How to find out information about the owner via the phone number via the Internet, databases and special programs

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Unknown subscriber haunts or urgent need to remember whose nameless contacts you have written on paper? There are methods that are more or less likely to help break through the phone. Depending on the complexity of the situation, from searching the network to a police report, if you or your property is threatened with calls.

How to find out who owns a phone number

There are several possibilities of varying degrees of effectiveness, how to break a phone number and how to find out the owner of a phone number:

  1. Surfing the internet.
  2. Appeal to law enforcement.
  3. Information from a mobile operator or a salon worker.
  4. Specialized Databases.

MTS consultant talks with a client

The most basic way to check the phone number that you can think of is to search online. People often leave their contacts on various resources of the World Wide Web: it can be any social networks, message boards for sales, dating sites. Even if you know only the name and city, this is already enough to search for you later it became easier. Options:

  1. It’s worth scoring the necessary numbers in the search bar of any search engine, but better in large ones like Google, Yandex. Based on the results, you can find out if the subscriber is a private person or organization. There is still a database of telephones from which the spam is sent on the World Wide Web: there are subscribers who are more likely to belong to sales companies, collectors, bank employees, call centers or spammers. People themselves enter information into such databases to make it easier to recognize unsolicited inbox.
  2. If the calculation procedure on the network does not bear fruit, contact your mobile operator. It will take a passport to draw up a request to punch a person by phone number, where you should explain the reason for your interest. It should be compelling: threats to life, the health of you or your family, you worry about the safety of property. This method does not give a 100% guarantee – they may refuse you. You can specify the name of the employee of the communication salon – he sees the data of the owner of the SIM card when making a payment. Here success will depend on your ability to convince.
  3. Similarly, a statement can be written to the police, the FSB, the prosecutor’s office or the FSO. If the decision is positive and criminal proceedings are initiated, the request will be sent to the mobile operator, which does not have the right to refuse to provide information about who the SIM card is issued for. Under such circumstances, he will be prosecuted for his actions..
  4. Last resort – paid and free databases. The second will help determine the city and the service provider serving the desired mobile. For the first you will have to pay without a guarantee that the information will be correct. All databases quickly become obsolete, as people often change phones, plus scammers can take advantage of your need, so you will give money at your own risk.

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Who owns the cell phone number

Check the mobile phone number are available to employees of government agencies and communications companies. Of all the possibilities of such a search, only contacting the police or the office of the operator of the cellular company has a significant chance of success, but then there must be a good reason for contacting. A request on the Internet is an easy option for good luck; you can still use the service. But buying a base is a costly way with a high probability of fraud on the part of scammers.

Punch MTS number

Online it is possible to download a database to a computer in order to break through the MTS number for free, where then find the required information. There are sites offering to establish the ownership of the phone and break through the rest of the data with an open price list for their services. Carefully study the conditions, guarantees, reviews on such resources. But even all of the above will not give you confidence that the information provided is true..

How to find out who Beeline number is issued for

Similar approaches are used to break through the Beeline number. If you want to find out your details, log in to your account. If you find someone else’s SIM card Beeline, try to go there by requesting a password for * 110 * 9 #. This can be done if you do not need to enter a PIN code. When threats come from the client of this operator, you should go to law enforcement agencies.

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How to find out to whom the Tele2 number is registered

You can get a Tele2 number if you use a card, but it was registered to another person. You have already forgotten who you are and want to change the decision by rescheduling it for yourself. Information on the phone number is in the personal account of the system. In the field you need to enter the cell without the number 8 and wait for the SMS with a temporary password. The surname, first name and patronymic will be indicated on the main page, and you can see the user’s real address using the link “Edit profile”.

How to find out to whom the Megafon number is registered

Depending on the purpose, you can find out the Megaphone number by similar methods. Information about who your SIM card is issued for is in the “My Account” section. You can freely and safely inquire about information about the ownership of someone else’s unknown phone on the poisk.goon service with the domain ru, but the information there is not updated often, so success is not guaranteed.

Who owns the landline number

There are several options to punch a landline phone:

  1. Electronic directory of home phones. You need to find and download the right program, install it on your computer. Then enter the desired numbers in a special line. Here you can search by last name.
  2. Plain paper reference. Only it should be new, otherwise the chances of calculating the data will be small.
  3. Just call the help desk.
  4. Use Internet Search.
  5. If this is not critical, call the subscriber and find out all the information in person.

Determining a region by phone number

It is possible to break through the region by phone number without registering and depositing money. To do this, enter this query in the search bar, select any resource you like – it allows you to determine the country, region, operator very soon (in just a couple of seconds) and completely without risk. All you need to do is enter the code, the first few digits of the mobile – and you will get instant results online.

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Find a person by phone number on VK

To find the owner by phone number on VK, it is necessary that he be with you as a friend. Go to the “Friends” tab, click on the “Phonebook” section – a list of accounts with published contact information will open. In the search bar, start entering numbers. If the person is not in your friends, you won’t be able to punch by VK phone number, although such a function existed before.

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