How to find a movie without knowing the name of the description

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Switching channels, you often get to an interesting movie. When he managed to see part of the movie, and he became interested, he can be found on the Internet to view the full version. It’s realistic to find a movie or a cartoon based on the description of the plot, the names of movie heroes, a phrase, a picture or in a search engine for free and without registration.

Search for a movie that was shown on TV

When you watch a movie not at first, you don’t know what it is called. If the film was broadcast on television, the name can be easily found on sites with television programs. It is necessary to recall the day, the approximate time, and preferably the channel through which the film was shown. On resources with television programs there is a filter for easy search.

Plot description

An exciting moment from your favorite film or animated film will help you find its name. In the search box, words are entered that describe key details from the scenario of interest. If the film is popular, the search engine will provide links to resources where you can watch it. Search for a film by a short description is carried out in groups of social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki), and the questionnaire will also help.

Movie picture

I was interested in a shot from the film, but its name and even the names of the heroes are unfamiliar? Search on the Internet has become possible anything, even films. If you don’t know what the film’s name is, you can actually find it:

  1. According to the picture in Yandex. To use the service, enter the request “Yandex. Pictures – Image Search. ” A search string opens, in the right corner of which is the camera icon. By clicking on the symbol, they load the picture from the movie and click on the “find” option, follow the links to the resources with the desired movie.
  2. By picture on google. For Google, the procedure for finding the film strip in the frame is similar. In the search type “Google Images”. In the search field that opens, click on the camera icon. Of the two proposed options, choose: “specify the link” or “download the file.” The system will require you to confirm that you are not a robot and will give the result – links to movie resources.
  3. Through forums. To find the movie of interest really on the thematic forums (Kinoman, Kinonarik, Kinoforum, etc.). Cinema connoisseurs sit on the communication platforms to help the amateur find the movie they like. Describe the plot details to the movie fan – perhaps he will tell the name of the film only by description without the help of Internet resources.
  4. On the service, which is designed to search by image – TinEye. Enter a link to the frame in the search field or load it by clicking on the arrow on the left.

Shot from the movie Titanic

When the actors or director are known

Knowing the cast or character, it is easy to find a film without the help of forums. The names of the actors who played the main roles in the movie of interest are driven into the search field. The search results will display links to the search feed. If the actors are unknown, then you can try to find the desired movie masterpiece, knowing the name of the director. There are many sites on the network where you can find his biography, filmography, and photographs by the name of the actor. Directories where the filmography of actors and directors are collected:,,,,,

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