How to find a phone on a SIM card when it is lost

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Now it’s easy to find the owner of a smartphone, because many large mobile operators offer a service to find the location of a number of interest. Using the SIM card, the exact location of any subscriber is determined.

Can I find a phone on a SIM card

Mobile communications are many radio transmitters. Any telephone set is necessarily in the range of one of them. It is easy to answer the question whether it is possible to find a phone on a SIM card, because a radio transmitter determines the position of a mobile device with high accuracy even in a densely populated metropolis. You can activate this service with any mobile operator, but this function is not like GPS – the accuracy is much higher.

How to find a phone on a SIM card Megaphone

The functionality for determining the location of network users appeared in Megafon a long time ago – you could install an application with maps on any mobile device to determine your location. However, many people were interested in how to find another person’s SIM card phone. The mobile operator introduced the “Locator” option, which determines the smartphones of subscribers who gave their consent and did not turn off their telephone.

The operator’s base stations allow finding the person’s location, so in urban conditions the accuracy is up to 50 meters, and up to 100 in the countryside. To activate the function, you need to make a request using USSD * 148 * number # call. You should add the desired subscriber by sending a message, and after agreement, the service will be activated. This is not a free option. The cost of the request is 6 rubles, and the determination of location is 5 rubles. Moving on the card is also charged – 1 ruble each movement (new coordinate).

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How to find a phone by MTS SIM card

You can track the user of the MTS service after activating the Locator service. The resources of this cellular network provide an excellent opportunity to calculate the coordinates (approximate) of a person instantly. Even if the device is turned off, Locator will send the last location of the person of interest. The biggest advantage of the service is that the coordinates of Beeline and Megafon users are also easy to track. How to find a phone on the MTS SIM card? To start the process, the consent of the subscriber to determine his location is required.

You need to send SMS to number 667 in the format of the “NAME NUMBER” command. The function will connect automatically. Further, a request from the operator will be sent to the subscriber, and after the consent, the coordinates will come to your SIM card. The service “Locator” is paid – 100 rubles / month. Is it possible to determine the location using a SIM card without the consent of the subscriber? The only way to do this is to secretly from a person confirm your request from his smartphone.

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How to find a phone on the SIM card Tele2

Tele2 company offers its customers the service “Geopoisk”. It is not included in the basic set of services, therefore it is paid – 2 rubles / day. How to find a phone on the Tele2 SIM card? You can track a person after activating Geopoisk. To do this, you need:

  • make a USSD request by the number * 119 * 01 # call;
  • after activation dial * 119 #, after which the display will show an interactive menu in which you need to add the numbers of subscribers of interest;
  • a tracking request is made using a combination of numbers * 119 * number # call;
  • a message will be sent to the indicated number to confirm the provision of information;
  • after the subscriber’s permission, his location will be shown.

SIM cards Tele2

How to find a phone on a Beeline SIM card

Using the Beeline-Coordinates paid resource, the company provides an opportunity not only to track another subscriber, but also to find your mobile phone in case of theft or loss. If the mobile device is lost, the service will determine its location accurate to the street. It doesn’t matter if the smartphone is an obsolete device. How to find a phone on a Beeline SIM card?

It is proposed to activate and manage the service through the application for tablets and smartphones on android. To do this, send an SMS to 5166, after which a link to the desired program will come from the support service. This tool provides the best opportunity to determine the coordinates of the person you are looking for. Data is immediately displayed on the city map. However, if the mobile device is turned off by the subscriber, then it will not work to determine its location. Subscription fee – 3 rubles / day.

Find out how to find a phone by number.

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