has additional protection against side impacts and can be used from the moment of birth because the manufacturer has provided an anatomical pillow:

  • model name: Pebble Plus;

  • price: 22600 rubles;
  • characteristics: group 0+, fastening with the help of internal automobile belts;
  • pluses: removable cover, sun protection;
  • cons: not found.

Another well-known design from Maxi-Cosi is MiloFix. In a safe chair transporting a child from birth to a weight of 18 kg:

  • model name: MiloFix;

  • price: 22590 rubles;
  • characteristics: up to 4 years, the child is fastened with regular 5-point safety belts;
  • pluses: anchor belt, indicators of correct fastening, high safety indicators;
  • cons: heavy weight.,

Car seat for children from birth MiloFix


Under the Nania brand, there are several safe car seats for babies. To position the baby in the front seat, deactivate the airbag:

  • model name: COSMO SP;

  • price: 3600 r.;
  • characteristics: up to 18 kg, backrest adjustment;
  • pluses: lateral protection, reasonable price;
  • cons: satisfactory crash test results.

Another affordable Nania baby car seat design for safe baby transport:

  • model name: BeOne SP;

  • price: 2850 p.;
  • characteristics: from birth to 13 kg, side protection system;
  • pluses: anatomical shape, soft upholstery;
  • cons: only fastened with car straps.

Car seat BeOne SP


Under the popular Peg-Perego brand, several successful options for car seats for newborns are produced, but the following is popular:

  • model name: Viaggio SWITCHABLE;

  • price: 13700 r .;
  • characteristics: portable cradle, from 0 to 4 years;
  • pluses: backrest tilt adjustment;
  • cons: fastened with car straps.

From the Italian manufacturer, another offer in demand:

  • model name: Primo Viaggio SL Tri-Fix;

  • price: 11300 r.;
  • characteristics: up to 13 kg, chair weight – 5 kg;
  • pluses: position for a dream;
  • cons: used only up to 9 months.

Car seat for babies from birth to 9 months Primo Viaggio SL Tri-Fix


From the German manufacturer Recaro seat, which is approved for use on an airplane:

  • model name: Privia;

  • price: 18000 r.;
  • Characteristics: up to 13 kg, carrying;
  • pluses: anatomical head restraint;
  • minuses: fastening on belts of a car.

Compliance with European safety standards and a weight of only 4.2 kg make such products popular:

  • model name: Young Profi Plus Saphir;

  • price: 9020 p.;
  • Characteristics: up to 1.5 years, fastening by belts;
  • pluses: reinforced aluminum frame;
  • cons: installation only in the back seat with the back forward.

Car seat without additional mounts Young Profi Plus Saphir

How to choose a car seat for newborns

A chair is selected according to the age of the child and the features of the car. The presence of a head restraint ensures the fixation of the head and its protection against shock in accidents. In an effort to save money, sometimes consider used options. Such a purchase is not the best decision, because the car seat could have been in an accident. For safe transport of newborns, choose new devices. Discounts, sales, promotions, which are often offered by online stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, will help you make a profitable purchase. Pay attention to the following details when purchasing:

  • manufacturer’s reputation;

  • serviceability of belts and clamps;
  • natural upholstery materials.
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