How to choose glasses for working at a computer – an overview of models with specifications, photos and prices

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Many people, in order not to spoil their vision, often use glasses for a computer while working in front of the monitor. In addition, this accessory helps relieve fatigue, headache, impaired vision, redness, dryness, and burning eyes..

What are computer glasses

Ophthalmologists advise all users who spend more than two hours a day behind a computer screen to wear such special glasses that will help to avoid possible vision problems. In addition, a properly selected accessory increases by 30 percent the total productivity. Glasses to protect the eyes from the computer have a special coating, which is made of darkened glass. They also have lenses with an interference filter that absorbs blue-violet rays, which significantly reduces eye strain.

Safety glasses for computer work

Thanks to multi-layer spraying, glasses for working with a computer reduce the level of radiation. If vision is normal – you can choose a product without diopters. When buying protective optics, you should consult with a specialist in advance. Visually, such a product is almost no different from simple glasses, which are designed for vision correction. Glasses are produced by multilayer spraying, while the surface is iridescent in different shades. Glasses for PC have the following advantages:

  • reduce eye fatigue;
  • eliminate lacrimation, photophobia, burning;
  • activate blood circulation in the eye tissues;
  • increase efficiency;
  • reduce the negative effects of the computer;
  • suitable for adults and children.

For gamers

Many young modern people spend their free time playing computer games. Such sessions can last up to 12 hours, which affects the eyes badly. Prolonged interaction with a computer can lead to headaches. But this can easily be avoided if you purchase special protection for gamers with amber lenses in the store. This product cuts off ultraviolet radiation, relieves fatigue and has a beneficial effect on eye restoration.

Computer special gaming glasses are needed to protect the eyes from harmful emissions from game consoles, monitors, e-books. Their lenses are made of durable high-quality plastic and equipped with light filters, which help not to strain your eyes during prolonged use of the displays. Computer glasses are equipped with a coating that reduces glare, thereby achieving the best contrast, reducing harmful effects.

Glasses for gamers with special lenses

Why do I need computer glasses

The computer screen emits blue and violet short-wave rays, which puts the greatest strain on the eyes. With long hours of work behind the monitor, the destructive energy of these radiations can lead to illness. If harmful rays are eliminated, then the fraction of light scattering can be reduced and the harmful load can be eliminated, which will significantly increase the clarity of images. For this, glasses are needed. Thanks to the filtering special coating composition of the lenses, optical eye protection when working at a computer brings the following benefits:

  • increased color discrimination;
  • absorption of hazardous UV radiation;
  • providing optimal image contrast;
  • decrease in perception of brightness of glare from the monitor;
  • transmission of the favorable part of the spectrum (red-orange).

Glasses for the computer – help or not

Many users are often interested in the question, do computer glasses help or not to maintain vision? Thanks to the use of optical and mineral lenses, manufacturers of protective optics managed to minimize damage to the mucous membranes of the eyes. The lenses have a special metallized coating that enhances contrast and reduces the brightness of the monitor. Anti-computer glasses can relax eye muscles. Although when using this accessory you still need to take a break for a while and work without them.

Ophthalmologists reviews

Many oculists believe that glasses really prevent the appearance of headaches, relieve fatigue, and prevent the deterioration of visual acuity. It should be remembered that the purchase of this protective product is not a panacea for eye diseases. There will be protection from the computer, but the accessory will only reduce the load and make work behind the monitor safer and more comfortable, although it is not able to save eyesight from deterioration if the healthy lifestyle rules are violated.

All reviews of doctors about glasses for working at a computer indicate that the accessory can not be used for a long time. This is due to the fact that the eye muscles will eventually get used to it. Experts recommend using radiation protection if you need to spend more than 4 hours at the computer. In addition to the use of protective products, the state of vision should be constantly monitored, periodically giving rest to your eyes. It is advisable to use special gymnastics.

Women's safety glasses for working at a computer

Types of glasses for the computer

Glasses for a monitor help to improve the light spectrum that hits the eyes, they will comfortably be in a room with a fluorescent lamp. The most important part of the accessory is the lens. Given the individual characteristics of human eye health, for comfortable work behind the monitor produce lenses for glasses of several types:

  • Anti-glare (polarizing). The principle of operation is screening of reflected light.
  • Bifocal. Lenses have a visible border that divides the screen into two optical zones..
  • Monofocal. The optical zone of the lens is designed to monitor the screen, which provides a wider field of view.
  • Progressive. There are 3 review segments in these lenses..

Monofocal Lenses

The optical zone of monofocal lenses helps to observe the computer screen, providing a wider view. Such a product allows a person to perceive pictures completely, while he does not need to move his head. As a rule, monofocal glasses for a computer are chosen by users with normal vision. With farsightedness or nearsightedness with such glasses, objects will have blurry outlines.


The upper half of the bifocal glasses is aimed at the computer monitor, and the lower part is adapted for the perception of pictures from close range. This protective accessory provides comfortable working with a PC and reading near, but at the same time distant objects are perceived vaguely. Bifocal lenses have a visible border dividing the screen into two optical zones.

Progressive spectacle lenses

Externally, progressive lenses are similar to monofocal, but they differ from the latter by the presence of three segments with different viewing capabilities. The upper part is designated for viewing at a long distance, the wide buffer zone is for direct work on a PC, and the lower part is for focusing at a short distance. This type of lens is considered comfortable because they help to see well at different distances. The best selection of progressive glasses for the computer is trusted by professionals.

