How to draw links from the Internet in the list of literature according to GOST in the abstract, term paper or thesis

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When writing a thesis, dissertation or any scientific project, Internet sources are always used from which information is drawn. This is done absolutely legally, however, it should be borne in mind that all links are regulated by GOSTs, so they must be properly drawn up.

What is a bibliographic reference to electronic resources

Link design is a bibliographic description of the source address where the information came from, even if the site is not the primary source of information. So that the published article does not cease to exist after some time, the footnote should be correctly written. Bibliographic references are subject to certain rules..

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Rules for registering according to GOST

Before you are interested in how to make links from the Internet in the list of references, you need to learn more about the requirements for this section. The relevant regulatory documents are clearly regulated. The compilation of the list of literature in accordance with GOST is carried out in accordance with the rules that are indicated in Order No. 95-st of the Federal Agency of April 28, 08, engaged in metrology and technical regulation (GOST 7.0.5-2008).

When making any list of literature, for each edition, the name of the author of the article is indicated, then the name, after the place and date (year) of publication, the number of pages. If quotes, drawings or figures are borrowed, then they must also be provided with links to the source. The list of used literature has its own hierarchy. If some kind of design was not used during design, then it is skipped:

  • legal and regulatory acts;
  • practical materials;
  • periodicals and literary publications;
  • foreign publications;
  • internet sources.

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What you need to specify when making a link to an Internet source

Each link to an electronic resource has a specific form. Remember that it must be executed in the language in which the original is written. Quoting an article from an English journal, bring the information in the literary list on it. To get started, decide which footnote you need: built-in (in-text), indicated at the bottom of each page (subscript), or rendered at the end of all work (text-based). Here it will be shown how to draw links from the Internet in the list of references according to the latest version, since it is used more often than others.

  1. The author of the publication. First indicate the full name, and the initials – without decoding. The author should not be the creator of the site, but only the quoted text. At the end of the item description you need to put a dot.
  2. The title of the document. The name of a specific web page or publication is indicated..
  3. Type of document. Use standard wording, which must be enclosed in brackets (square).
  4. Statement of responsibility. If there are more than three authors of the cited article or the electronic article was created by the organization, then list them all here. A slash is placed before the listing..
  5. Information about the main document. Contribute to journal articles or book parts. Two oblique (//) precede an element.
  6. Place and date of publication. When describing articles of an electronic sample, indicate the number and year of the journal: “2009. No. 5 “. If you use an element for books, then it looks like this: “M., 2009”.
  7. Notes. Here, indicate important information for understanding the characteristics of the document, for example, the need to use a graphic editor to view the page.
  8. Email address and date of access to the document. First enter the URL, that is, the abbreviation that will be confused by the phrase “Access Mode”. Then fully provide the http-address of a single page or site. After the brackets, take the date of visiting the Internet resource.

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How to draw up a list of references in a course or diploma – an example

Describe the Internet source included in the general literature list in citation order or alphabetically. If you referred to portals or sites, then include them in the list of Internet resources. For example, Petrov G.B. How to work on the stock exchange. – Ilovaisk: The Light of Reason, 2009. – 56 p. [Electronic resource]. URL: (accessed: 11/10/2010).

Ready-made examples can be found on the Wikipedia resource. To do this, open the necessary article on the Internet encyclopedia, find the “Tools” section in the column on the right and go to the “Quote Page” line. After clicking, many ready-made options will be presented, how to cite an article in the same way as GOSTs. It’s not worth referring to Wikipedia itself. Indicate the specific version of this publication..

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