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Once the shelves of any PC owner were littered with floppy disks, then CDs, but now they use Flash drives to store information and make comfortable use. This is a very convenient tool that has a large memory capacity, high transfer speed, a convenient USB interface for connecting, so you should have an idea how to choose a USB flash drive. The choice is very wide, so before acquiring you need to be able to understand the characteristics of the device.

What is a flash drive?

People are already accustomed to having a small, convenient device that can store a large amount of music, video or video, but few people understand what the device is. A flash drive is a removable storage medium with a certain type of file system without moving elements in the structure, which provides increased reliability. For writing and reading documents, the TLC type of memory is used, but the choice of a flash drive is based not only on this parameter, the volume of the medium, the speed of writing and reading are also considered important..


One of the parameters of this device is appearance. Types of flash drives are not so diverse, there are options with a connection interface of 2.0 and 3.0, but the appearance can be very different. The internal media device consists of a board and an output for USB connection, but the housing options are very different. There is no difficulty in choosing the appearance, however, some design features should still be considered when buying. What are flash drives and what to focus on:

  1. Open connector. Often this option is used on models with very small sizes. There is no protective cap on the contact plate, which helps to make the drive compact, but does not protect the connector from scratches, debris.
  2. Removable cap. This is a popular, simple plate protection option. Make nozzles of plastic or rubber to protect against moisture, USB dust. The main problem is that it is very easy to lose, so look for models where the nozzle is attached to the body with a rope.
  3. Bracket. The design of the case consists of a bracket and the body of the device, they can be rotated to the sides relative to each other. This helps to close the drive connector with the side of the bracket to protect the plate ort scratches, but from moisture or dust it will not help.
  4. Slider With this design option, using a special key, you can hide the connector inside the case. This helps protect the USB from breaking, scratching, but there is a risk that the locking mechanism will break and it will be difficult to get the plate out. In addition, it does not guarantee protection against moisture and dust..

The case for flash drives is made of rubber, plastic and metal. The best option is when these protection systems are combined. For example, the metal case on top has a rubberized base, which guarantees protection against external influences, moisture, dust. Even if it falls from a great height, all recordings on the medium will remain intact. Such models cost, as a rule, more expensive.

Flash slider


It’s possible to choose the right model if you know about the basic parameters of the device. The speed of writing and reading flash drives are important criteria when buying, because they affect the speed of interaction between the drive and the computer. Given that you can rewrite information a large number of times, it will be better if this happens at maximum speed. This parameter is measured in megabits per second (Mb / s).

Manufacturers always write the amount of memory in large numbers on the packaging, but not all companies indicate speed, which is a very important parameter for assessing the reasonableness of a given removable media. On the packaging, this parameter is indicated in the rating format, for example, 200x, where the variable is 200 Kb / s. It turns out that the speed at this rate will be 30 MB / s. The higher the multiplier x, the faster you will record data and transfer it to a computer. High-speed flash drives always cost more.

Maximum volume

This is the most important characteristic of the device, which buyers pay attention to. This is the right move on the part of the manufacturer, but a person must always pay attention to other parameters. The memory capacity of the flash drive, as a rule, is indicated in gigabytes (in everyday life, “gig”). Modern models are designed for 32/64/128 GB, but if necessary, you can take a capacity of less than 4/8/16 Gb. Not every person is going to store huge amounts of data, so maximum indicators are not needed.

The maximum amount of flash drive available for purchase to the user is 128 GB, at the price of such a drive is on a par with the SSD-drive for 1 terabyte (TB). The devices work differently, but USB-drives have more mobility, you can carry them in your pocket and connect them to any computer, laptop without any problems. If you are not constrained by the means and you need a large amount of memory, then it is better to choose a USB flash drive. You can divide the types of drives by capacity as follows:

  • cheap, but small – 4-16 GB;
  • reasonable price and good quality -16-64 GB;
  • high cost, but large capacity – 128 GB.

USB flash drive

Flash drive rating

Due to the large number of different manufacturers, companies and options for speed, volume, people have a question which flash drive is better to buy for a computer. It should be understood that there are drives for phones, cameras (SD) that connect to a PC only through a special card reader (it is built-in in a laptop). Every year there are reviews that consider the best manufacturers of flash drives, which models should be selected for the price / quality ratio.

There are certain sales leaders who are popular among users. Classification is based on the feedback from customers on the work of flash drives. You can choose one of the following companies:

  1. Transcend A well-known company that manufactures products for computers in 1988. For the first time, this manufacturer introduced a lifetime warranty on its drives, because the service life, the number of recording cycles of these carriers is really large. Do you want a proven flash drive – you need to choose Transcend.
  2. Silicon Power. A very popular company, whose products are sold in 90 countries..
  3. Kingstone Choose this option if you want a proven brand that has been on the market since 1987. The manufacturer competes confidently with all other firms.
  4. TeamGroup. Every year the range is increasing and the buyer has to choose from.
  5. SanDisk They appeared on the market in 1988 and produce at least 4 million copies of memory cards every year. The design is very simple price affordable.
  6. Apacer. The company has established itself as a manufacturer of quality, reliable products, which are scary to choose and buy..
  7. Pretec. This company is widely used for industrial and military purposes. This is a good argument in favor of choosing this flash drive..
  8. Adata. Relatively new company that manufactures reliable products.
  9. Prestigio A company that produces a lot of electronic products. It’s worth choosing such flash drives if you like the leather (exclusive design) that the product’s body is designed in.

