How to find a phone if it is turned off and lost

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It is difficult at this time to do without a smartphone, so everyone is trying to get a modern gadget. The latest iPhone and Samsung models cost a lot of money, so if they are lost or stolen, the owner conducts a thorough search. Is it possible to find a switched off phone or should a subscriber immediately forget about an expensive purchase?

Is it possible to track the phone if it is off

This situation can occur in two cases: the smartphone was stolen and turned off or it is discharged. In such situations, the question arises: is it possible to find the phone if it is turned off? Search in each case is different, for example, if you are sure that the device was not stolen and it is hidden somewhere within the apartment, do the following:

  1. Take the last route in the apartment, see if you left the device in the bathroom, in the kitchen near the microwave or on top of the refrigerator (and sometimes inside it).
  2. If you do not live alone (soulmate, children), ask them. It is possible that someone took to use (play) your device.
  3. If there is an alarm in the device, it will play even if the gadget is turned off. You just have to wait for the set time.

When the device was stolen or was lost on the street, you must first go along the path of your last trip, look on the ground, but the off state more often indicates that the cell has already been found. There are several ways to find your phone when it is turned off:

  • search through a special program on Android;
  • appeal to the operator with a request to search by SIM card;
  • write a statement to the police so that they perform a search on the IMEI of the smartphone.

Mobile phone on grass

How to find a phone by IMEI

One of the options for finding a turned off device is to search for a phone by name. This is a special digital code that is located under the battery (usually) of the gadget. But how to do it if there is no device? You can rewrite the code in advance and store at home, or find the box from your smartphone. Each package must contain the serial code of the release and Have the device, it consists of 15 digits. Instructions on how to find a disconnected phone:

  1. Rewriting IMEI.
  2. Go with your passport, SIM card agreement to the nearest police station.
  3. Write a statement that the cell is gone, and law enforcement officers will make a request to the operator of the company, who can search for your cell by this number (IMEI).
  4. If a mobile is found in the applicant’s apartment, a substantial fine may be received, because the mobile could have been completely found independently.
  5. Keep in mind that there are many allegations of theft and services do not often prioritize such cases..

Phone and folder

How to find a SIM card phone

Another possible way to track a switched off phone if you have lost a device is to contact the operator directly. All modern companies (Megafon, MTS, Beeline) have the ability to send a signal to the SIM card even if the device is unavailable. To do this, use the GPS system, which works through a satellite system. The signal that was sent from several points will be received by the card, which will be able to fix the nearest communication towers. This will help calculate the location of the mobile and show it on the map. To find a SIM card phone, you need the following:

  1. Contact the company office with a request to find a device.
  2. Call the number of the mobile that you lost, provide it with IMEI, the number of the SIM card agreement.
  3. Wait for operator response.

Sim cards

How to find an Android phone

If you lost the device in the on state, then the Android operating system has a convenient tool for finding your cellular. To do this, you need an account in the Google service, a computer and Internet access. Find Android will help a special utility – Android Device Manager. It is completely free, installed on any version of the operating system. You need to install the program in advance, bind the mobile number and model to the account. You can download the utility from the official Google Play store.

The registration process is extremely simple and intuitive, just follow the instructions that the installer of the program will show. After that, it will be possible to carry out several actions on your smartphone directly from the computer:

  1. Make a call. The device will start to make a loud sound that can only be turned off by you from the computer or by removing the battery.
  2. To block. You install an additional code on the device.
  3. Erase. You can remotely completely destroy all data from your mobile (cannot be restored).

The only point in this method is that the device must be turned on, the Internet and GPS activated. This program can also display the location of your device. This case is more suitable for loss of cell. When stolen, attackers often take out a card, turn off the Internet, GPS and the smartphone itself. In this case, this program will be completely useless and you should use the above methods of searching, turned off mobile.

Find out more ways to find your iPhone if it’s turned off, lost or stolen.

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