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The Internet has become an integral part of life, and every computer must have access to the network. At home, a Wi-Fi router is suitable for this, which provides the ability to use both a wireless connection (for laptops, mobile, tablets) and a cable connection (for desktop computers).

Where better to install a wi-fi router

The router distributes the Internet to devices

For those who are considering options for how to install a router, you should start by choosing a place to place the device. Several factors influence this:

  • the location of the provider’s modem or cables, if used;
  • apartment layout;
  • location of the desktop computer (if any).

There are different models of wireless devices from Asus (Asus), TP Link, D-Link (D-Link), etc. They may have different data rates, coverage area. This should be considered when you choose a place for the device, so that access is anywhere in your apartment. In this case, the central point will be the best solution if the cable, the location of the modem and the stationary PC allow. If you must install the device closer to the computer in order to stretch the cable to it, then you need to focus on this factor.

How to connect a router to a computer or laptop

To figure out how to connect a Wi-Fi router to a computer is simple. The process itself is quick, but problems can arise with the configuration of the device. Separately, we will consider the option of connecting a stationary PC via a wireless network and using a network cable. The option of connecting a router to a laptop is practically no different. Before buying a receiver, keep in mind that there are models on the market that do not support Wi-Fi distribution and act as an adapter (for connecting multiple devices).

At the first stage, to get access to the Internet, you must correctly connect the wires to the device. There are several large manufacturers of routers, but the connection diagram always remains the same. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to connect a wifi router to a computer:

  1. Unpack and install the device, plug it into a power outlet. On the back panel, as a rule, the device’s power button is located: press it. If a signal comes in, the lights on the router will light up..
  2. There are several sockets on the rear panel. One of them is always located on the edge and tinted in a different color (blue, yellow) with the signature WAN. Connect the cable from the modem or the Internet cable to it. You should hear a snap click, indicating that the cord is fastened correctly.
  3. If you need to connect the cable to the PC, insert it into any of the empty sockets nearby and pull it to the connector on the network card. When connected, the lamp should light up, which means the presence of a signal.
  4. With a wireless connection, you need to go to the network settings on the PC itself.

Cable connection

Wireless Router Connection

For most users, the interesting option is how to connect to the router wirelessly. In the case of a laptop, everything is much simpler, because it has a built-in module for receiving Wi-Fi signal. When it comes to ordinary PCs, the situation is somewhat more complicated, because in addition you will need to purchase an adapter for a wi-fi network. They are easy to find in any hardware store, often they are sold with modems.

On the market there are two options for Wi-Fi adapters for PCs – external and internal. The first are connected via a usb cable and stand on a table, outwardly similar to the docking station for the player from Apple. The latter are mounted on the motherboard via a PCI connector. They work equally well, but the external option can be disconnected and connected to another device, and the built-in one does not take up space on the table. Together with the device, a disk with drivers and software should go.

After connecting to a computer, the configuration takes place in exactly the same way as on a laptop. In most cases, to enable Wi-Fi on your computer, you just need to find your connection in the list of networks and enter the password. If the connection is the first time, you may need to specify the settings that were issued to you when concluding the contract with the provider.

Twisted pair wire connection

Previously, there was only one way to connect a wifi router to a stationary computer – a cord. First, a cable from the telephone line was used (sometimes it is also used now), then others appeared that provided not only a computer with Internet access, but also a TV with cable channels. This method of connection is used now, as a rule, for stationary PCs. How to connect a computer to a router through a cable:

  • connect the provider’s wire to the wi-fi router in the socket labeled WAN or Internet;
  • the power cord should be plugged into one of the LAN connectors;
  • the other end of the cord must be connected to the Ethernet port of the computer, after connecting the lamp should light up (blink).

What to do if the router does not connect to the Internet

Signal distribution

Even if you know how to connect a wifi router to a computer, you have done all the necessary manipulations, a situation may arise that the connection to the Internet is not established. At the same time, everything works correctly through the cable, and the wireless network does not transmit data, but is visible in the list of connections. If you call the provider’s support service, the first thing the specialist will offer is to disconnect the device from the wi-fi socket, wait 3-10 minutes and turn it on again. In many cases, it really helps..

If this method did not help, then it is likely that the computer cannot automatically obtain the IP or DNS address of the network. To check the settings, you need to right-click on your connection, select “Network Control Center”, click on the image of the network connection and go to the “Information” tab. If the opposite DNS or IP is empty, then this is the problem. You need to call support and find out what values ​​need to be written in the properties. After receiving them:

  1. Click on the connection and click on the “Properties” button.
  2. Find the point that ends with TCP / IPv4. Click on it and click “Properties”.
  3. Activate the items “Use the following IP address”, enter the data provided by the provider.
  4. Repeat for DNS gateways..
  5. Click “OK” and close the remaining tabs..

Video instruction: how to connect a router to a computer

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