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Most of the country’s population is interested in additional earnings or part-time jobs. This is noticeable when viewing ads on social networks and the number of job postings of job seekers posted on job sites. In Soviet times, such work was called hackwork. Adults of different ages, students, schoolchildren are interested in vacancies for additional earnings, part-time work on the weekend, the possibility of providing paid services on the Internet.

Job Opportunities

Different categories of citizens can find part-time jobs on the Internet. For students, retirees, women on maternity leave, there is a side job on numerous platforms of freelance services. A large number of services are required on freelance sites for programmers, group and site administrators, designers, artists, translators, photographers, video and sound specialists.

The girl at the laptop speaks on the phone

The largest number of text suggestions. For those who want to earn some money, there are many topics related to computers, finance, construction, household chores or cooking. The main types of side jobs in this area:

  • copywriting – writing unique texts;
  • rewriting – reprint of texts in a modified form;
  • reprinting texts from photographs and audio recordings in text format;
  • editing services, text editing.

With a personal car

If you have a personal car, a temporary part-time weekend is possible in several areas. In the first place is working in a taxi. A variant of an unofficial way of providing passenger transportation services, popularly referred to as “levitate” or “bomb”, requires a parking place near crowded places. On the one hand, such carriers are not very trusted. On the other hand, fines await fines when the traffic police stop.

Official work will require a contract with a taxi dispatch service with a weekly payment for its services, installation of a work program on the phone to receive orders, branded checkers, and a navigator. Such a side job is carried out constantly, in the evenings or on weekends. To reduce transportation costs, it is recommended to install gas equipment on the car.

With a car or a truck, it’s really possible to find a part-time job for transporting things of the population, delivering goods, building materials, food from shops and restaurants. If you have a minibus, you will be able to offer weekend leisure and tourism services by organizing and delivering tourist groups along interesting routes.


In Soviet times, such a side job on the weekend or in the evening was the main additional type of student income. The current level of development of goods logistics services has led to the automation of many loading and unloading processes. Stores independently deliver goods to customers. It is real to find a part time job as a loader in stores of building materials, plumbing, air conditioners, helping buyers load purchases into vehicles. This work must be sought in the section “Movers Wanted” on printed and online bulletin boards.

Movers load furniture

In the evening

Part-time jobs include taxi services, grocery delivery from shops, restaurants, sushi bars. Young boys and girls can find a part-time job in the field of recreation and entertainment. Numerous cafes and night clubs offer the work of bartenders, waiters, dancers. Many options for side jobs such as a sales consultant are offered by network marketing firms selling cosmetics, perfumes, household chemicals.

Night shifts

For those who want to find a stable part-time job, the vacancies of night watchmen and security guards are offered in markets, in trade pavilions, shops. In the municipal and communal services of all regions there are night positions of locksmiths on duty, adjusters, dispatchers. Such work involves a schedule of two to three exits per week. The duty of the boiler fitter on duty is to control the pumping and heating equipment, promptly eliminate accidents on the water and heat supply lines.

Work as a seller

The desire to increase the income from the work of stores forces their owners to introduce night shifts. In cities at night there are on-duty and convenience stores. This is a good opportunity for a side job. Doctors or pharmacists can find a part-time job as a night seller in pharmacies. Gas stations operating around the clock will offer work on refueling, washing windows and cars.

The pharmacist advises the buyer

On the internet

The simplest and most convenient work with a free schedule, without the need to leave the apartment, for a large number of categories of professions and ages, offers the Internet. This and the above freelance sites, network companies, social networks. The creators of Internet businesses need to promote it and attract customers to sites. Companies pay money to attract customers or traffic visitors. You can create an interesting group in a social network, attract a large number of participants into it, and then earn money by advertising goods and services.

Where to find a part-time job

To search for a part-time job, you must enter in the search engine “Work for the weekend in Moscow.” You will see a large number of offers of sites-aggregators of employment services and specific firms. The vacancy announcement contains a job description, the proposed salary, work schedule, requirements for the applicant. Job search is possible for pensioners, disabled people, temporarily unemployed.

In small cities, to find ways to earn money, it makes sense to look at bulletin boards on the Internet, posters and print media. Often employees are required for one-time jobs, tutors, nannies, governesses, couriers. The advantages of such work are daily payment, the ability to establish oneself, create a clientele for a long time, choose a work location close to the place of residence.

How to find a side job for the weekend

Major job search sites are job sites, job sites, where they find the main job and part-time job. When registering, sites provide a free opportunity to post a resume. Your task is to describe your education, specialization, skills in an attractive way. Employers review resumes and send interview invitations. Among the Russian sites of freelance untwisted are fl ru and freelance ru. However, these are paid services. Among free sites, interesting for copywriters Advego ru.

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