How to establish location by phone number – search on the Internet, through a telecom operator and geolocation

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The development of telecommunications has led to the massive use of mobile communications in our lives. Receiving a gift or buying a brand new cell phone, we don’t think about losing or forgetting it in a store or cafe, and we will need to look for it. The mobile network operators took care of this for us, creating the necessary services. A subscriber of any operator should know how to track the location of phones on an Android or iOS system by number. This article is devoted to the ways and services for solving the problem of finding out the location by phone number..

Track location by phone number online

The need to find a location by phone number arises not only when it is lost. How to track the location of the phone should be known to parents, sending children to school, or to the dispatcher of a freight company, letting cars on a route or on a long flight. For this, the monitored device must be prepared. In the gadget settings, you need to activate access to geodata, which implements the ability to track location. Geodetic data of the location of the object are calculated by the coordinates of the GPS navigation system or through a mobile operator.

Without the consent of the subscriber

The location refers to the personal information of the subscriber and without his consent the receipt of data from tracking systems is not legal. For their children or relatives, it is worth explaining the purpose of these settings in the gadget. Company employees must be informed about the control of their movements during working hours by dispatchers or supervisors. All other methods of gaining control of subscribers of mobile operators are not legal..

Phone tracking software

For the Android system, installed in most smartphones, and iOS, used in Apple devices, programs have been developed that solve the problem of how to track the location of the phone. Locating by phone number for an iPhone is an urgent task, given its cost. Secretly tracking down, calculating and pinpointing where the device is located on the jeepies satellite system reduces the desire of scammers to steal these gadgets. On the websites of communication companies it is possible to see instructions and check the operation of these systems on your device.

Mobile phone on the map

Track Android Phone via Google

The world’s largest Google search engine has a Gmail application. When registering in it, the user receives a personal account. This makes it possible to use numerous services from a mobile phone, tablet or computer and to track the location and movement of smartphones in jeepies. In the settings of the device you need to set the ability to remote control. The Google Android Device Manager service will not only show the location of the device, but also allow you to block it, give a five-minute loud signal or erase all information in its memory.

How to track a phone number online

Through the Internet, tracking a lost gadget or telephone of your child occurs only through mobile network operators. This is available when you formally contact the contact center of the telecom operator. Access to location tracking smartphones have special services. On the Internet, search engines will issue a large number of scripts that implement the ability to find a phone by phone number, determine your affiliation with a particular service provider and the region of the primary registration of the SIM card.

Geolocation by phone number

The structure of mobile communications is a system built in the likeness of bee honeycombs. The nodes are base stations. In settlements, a switch is installed for communication with other cities and countries via fiber-optic communication lines. The geolocation performs a geo-search and calculation of the coordinates of the slave. Its geo-location is issued for use by special mobile and computer applications. Punch an unfamiliar number, set up tracking for husband and friends, enable hidden tracking, will allow the operator’s technical equipment.

Pink smartphone

Location of the subscriber Megaphone

When a person moves with a mobile device, serial transmission from one base station to another takes place. The coordinates of these base stations determine the location of the object. Megafon is implementing the Radar project. It has 3 use cases. Radar Light will allow you to track for free the location of one smartphone once a day. In the “Radar” tariff, up to 5 devices are tracked for 5 rubles per day. “Radar +” will allow for additional 7 rubles to control the movement of up to 5 subscribers.

By Beeline number

Beeline Coordinates will provide an opportunity to find out the location by phone number and monitor the movements of up to 5 slave subscribers after receiving their consent. If you have received this approval once, activation is carried out at any time by sending SMS to the number “4770” and will not require additional coordination with the monitored subscriber. By calling the number “0665” or by going to the appropriate section of the Beeline website, you will receive complete information on how to detect a lost device or be able to locate your friends using this service.

By MTS number

MTS, knowing how to determine a person’s location by phone number, has developed and implemented a range of services to track the location of its subscribers for domestic and industrial purposes. The service “Child under supervision” will notify you of changes in the location of children. The service “Mobile employees” is available in options for controlling the movement of company employees around the city, the location of transport and the implementation of business plans of traveling employees with specific tasks, travel marks and statuses of their implementation.

MTS logo

Navigator Tele2

Simple and intuitive navigator “Geo” implemented by Tele2. Activation is done by sending ussd to number 119. On the website, an authorization window is located on the background of the Russian map. When connecting to this service and the numbered identifier of the monitored subscriber, a determination is made – the location point of the monitored device will be displayed on the map. Without permission or consent to control the owner of the gadget, you can activate the service by sending a message about the activation of the service from his mobile device in the absence of the owner.

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