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If there is no order in family life, the world is no longer possible, that is, there are two ways: to put up or part. When people realize that they no longer have the strength to be together, they will face judgment. The main dilemma is how to file for divorce productively, without a global?

Divorce proceedings

When choosing to leave marriage, people should approach such a difficult task correctly, carefully. The divorce procedure is unpleasant, it is difficult to break off relations and with sole desire. In order for the spouse to find the long-awaited freedom, a trial and a fair verdict at one of the hearings will be required. If there are no property disputes and bickering, the children are adults or have not had time to be born at all, you need to visit the registry office to quickly resolve this administrative issue on completely compromise world conditions.

Through the court

It is very difficult to get divorced from lawsuits and petitions, it is much easier to visit the registry office twice. Divorce through court is a mentally difficult, intense and lengthy process that requires not only the mutual desire of the couple to leave forever, but also the presentation of a number of certificates from family life for consideration by a fair judge.

The first step is to correctly write to the court a written appeal with the desire to terminate the marriage with the wife (husband). Here we are talking about the legal organization at the registration of the respondent spouse. The plaintiff will correctly fill out the standard form. On a special form, you need to indicate the following information in a specific sequence. It:

  • place, date of the wedding day;
  • the arguments for wanting to get a divorce;
  • the presence of small children, the presence of property;
  • basic requirements and wishes for the opposing side;
  • information on upcoming child support.

Through the registry office

If the ex-spouses have no complaints and common children to raise, then the trip to the judge can be postponed indefinitely. The plaintiff and the defendant will have to divorce through the registry office, after 30 days, the document on the marriage breakdown is already issued officially, will enter into the legal field. To avoid lengthy litigation, it is advisable to comply with these mandatory conditions:

  • mutual and unimpeded desire, consent of the spouses to part;
  • the absence of small children and claims to the property section;
  • attendance at the registry office with passport data and a marriage document.

Divorce Journal

What you need for a divorce

In fact, you will need a desire and desire to start an independent life, to leave the other half only in unpleasant memories. This is formal, but in fact, it is necessary to provide, in addition to the correctly completed sample, a number of mandatory references for consideration. We are talking about copies that are advisable to notarize in advance. When asked what is needed to file for a divorce, they will tell everyone in the appropriate instance – not every day you have to get a divorce, here you have to make a responsible decision.

If there are minor children

If an ex-spouse brings up a teenager under 18 years old, then parents are allowed to divorce only in court. The registry office will still not accept documents, even if there are no complaints at all about the upbringing of the younger generation, and the paper is drawn up correctly. Before you file for a divorce, if you have a child, you should consult with a family lawyer or a paid lawyer, seek his support, and correctly draw up a lawsuit. Only then can we count on a successful outcome of the production started.


If in a pair the husband or wife opposes the collapse of the family, then the second has certain problems, delay is possible. However, you should not worry too much about this, since the standard procedure of the divorce proceedings can be correctly carried out unilaterally. Divorce at the request of one of the spouses is normal, only the plaintiff draws up the required documents on their own, while correctly spelling out the thoughts on the form. It is very important that the problems in relation to the growing children and property be resolved in his favor.

How to file for divorce

After completing the form, it is necessary to make a copy of the marriage certificate and other joint documents, to verify first with a notary. Then you need to correctly submit the complete set to the registry (office) of the court, where after checking the received data an incoming number will be issued. This means that the plaintiff was able to correctly file for divorce. It remains only to wait for the receipt of notice for the appearance at the preliminary and subsequent meetings. Nothing complicated, but it will be correct to familiarize yourself with the provisions of the Family Code.

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Which registry office to file an application

Drawing up paper on the provided sample will not be particularly difficult. The question may arise in another: where to file for divorce through the registry office? Two options – at the registration of the husband or wife. The address of one of them is known, because at the time a statement was sent to this registry office about the desire to legitimize their relationship. You also have to pay the state fee for the breakup of the family.


To significantly reduce the time spent on paperwork, but to decide how to file for a divorce, you can use the help of the World Wide Web. If you go to the personal website of public services on the Internet and correctly fill out an application, it is possible that the divorce process will noticeably accelerate. Such a mobile service is available in every city, operates online.

The first step is to register on the site, and then submit an application. For this, it is necessary to provide passport data of two participants, SNILS, a marriage document, additionally send copies of these documents. An online divorce application is being studied in a regular manner, the main thing is to establish a notification method for the plaintiff. This can be a message to a mobile or email address..

Through the court

The law says: one spouse may file a lawsuit with the court at the registration of the respondent spouse. A divorce application form is allowed to be personally received at the office or correctly filled in online. A prerequisite in both cases is to get an incoming number, after which you can control the trial. The list of required documents is updated, so you need to carefully study the background information..

Where to file for divorce

If the collapse of family life is inevitable, the plaintiff must contact the registry office or the district court at the registration of the respondent spouse. If the other half has a nonresident registration, the statement of claim is not forbidden to file a lawsuit in the district. There are other reasons why an administrative case is opened and considered in the plaintiff’s area. With the question of where to file for a divorce, it is better to contact a practicing lawyer, to look independently at the Internet.

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Documents for divorce in the registry office

In this case, submitting an application is as simple as possible, and both spouses are required to have an internal passport and a marriage document. This is the answer to the question of what documents are needed in a divorce. The originals are seized, and after 30 calendar days, already divorced people receive a new document with stamps, which is previously registered in the database. Unilaterally, the required procedure is not carried out even in the absence of a common child, property. It will be right to go to the judge.

Through the court

A form filled out on the model is not enough at all to spin as soon as possible with the divorce process. In addition, the judge requires the provision of a full package of documents that reveals the essence of the family as a social unit of society. This is a standard list, which is included in the procedure for filing a petition. If you need information about what documents for a divorce through the court are required, the list is presented below:

  • statement on the model;
  • passports of civil husband, wife;
  • marriage document;
  • birth certificates of children adopted or married in a marriage;
  • documents on property rights to property;
  • other information on the will of the judge.

Find out in more detail what documents are needed for a divorce.

Divorce Procedure

Making information and statements is just the beginning of a long journey to freedom. The plaintiff wants to do everything necessary to expedite the receipt of the result, but the law can slow down the whole process. Being interested in how a divorce occurs, it is important to understand that in the registry office everything is much faster than the tedious showdown in court. Although each family has its own nuances.

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Dates of divorce through the registry office

Before filing a divorce, ex-spouses are asked about how soon they will receive the relevant document. The answer depends on many factors. If you apply online, you will be able to get a divorce faster, especially when litigation is not required. The terms of divorce through the registry office are 1 month from the date of filing and filing a lawsuit. This is useful information when solving a life problem, how to properly file for divorce without a global.

By court

Before you file for a divorce, it is important to understand that you have to turn to a judge with children and property. Without a peace agreement between spouses, the terms of divorce through a court with children are not standardized. It all depends on the number of meetings and the ability to reconcile the warring parties. Be sure to pre-hear the case, then a few more meetings. It is important to solve the issues of alimony, to determine the comfort zone of the child and the fate of the property acquired by the couple. So when answering how to properly file for divorce, there are nuances.

How much does it cost to file for divorce

Before you get a divorce, it’s important to find out how much it costs to file for a divorce. No small financial difficulties are also coming, so you should think about the world warring spouses. Otherwise, it is necessary to draw up documents, pay the lawyer and pay the state duty. Such a public service is limited to 650 rubles per one registrar participating in the divorce proceedings. When submitting a claim unilaterally, the value of the official contribution is 350 rubles, the cost varies.

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