How to find a lost Android phone through a computer, Google account, Android manager or IMEI code

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For all owners of modern smartphones based on the Android operating system, it is possible to find a phone from a computer. To do this, the principle of geolocation via GPS is used, which tracks the last location of your gadget. You can find an Android device using your Google account or special programs.

Android Remote Control

If there have already been precedents that your mobile phone was stolen, or you are afraid to lose it, you must make all the necessary settings in advance so that you can track the Android phone through the computer. Making small changes to the configuration makes it possible to find the lost cell on the map, turn on the signal for searching, block it, completely erase all data via the Internet.

All ways to find a lost Android phone through a computer are based on the presence of a GPS beacon on the device or a SIM card. If it was stolen and managed to turn off, then the probability of returning the gadget using a computer and Google account drops sharply. The only exception is an appeal to law enforcement agencies with a statement and IMEI code, by which you can determine your mobile. If you just lost the device, then Google can help you find the lost gadget..

Find Android via Google

The easiest way to lose your gadget is to track your Android phone through Google. Many have an account in this system, which opens access to many other services: mail, Youtube, Google+, etc. There is a special function that searches for an Android phone if you associate an account with your device. To find a lost cell, you need to prepare some settings in advance. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Google Account on your mobile.
  2. Go to smartphone settings.
  3. Select Security.
  4. On some models, there will immediately be a “Google” section or a “Device Admins” line.
  5. Tap and see the “Device Manager” item. Check the box and confirm the action..

These actions will enable you to perform the necessary actions on the gadget through the computer. Owners of devices with Android version 5.0 and higher do not need to do this, because the function is enabled by default. This is the only case when you can perform remote control even without making additional settings. These configuration changes open up the possibility of managing a lost cell from a computer. The preparatory phase is over..

Asus smartphone with Google browser

Android Device Manager – find the phone

This service is available through any browser from a computer. Provided that all the above steps are completed, you will have the opportunity to track the Android phone and perform other actions on it. If you wish, you can download the application of the same name on another gadget with Android, if there is no PC nearby. You should go to the “android / devicemanager” section from your Google account.

The system will automatically search for the lost device, show on the map the actual location or where the signal was last caught. Geolocation accuracy is relatively high. The error is from 3 to 10 meters, which greatly helps to find a mobile if you have lost it. You can click on the “Call” function and the cell phone will start playing the melody at full volume, even if the sound has been muted. The same option is useful if the smartphone has not been stolen, but it is somewhere in the apartment..

If it was not possible to determine the location, you have the opportunity to block the device, display a message asking you to return your cell phone, or indicate another number by which you can be contacted. In an extreme case, you can completely delete all the data (it will not be possible to restore it after that) so that an outsider does not gain access to personal information and does not learn anything about you or your friends.

Manager logo on android

Android location through antivirus

Using Google is not the only option for finding a lost cell. There is another way to find out the location of your Android phone. The popular company that produces the world-famous Kaspersky antivirus claims that any Android gadget will need a mobile version of this program. It has all the necessary functions, for example:

  • location determination on any connected network;
  • covert photo capture of a thief;
  • screen lock, the ability to leave a message;
  • You can set additional pin code;
  • system protection against any malicious files.

Kaspersky antivirus logo

Find Android by IMEI

This method is the only option, how to find the Android phone, if it is turned off, contact the law enforcement authorities. There is no way to independently calculate the location of a cell using the IMEI code, only a mobile operator can do this at the direct request of the police. You need to write an application in the site, you need to have: a warranty card, a box from the phone, IMEI code, a check from the store.

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