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New Year is coming soon, so it’s time to think about decorating the house. In order not to harm nature, it is better to abandon a natural Christmas tree in favor of an artificial one. It will last longer, and it will look no worse than natural. New Year’s trees are different – they differ in material, color, cost, shape.

Types of artificial Christmas trees

Living trees are expensive, it is a pity to chop them, and with prolonged use of their needles crumbles. It is much more convenient and environmentally friendly to buy an artificial spruce, which will last a long time, it will be easy to assemble and disassemble. The stores have a wide selection of decorations – pine, blue or white spruce, with or without cones, covered with hoarfrost or dressed up with colorful lights.

Types of artificial Christmas trees differ in material, color, shape, design. Some open like an umbrella, others are assembled from branches that are inserted into the stem-trunk. The cheapest, but unsafe – with paper needles. The material is impregnated with a special composition, and then wound on a wire. They do not last long, can easily catch fire from a garland.

PVC Christmas trees

Artificial tree for the New Year can be made from a thin polymer tape with a metal base inside. This is a better decoration. Beautiful artificial Christmas trees made of PVC film (polyvinyl chloride) look fluffy, because ribbons with needles are wound on the wire and create the effect of natural branches, unlike paper or fishing line.

The raw materials for their manufacture are cheap, but serve for a long time. The needles of such prefabricated Christmas trees are soft and flat, easily wrinkled, so you need to handle them carefully. Strips up to 5 cm (Altai, Virginia, Premium) are used to simulate wide needles, narrow needles with a difference of 1.5-2.5 cm (Royal, Nord, Iceberg). How real branches with different needles length look – varieties Snow Queen, Imperial.

Molded plastic

Cast trees are very similar to living trees. They are made of plastic, branches with soft needles are made of polypropylene, each branch is cast in a special separate form. Soft plastic is expensive, the needles made of it are no longer than 3 cm, otherwise they may break under their own weight.

It’s impossible to prick about such needles. Often there are combined models (Absolute, Absolute Premium) made of plastic and PVC. They have heterogeneous branches that look attractive and very natural. Such models are the most expensive of all on the market..

Types of artificial Christmas trees

From fishing line

On the basis of this material, fluffy Christmas trees are made that look more attractive and natural than PVC films. Pine branches look like brushes with a width of 3 to 6 cm. For firs, the needles are made smaller. Running model from the fishing line – New Year’s beauty. More often she is a national team.

Fiber optic

Silver, red, green or white Christmas tree can be made of a special material. Fiber optic products are expensive, but garlands are immediately built into them. Such jewelry glows and spins around its axis, come in different sizes. More often it is non-collapsible, coming complete with a stand. For premium models, the barrel is painted brown, for cheap products – green.

How to choose an artificial Christmas tree for home

For products to serve long and safe, they must be able to buy. To choose Christmas artificial trees, it is useful to pay attention to the recommendations:

  1. Size – depends on the installation location. Small fir-trees fit in the office, large ones in the house or apartment, up to 150-180 cm. The taller the tree, the more unstable it is, it is necessary to fix the trunk more reliably.
  2. Odor, appearance, color – a safe tree cannot smell bad, otherwise it contains harmful substances in the composition. To verify this, a quality certificate will help. The wire should not be exposed or visible. Choose the appearance of the Christmas tree as you wish – white, gold or classic green branches with snow-covered tips are in fashion.
  3. Strength – the branches should be well fixed, the needles should hold tight and not have increased rigidity. The needles cannot come off when squeezed or held against it against growth. High-quality needles will quickly take their original form, do not crumble..
  4. Stability – the stand can be metal, plastic or wooden. When buying a Christmas tree above 150 cm, choose a cross-shaped stable bottom so that the tree does not stagger. The metal stand is more reliable, as the plastic may break under the weight of toys.
  5. Fire safety – a high-quality product made of fire-resistant materials, processed with anti-flammable substances. There will be information on the package.
  6. Price – depends on the material, the size of the tree, the manufacturer. Chinese products are cheap, but often unsafe for health and fire safety. Cast plastic is the most expensive, made in Europe, are of high quality. Domestic PVC Christmas trees are safe and look elegant.

Best artificial christmas trees

Fluffy, natural-looking models are popular. The rating compiled by customers is headed by:

Triumph Tree Spruce Forest Beauty

Indoor floor spruce looks simple but natural. She has no additional decor. The tree is made of polymer, the plastic is not heavy, the branches are attached to the trunk. The design of the model is collapsible, there are modifications in the number of branches and the height of the product. Includes stand.

Main advantages:

  • magnificent, looks beautiful in the interior;
  • processed by fire fighting compound;
  • steady;
  • not too heavy;
  • convenient packing box.


  • may slightly crumble;
  • long to collect the frame and straighten spruce branches;
  • incomprehensible instructions;
  • According to reviews, the actual size is often less than the specified.

The difference in price for a tree 1.3 m high in different stores, rubles:

  • Plate industry – 17200;
  • Beautiful spruce – 34000;
  • Frost – 25,000;
  • – 14500.

Beauty Triumph Tree

Fir-tree New Year’s fairy tale

The trunk polymer tree is made in a single green color, has modifications in the form of a choice of a different number of branches and height. The branches are attached to the rod securely, the tree weighs little, very stable.

Main advantages:

  • looks beautiful;
  • The magnificent design consists of many branches;
  • no odor;
  • needles do not prick.


  • may slightly crumble;
  • long to collect and straighten the branches;
  • serves 3-4 years.

Prices for a tree 1.5 m high in different stores, rubles:

  • Online trade – 5000;
  • Toys for children – 2700;
  • Kidstor – 5000.

Model Christmas fairy tale

Spruce Peneri Elegy

Indoor polymer tree is lush, branches and needles look like alive. She does not have additional decor, but this does not spoil the product. The branches are attached to the trunk, the needles are not pricked, made in a natural version with alternating wide and narrow needles.

Main advantages:

  • looks beautiful;
  • magnificent design;
  • no odor;
  • going fast.


  • may slightly crumble;
  • long to collect and straighten the branches;
  • plastic stand does not hold wood well, looks unattractive.

Prices for a tree 2 meters high in different stores, rubles:

  • Beautiful Christmas trees – 21200;
  • Fir-trees bargaining – 19000;
  • Winter’s Tale -19600.

Peneri Elegy

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