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The country’s leading bank, improving the security system, continues to develop its own mobile applications, while supplementing them with new features and stable operation. Update Sberbank Online is free, download and install updated versions for your mobile phone or iPhone simply by following the steps specified by the bank on your website. To install the modified version, you do not need to delete the old application.

Technical requirements of the updated version of Sberbank Online

The system is a software package created to provide Sberbank customers access to their accounts and loans online, where you can perform banking operations without having to visit the bank’s offices. For the online application to work correctly, personal computers or mobile devices of users must meet certain requirements.

For each individual platform, its own program options have been developed, tied to the card number and phone number via SMS. In case the system gives an error when registering or installing the new web version, the bank organized support, thanks to which the client can ask for help not only from the Sberbank employee in the branch, but also to the hotline 24 hours a day.

Sberbank website

For computers

To enter the system through a personal computer or laptop, you must use Internet Explorer 4 or another web browser and any antivirus. A secure connection must be established with the official website (online.sberbank), access to the page is required exclusively by reference from official banking resources, without resorting to options from other pages or received by e-mail. To confirm the entry, you will need to enter the number associated with the program.

Before working with the web version of Sberbank, modern antiviruses must be installed on the computer, which must be periodically updated, with their help regularly testing the device for virus infection. It is necessary to timely update the operating system itself from the manufacturer. It is advisable if additional programs work to increase the degree of computer security (search for a spy component, protection against spam mails).

For phones

The mobile application is a modern multi-platform system for phones and tablets with a high level of resistance to hacking. To ensure the operating mode, it is necessary to periodically download its new modifications through the official store and check the software of the device itself for compliance with technical specifications. Install the application or update Sberbank Online is available on devices with the required operating systems:

  • iPhone – iOS 8.0 or later;
  • iPad – iOS 7.0 or later;
  • Android – v.4.0 and higher;
  • Windows Phone – 10 Mobile, Phone 8.1, Phone 8.0.

Sberbank mobile application for iphone

How to update the Sberbank Online application on Android

The first step is to check the compliance of the operating system with version 4.0 and higher, otherwise incorrect downloads may appear. To avoid this, you will need to update the Android OS according to the instructions from the manufacturer, which is individual for each device. To update the Android application for free, you need to follow the sequence:

  1. Open the Google Play Play Store app store on your smartphone.
  2. Through the search bar, find in the list “Sberbank Online”.
  3. Click the option “update”.
  4. After updating and installing, you can use the updated system using the previous login; if you wish, you can then come up with a new password to enter.

Sberbank mobile application on a smartphone

Sberbank Online Update for iOS

The updated version of the program is installed by contacting the App Store application store similar to the steps above. If the update failed, check if the iOS version meets the requirements for working in an online program supported by system 7.0 and higher. You can update your smartphone by connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi: you need to go to the settings page, select the “Basic” item in the menu, then the “Software Update” service, click “Download and Install” and you can start downloading the online system from Sberbank.

Update Sberbank Mobile Bank for Windows

To install the latest version, you need to go to the application store, select the necessary official application there, activate the “Update” function. If the update did not happen, you will need to install Windows Phone version 8.0 and higher:

  1. Select the “Settings” section.
  2. Check activation of automatic download of new versions.
  3. If this function is not enabled, use the “Download” command through the “Phone Update” service..
  4. Activate “Show details”, then “Install”.
  5. After rebooting the device, an update is installed.
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