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Corruption, in fact, is a deliberate evil act against a person. The brain at the word “spoilage” draws pictures of some terrible rites with mirrors, witches in hoodies. But, as a rule, damage is the result of someone else’s evil suggestion to man. Belief in corruption makes a person vulnerable. Thanks to this, the task of the evil figure is simplified – it is easier for the “victim” to cast the evil eye.

First signs of spoilage

What is corruption and how is it manifested? It causes harm to a person, his family, car, home, household items, money, photos. A failure ritual is carried out in order to divorce a married couple, to break the harmony of their relationship, so that a person succumbs to drugs, alcohol, gambling, quickly goes broke and becomes a pauper. What is corruption and how is it manifested? Signs of damage to a person:

The girl is hiding from the evil eye

  • Examine the palms. The holder of a strong biofield has three clear lines. These are the lines of life, mind, heart. When crossing the last two with an additional line, the palm owner can easily jinx.
  • The cross-shaped symbols on the palm also indicate strong vulnerability. These symbols can warn of damage brought not to the owner himself, but to grandparents, parents. This means that the evil eye is inherited.
  • Moles, especially in large numbers, signal: their owner is subject to a strong evil eye and induced damage.

What does a person feel, or in other words, how do you know if there is any corruption or evil eye on you? Important symptoms:

Symptom of Depression - Depression

  • weakness;
  • frequent pains;
  • nervous tension;
  • excessive irritability;
  • a sharp change in mood;
  • fear of sunlight;
  • a person is often sick, gets injured;
  • constant feeling of confusion;
  • depression and stress.

The integrity of the aura with the evil eye is broken, and it is very difficult for a person to resist the painful sensations and the grave condition of not only the soul, but also the body. All of the above symptoms may not be due to the evil eye and intentional damage, but you should play it safe, check yourself. Available methods for home testing your energy and subject to other people’s influence exist.

Methods for determining damage or evil eye on a person

How to find out if there is intentional corruption on me, in easy ways? There are several effective and affordable ways:

Detection of spoilage in humans with an egg

  • You need a glass of water and an unprocessed egg (an ordinary chicken will do). A glass is put on top of the head, an egg is driven into the glass. How to recognize damage? Divorces blurred in a glass, silver balls – there is harm. The yolk lays smoothly to the bottom – do not worry, damage or evil eye has nothing to do with you.
  • How to find out if there is damage to the family using matches? Perform the procedure with each member of the family. Take a glass of clean water. Hold in your hands, focus on your thoughts for a while. So you transfer your energy to the fluid. To increase the expected effect, add a pinch of salt to the water. Light a match, wait until it burns out almost to the end, throw the remainder into the water. Observe by what happens with the cinder, you will learn how to check if there is damage. The cinder is drowning in water – there is a malicious intent, and if it stays afloat, it means that the trouble has bypassed you.
  • Set signs of damage to a person with a candle. The candle also responds to the aura of the room, so for such a ritual requires not only the “test” of the candle, but also special prayers and conspiracies. Get an ordinary wax church candle. Light a candle, and drive around a person. Do not worry if it burns with a constant restrained flame. There are reasons for concern only when the flame fades, smokes with black smoke and a crack is heard. In this case, misfortune induced.

Detecting spoilage with a candle

  • Diagnostics using gold provides a high-grade metal for the effectiveness of the study. Jewelry with impurities is not suitable for this method, and it is best to use a ring of pure gold. Running on the clean skin of the cheek or hand, a dark strip will remain on it in case of induced damage or evil eye.

How to find out who jinxed or damaged

Not always the one who smiles, looking into your eyes, wishes sincerely good. How to find out who made the damage or the evil eye? To find out, before the holiday of Epiphany or Christmas, pour holy water into any container. Let her stand for a day, then wash before bedtime. If the evil eye is present, then you will dream of a venturer of evil deeds. The instigator will rejoice at your failures, illnesses, failures.

How to get rid of spoilage at home

Evil intentions bring unpleasant consequences to your life. How to remove the evil eye or damage on their own? Following simple instructions, you will be able to stop the disaster:

Prayer Our Father to get rid of corruption

  1. Before bedtime and at the beginning of the day, read our Father’s prayer.
  2. Follow the posts.
  3. Check pillows, feather-beds, mattresses for foreign objects (needles, scarves, money, scraps of hair with coins). If you find, then burn everything, reading our Father. Flaming cleans materials.
  4. The pectoral cross is not a decoration, but a charm. Wear it all the time, and attach a pin to your clothes outside..

Do not block the flow of your energy with negative thinking and the wrong approach to your own biofield. How to find out if there is malicious corruption on me? A competent specialist in eliminating intentional evil from human life will answer you. Loneliness, death, the illness of the child, the eternal search for work should not concern you. Get rid of evil influence, bad thoughts, and your life will sparkle with bright colors!

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