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Everyone can lose a mobile. Phones drop out of their pockets, they are forgotten, they become the prey of thieves. In almost all situations, it is worth going along the previous route and relying on the help of others, but this does not always work. A more reliable method is satellite search. It is possible not only for expensive smartphones, but also for cheap button mobile phones, if they have a GSM module. The geolocation accuracy is not always ideal, especially when there are no cell towers nearby, but in large cities it’s really possible to find a device.

How to track your phone by satellite

You can find out the coordinates of the gadget if it sends its geo-location. This happens when GPS is on. Ideally, you need a working Internet. If access to geolocation is blocked or the device itself is turned off, it will not work to track the phone via satellite online through a computer or other gadget.

In this situation, the search goes through the signals of the cell towers. The phone accesses them even when turned off. Here you can track the device through a SIM card. Each telecom operator has a service that helps to see the location of the subscriber, but it will have to be connected in advance.

Can I find by number or IMEI

IMEI Number

This phone search method is available only to law enforcement agencies. Any programs that offer this service may be fraudulent. This search is resorted to when the gadget is stolen and is in the off state, that is, it can not be tracked by the SIM card. To punch a device through IMEI, you need to contact the police department and fill out an application to search for a mobile.

The document indicates:

  • IMEI Number. It consists of 15 digits and is written on the box in which the gadget was supplied. To find it in the phone itself, you can drive the USSD-command * 06 #, look under the battery (unreal for iPhones) or in the settings.
  • SIM card agreement number, which is installed in the mobile.

A person will have to present to the police officer his ID, a box from the device or a purchase receipt. This confirms the legitimate possession of the phone. Important: IMEI search is not related to satellite tracking systems – the police are contacting a mobile operator. Be prepared for the fact that the chances of finding a device quickly are low. By the number, it’s impossible to find the phone via satellite, especially if the device is stolen.

Geolocation at mobile operators

The included cell phone can be found through the company of which you are a subscriber. You must pre-activate the service for tracking geolocation. This is a paid service. Money is withdrawn for using the option, determining someone else’s geolocation, a signal about entering or leaving a specific zone.


  • Megaphone. The Navigator function can be activated for yourself or other subscribers. Manage the option through the operator’s website. A person receives SMS when a gadget leaves a certain area. The coordinates are received in a message or email.
  • Beeline. Option “Locator”. You can control the movement of the gadget and get its coordinates through SMS, USSD-commands, mobile application, website. Money is withdrawn every day only for using the service – all requests are free.
  • Tele 2. Option “Geopoisk”. You can find out the coordinates of the subscriber through the USSD command, money is debited only for using the service. If the phone has moved outside the home region, it cannot be tracked..
  • MTS. Service “Search”. Basic functions – as elsewhere, the cost depends on the number of additional options. You can connect from 3 to 15 contacts, save the search history for 7–90 days.

Phone Tracking Apps

Such software must be installed before losing the gadget. Direction finding programs send data over the Internet, so a telephone that is outside the network coverage area cannot be found. The accuracy of tracking depends on the GPS module in the device itself and the quality of communication at a particular site. Most of this software is free, you only have to buy premium features. These include alerts, communication with other people..



Family direction finder program, where the coordinates of all participants are visible, alerts about arrival at a specific point are available. There is also a search for a stolen or lost smartphone. Data on other family members is visible until a person prohibits their transfer..


  • basic search functions are available for free;
  • notifications of arrival arrive automatically;
  • the program is available for iOS and Android.


  • geolocation accuracy after updates can be poor;
  • notifications may arrive late.

Find friends

Find Friends application

Popular software for Android owners, which tracks not only owners of smartphones. Through it, even a person with a simple push-button telephone can send a request for geolocation control. Tracking will occur via SMS. If your gadget does not have geolocation enabled, you won’t be able to find it.


  • there are alerts on the arrival of a person at the place;
  • geolocation accuracy is higher than that of options from telecom operators.


  • the application may crash;
  • high subscription cost (without it, few functions).

Where are my children

Where are my kids for location tracking

The GPS tracker for iOS and Android not only controls the movement of the phone, but also shows the state of its battery (remaining charge), movement history. There is a general chat, the ability to listen to sounds near the child. The utility is free, almost does not consume battery power.


  • movement history (last 3 hours) is displayed on the main screen;
  • data is automatically updated every 15 minutes;
  • the utility is placed not only on the phone, but also on the GPS watch.


  • After the trial period (7 days), only the online geolocation function will remain free;
  • annual subscription cost – 990 r.

Search for a mobile phone via satellite

Finding an Android or iPhone is easy thanks to special utilities. Apple puts them on their gadgets by default, other companies – not always. For Android, the program will need to be downloaded from Google Play. It’s free and easy to figure out..

Owners of Samsung have an additional way to find the phone via satellite. They need to log into their account on the company’s official website, where there are several functions. In addition to determining the location of the gadget, its blocking, data cleaning (it will not be possible to restore them), and a sound signal are available. Minus function – it is available only when the cell is turned on.

Android Device Manager

It looks like Android Device Manager

In the updated version of the operating system, the utility was called Find My Device, but the functions did not change. With its help, through IMEI, you can detect a cell phone by driving a Google request “where is my phone.” Before this, you will need to log in to your account. In the window with the map, the search for the device will start if the Internet and GPS are active on it..

To find a phone through a Google account, you need to do a few things before losing:

  1. Download the utility from the Market and install on the phone.
  2. Link device and its number to google account.
  3. Enable the Find Device feature.
  4. Activate “Location” in Settings and “Accessibility” on Google Play (checkmark opposite the model).
  5. Connect the administrator to “Security” (Settings) to block a lost gadget or erase data.

Find iPhone through iCloud

Find iPhone through iCloud

To use this search, an iPhone must have 2 functions activated:

  • Find a device. Switching from iCloud in Settings.
  • Share geo position. It is located in the “Confidentiality” section and the “Geolocation Services” block..

The search is real, even if the phone is turned off or is offline (offline). The program shows the location of the gadget on the map, can build a route to it. On it, it will turn out to find the phone, lost at home. If he catches a network, the program will make him emit a signal. You can use this utility through other devices tied to the AppleID of the same phone, or the iCloud website. To do this, you will need to enter account information.
For iOS users up to version 12, the gadget search program is called “Find iPhone”. In iOS 13, the system was changed: Latitude appeared. He combined the Find iPhone and Find Friends apps. In it, you can mark the iPhone as missing, delete data remotely (then you won’t be able to track it), make an activation lock so that no one takes advantage of the stolen device. It is available for any Apple technology..

Find out more ways to find your phone by number.

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