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Mobile phones cannot be called the most convenient typing devices, so manufacturers have invented a special feature that simplifies this process. It is called the “T9 language” and helps a lot when entering SMS and addresses to many users. Sometimes the program is mistaken, so the question may arise, how to turn off t9 on android.

What is t9 in the phone

Smartphone virtual keyboard

T9 – the function of auto-correction or auto-replacement of words, which works if you suddenly made a mistake when entering. It was also introduced for phones with a keypad and selected likely words for the first keystrokes. You only had to enter “when” and the language already added “hello” in its entirety. If suddenly you missed the right button, automatic auto-correction took place and your “zadrstvtute” turned into a normal “hello”.

After the advent of modern smartphones with qwerty-layout letters, this function has not lost its relevance and still significantly speeds up the typing function. In 90% of cases, the program correctly selects the necessary words, but does not cope well with slang or with the names of firms, programs, etc. The t9 keyboard for android can be turned off if the user wishes, and then it can be turned on again when needed.

How to remove t9 on android

Given all the positive aspects of this feature of phones, there are situations when it interferes more than it helps. For the most part, this applies to jargon, acronyms, intentional mistakes, or specialized terms from games, films, or professions. Manufacturers envisioned such a situation and implemented several ways on how to disable t9 on an android:

  • through the settings of the smartphone system;
  • using keyboard.

Via system settings

The principle of how to disable auto-correction on android is the same for all mobile devices, but, for example, Samsung, Lenovo and Nokia sections of the menu may differ slightly in name. By analogy, this procedure can be carried out with other brands of smartphones. Below is an instruction on how to disable T9 on an Android using the example of a Samsung phone – TouchWiz:

  1. Find the section called Settings.
  2. Go to the item “Language and input”.
  3. Find your keyboard, click on the settings icon.
  4. Check the box next to “Keyboard Settings” at number 9.

On other phones, the algorithm may be slightly different. For example, in the Explay Flesh model, the section is called “Auto Correction”, in which you need to deactivate the line “AutoCorrect” or move the slider to the “Off” position. On some models with android, in the “Language and input” section, when you select the required keyboard, the “Show fix options” item will appear. Click on it, select the “always hide” mode – then it will turn off t9.

Android system settings menu

Via keyboard

If it was not possible to configure through the system options for some reason, then you can use another option to disable auto-fixes. To do this, you need to make changes to the functionality of the keyboard itself as follows:

  1. Open any utility that is designed and supports text input. It can be a notebook, SMS, notes or messages on a social network.
  2. Hold for 2 seconds the space bar on the keyboard. On some phone models, you must click on the input field itself.
  3. A new menu will appear, “Select an input method.” Click on the keyboard option you are currently using..
  4. Select the “Autofixes” tab from the list and perform the same manipulations as described in the previous method.

This option to disable t9 works not only on phones, but also on tablets that use the operating system from Google. This does not apply to cases when a third-party layout is installed for input, in such cases, corrections to the settings should be made directly in the utility itself. As a rule, section names are very similar to those described above..

Video instruction: how to disable t9 on android

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