Protective lenses for glasses

How to choose glasses for a computer

You can buy high-quality good computer glasses in any optics store. In addition, it is easy to find a photo of the accessory in the catalog, order and buy in an online store with delivery in Moscow. When choosing a product, be sure to check your eyesight with an ophthalmologist, who, taking into account individual characteristics, will advise you on a specific model. If you write texts, it is better to choose glasses that enhance contrast and soften tones; for graphic work, you need to choose an accessory that improves color reproduction.

When buying glasses, you should see the availability of a certificate. Remember that quality lenses are not cheap. You can give preference to manufacturers from Japan, Germany, Switzerland. Do not save on the rim. In addition, it is better to buy bespoke glasses for a computer. If during the work at the computer your eyes are not tired, then the accessory is selected correctly.


Many manufacturers of optics are engaged in the creation of computer glasses. Among the most popular are:

  • Glodiatr and Matsuda, Korean brands that are famous for high-quality lenses, beautiful design;
  • Alice-96, a domestic company and its subsidiary Fashion (glasses by Academician Fedorov);
  • Gunnar, Halfy, Seiko, Bradex and DeKaro.


To make it convenient to work at a computer, you need to choose a frame that is strong, with reliable lenses and high-quality soldering. It is better not to save on health and purchase products of popular companies. The frame should be comfortable and light so that the person does not have a feeling of tightness in the ears and nose. Otherwise, the user will experience discomfort..

Type of lenses by material

The manufacturing technology of glasses is improved every day. The most popular materials from which a protective accessory for a computer is made:

  • Mineral (organic glass lenses). The main advantage of such a product is its high resistance to damage and good optical characteristics, and the minus is its large weight and low strength.
  • Polymer (lenses made of plastic). The main advantages of plastic products are high strength, reliability, lightness, safety for humans. In addition, such lenses can be made in the form of different geometric shapes (rectangular, oval, square).

Organic Glass Lenses

Optical lens coating

Glass lenses have only anti-reflective coating. Polymer products can be of several types:

  • Antistatic. The film on the surface of the lens prevents the accumulation of static charges.
  • Reinforcing. There is a special film on the surface that prevents scratches.
  • Anti-glare or anti-reflective. A series of multiple brightening films reduces reflected light.
  • Hydrophobic. This coating is smooth, which helps get rid of moisture and dirt..
  • Metallized. Neutralize the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Refractive index

Having decided on the manufacturer, material and design of the product, it is necessary to proceed to the selection of lenses by refractive index. For plastic products, it varies from 1.5 to 1.74. The higher this indicator is, the stronger, lighter and thinner the lens will be. Standard lenses are heavier than high-index counterparts that have an aspherical design. They are able to reflect 50% more light than traditional conventional lenses..

Rating computer glasses

The cost of computer glasses depends on the material of the frame, the manufacturer and the quality of the lenses. For example, some manufacturers ask for 1000 rubles for glasses with metal arms (the cost of a product with a plastic frame will be half as much), and glasses made of plastic (Polaroid or Gunnar) will cost several thousand rubles. The average price for a high-quality protective accessory is from 1000 to 5000 rubles. The best computer glasses:

  • Model Name: SP Glasses AF002 titanium, gray.
  • Price: 2330 rubles.
  • Manufacturer: SP Glasses.
  • Features and characteristics: a yellow tint to the lenses gives a special transmission spectrum; filters can trap most of the violet-blue light that is harmful to the retina.
  • Pros: reduce tear, reduce eye strain, increase image clarity, block negative radiation.
  • Cons: high price.

Safety glasses for the computer SP Glasses AF002 titanium

Accessory of Russian manufacture:

  • Model Name: Fedorovskie relaxation combined glasses.
  • Price: 1850 rubles.
  • Manufacturer: Alice-96.
  • Features and characteristics: glasses in the Exclusive frame are used to protect the eyes from harmful PC radiation in the violet-blue and ultraviolet parts of the spectrum.
  • Pros: relieve tension, eye pain.
  • Cons: there are glare on the lenses.

Inexpensive protective accessory:

  • Model Name: Mystery MY0023 C28.
  • Price: 1000 r.
  • Manufacturer: Mystery.
  • Features and characteristics: frame material – plastic, glasses with mineral lenses with anti-computer coating.
  • Pros: relieves dry eyes, prevents redness, relieves stress.
  • Cons: ugly frame.

One of the most popular companies – Gunnar presents:

  • Model Name: Gunnar Cypher Crystalline Onyx.
  • Price: 5990 r.
  • Manufacturer: Gunnar.
  • Features and specifications: I-AMP lens technology reduces blue light intensity, eliminates glare.
  • Pluses: elimination of dry eyes, reduction of headaches, maximum protection against negative consequences that can cause visual impairment.
  • Cons: high price.

Gunnar Cypher Crystalline Onyx Computer Eyeglass Frames

Another protective product from Academician Fedorov:

  • Model Name: Relaxation computer glasses luxury.
  • Price: 1440 r.
  • Manufacturer: Alice-96.
  • Features and characteristics: lenses-filters are made of high-quality optical plastic CR-39.
  • Pros: delay dangerous UV radiation, maintain color discrimination, improve psycho-emotional state.
  • Cons: high price.
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