How to find a phone by GPS via computer and the Internet. Phone tracking via satellite

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Mobile devices began to steal after the appearance, and some sluggish people may accidentally lose their phone. In both cases, there is an option to locate your device. You can find the phone via satellite using special applications and a computer.

How to track your phone via GPS via computer

There is no way how to track the phone by number via the Internet (except in films about special agents), but you can do this using programs that are installed in advance on the smartphone. There is a special function of geolocation or GPS (jeepies), which transmits a signal to the satellite and determines the location of the device. As a rule, an option based on Google maps works. This is the only real way to find your phone by GPS. It will only work if the function is enabled on the device.

How to find a lost Android phone through a computer

If you have lost or stolen your device, you can find the Android phone yourself using your Google account. To do this, a GPS tracker must be activated, a SIM card is inserted and the smartphone itself is online. You can detect a lost gadget (including a tablet) as follows:

  1. On your cell phone, you need to go to the Android device manager in advance. Download the application from the official store.
  2. Log in to your Google account. This will only need to be done the first time..
  3. When your smartphone was stolen or lost, go to the Android device manager from your computer. You need to open the same account as on the gadget.
  4. The program will try to track down the location of the device. The last received location of the smartphone will appear on the map..

The application allows you to use several functions that will help you find the device or block attackers from accessing personal data:

  1. Make a call. The device will emit a signal at maximum volume so that you can find the lost device if it is somewhere nearby.
  2. To block. You can set a remote lock with a code to protect personal data. It is possible to specify the message text that will be displayed on the screen.
  3. Erase. If there is no hope of returning the gadget, you can completely delete all files and data from it. There is no way to reverse this action..

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How to track iPhone

The popular Apple brand often becomes an object of theft, so the developers tried to protect their devices and give the owner the maximum possible set of tools to track the iPhone by phone number. For this, the iCloud service is used, which opens the possibility for Apple Id to determine the position of the device. The following should be done:

  1. Access iCloud through any web browser.
  2. For all Apple gadgets, location search is turned on automatically.
  3. Go to the “Find My iPhone” tab. There is a section on the main page. If you wish, you can download an application with the same functionality.
  4. You need to go to the “All Devices” tab, where all devices associated with this account will be displayed. The map will display the last point where the service recorded iPhone.
  5. The application has the same feature set as the version from Google. You can make the iPhone make a loud sound, block it or completely erase all data from it.

How to find a lost smartphone

There are some models of smartphones that run on the Windows operating system. For them, there is also a way to find the phone via GPS via a computer. An account from Microsoft is used for this. The principle of operation remains the same, the GPS navigator must be turned on. Instructions on how to find a smartphone:

  1. If you have registration and enabled accounting on the device, you need to go to the Windows Phone website.
  2. On the site, find the “My phone” section, hover and in the drop-down menu click on “Find my phone”. Log in to your mobile account..

The service will offer you several actions that you can take to find your device or protect it from hacking:

  • you can print a card with the last point on it where the smartphone was detected;
  • A loud signal can be turned on so that you can find the device, if it is nearby;
  • block – opens the ability to set the code when trying to turn on the device;
  • delete – the ability to delete all data from the phone through the computer.

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Find Samsung Account

The popular Samsung company has also created special protection conditions for its customers. As before, you need a personal account through which the system will look for the loss. Instructions on how to find a Samsung phone if lost:

  1. Create an account on the service from Samsung, log into it from your phone. You can do this directly from the settings of the device when adding an account.
  2. You must enable the function in advance, when you create an account, it will turn on automatically. If the attacker did not manage to turn it off, then it will be possible to see the location of the gadget from the computer.
  3. On the company’s website, open the “Find my Mobile” page. Service will offer you to log in.
  4. Click on the “Find My Phone” button on the left of the menu. A Google map will open, on which the last found position of the device will be displayed.

This free service offers almost the same set of additional parameters that can help you find a smartphone if it was stolen or lost. You can do the following:

  • to block;
  • to call;
  • View a list of recent calls
  • erase data.

How to track another phone

In addition to the brands described above, there are others that also need to be traced. The Lenovo device may disappear with the same probability as the iPhone. There are several options, how to track another phone, you can even follow someone else’s device. To do this, you need to install the application in advance on it. Phone tracking by number through a computer is only possible in films or at the request of the police. If you don’t have the opportunity to preinstall the application, then you won’t be able to find the device.

There is special software that helps track cell phones. The most popular options include GPS Tracker and GPS Tracking Pro. They must be installed on the computer and device that you need to find. They also work in conjunction with Google maps. To work with these programs, several important points to consider:

  • surveillance without human consent is illegal in many countries and can be punished;
  • without installing the utility on the device, tracking it will not work (even by serial number);
  • if a person finds out about the presence of a tracker, he can turn it off at any time.

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How to track your baby via phone

All modern telecom operators (Megafon, Beeline, MTS, etc.) offer different options for the family. You can call the company manager and ask how to track the child through the phone. There are functions that help to find the device of children, each operator has a different name, but the principle of operation is still based on GPS and Google Maps. Another option is the Mom Knows application..

To enable tracking, it is necessary to install “Mom Knows: GPS Beacon” on the child’s smartphone, and “Mom Knows” on the parent. The utility is available on all versions of operating systems, phone brands. Next, you need to create an account and indicate the tracked number on the parent’s device. The devices will exchange information, so the internet must be turned on on both of them, and a GPS beacon in children. The application is able to show where and what time your child was, as well as the battery level, so that a sudden shutdown of the device does not cause panic.

Find out how to find your lost phone..

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