The biggest

Drives differ in cost depending on how voluminous the media is. More capacious options will cost more, at the moment the largest flash drive is 512 GB. You need to choose this option if you want to copy movies from the Internet, games with which you go on a trip. For text files, music, this will be too much storage. At the same time, the device will still look very compact. Here are examples of such media along with cost:

  • Intenso Ultra Line 128GB – from 1800 rubles;
  • Sandisk Ultra Fit 128GB – from 2100 rubles;
  • Sandisk Cruzer Blade 128GB – from 1300 rubles;
  • CnMemory Spaceloop XL (256 GB) – from 2000 rubles;
  • Patriot Supersonic Mega (512 GB) – 2500 rubles.

Flash Drive Intenso Ultra Line 128GB

The fastest

Another important parameter of the drive is the data transfer rate. All models undergo mandatory testing at the factory and the value in Mb / s should be indicated on the packaging. High-speed flash drives take this indicator to the packaging, because this is their advantage. If you cannot find this parameter anywhere, it means that it is low and the company does not want to open it. Below will be presented a small TOP, which flash drive is the most reliable and fast:


Ratio of write / read speed in%

Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0


ADATA DashDrive UV128


Transcend JetFlash 780


Transcend JetFlash 760


Kingston DataTraveler G4


Silicon Power Marvel M01


Transcend JetFlash 790


The most reliable

It is very important to buy drives in official stores, because many fakes come from China. Reliability rating of flash drives is constantly changing, because the device is produced in large quantities and sometimes tanks occur at the factory. Below is the rating of reliable and tested models based on positive customer reviews:

  1. Transcend JetFlash 700. A drive with a very simple plastic design. You can choose the option with the interface 2.0 and 3.0 (USB). This model should be chosen if you need good performance without overpayment for design.
  2. Transcend JetFlash 780. This model is different from another device of memory cells, which provides faster data processing speed..
  3. Kingston DataTraveler 100 GZ. Simple and practical model with a sliding housing made of plastic.
  4. Transcend JetFlash Z50. A very small and convenient flash drive for work or study.
  5. Kingston DataTraveler G4. Convenient mounting system, can be hung on keys so as not to lose.

Which flash drive is better

When you decide to choose a removable drive, consider for what purpose it is needed, budget and practicality of the model. The best flash drive, the one that meets your needs. If you only need to bring several text or graphic documents home from a working computer, then 8 GB will even be a lot and there is no point in overpaying for the volume. Which flash drive to buy depends solely on your needs, and the most popular and reliable companies have been described above.

Which flash drive to choose

If you are buying in an ordinary store, do not hesitate to ask a consultant about the characteristics of the drive. The flash drive parameters that indicate the package will help you choose the appropriate option. As a rule, people pay attention only to the maximum storage capacity, but the data transfer speed is a much more important parameter. You can take a 128 GB drive, but it will have a slow recording speed and you will transfer one movie for 30 minutes. Below will be described in detail how to choose a flash drive that will suit your needs..

USB flash drive

How to choose a good flash drive

You have the opportunity to overwrite the contents of the drive many times. It should be borne in mind that the expiration date of the flash drive is not indicated, but there is a certain number of cleaning cycles. As a rule, there are so many of them that a person does not have time to use them all. Most drives lose and then you need to know how to choose a USB flash drive. Do it by the following parameters.


The first thing the buyer pays attention to when he decided to choose a drive. This indicator can be different from 512 megabytes to 512 GB. With the development of technology, the maximum memory capacity is growing, so a flash drive with a large volume may appear. You need to choose the one that matches the files that you are going to copy. If we are talking about text documents, then more than 4 GB will never come in handy. If this is a flash drive for a teenager. which can copy movies, games, then the volume will need more (from 32 to 128 GB).

Read and write speed

These two values ​​indicate how fast you can put data on a USB flash drive and from it to a computer. The higher this indicator, the better, expensive modern models have a value of 50 Mb / s, cheaper – from 3 Mb / s data recording. Reading speed ranges from 35 to 90 Mb / s (indicates how quickly you can copy files from a USB flash drive to a computer).


Not the most important parameter, but it’s worth considering. If you often lose small things or if the child will use the drive, then you should choose a model with a key holder. No need to take options with a cap, because it is also very easy to lose. Give preference to simple models without caps made of iron, they will last you long and reliably.


The spread in the cost of this product is great, the price will depend on the characteristics of the drive. The memory size is especially important for pricing; the more GB, the higher the cost. All popular types of flash drives for the computer can be viewed and ordered on the Internet, because their cost there will be more profitable. Here are some examples of models that you could choose:


Distinctive feature

Price, rubles

Transcend JetFlash 600

High speed

From 1100

Sandisk cruzer fit

Very compact

From 700

Kingston DataTraveler SE9

Stylish design

From 700

Kingston DataTraveler R3.0 G2

Price-quality ratio

From 1300

Transcend JetFlash 790


From 900

Corsair Flash Voyager GS (CMFVYGS3)

Read speed

From 4000.

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