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In order not to be taken aback by mobile communications and not lose your favorite number, you need to top up your mobile account in time. To check the balance, there are standard commands stored in the menu of the SIM card. An alternative is special applications and services. Personal Area.

Methods for checking the balance of MTS

Useful MTS Commands

You can determine the account balance using one of the following actions:

  • send a USSD request;
  • write a message to number 111;
  • Log in to your account
  • make a call to 111;
  • dial a combination * 111# and make a call;
  • installing a mobile application My MTS.

Any of the above methods is provided by the operator free of charge and is available to all current subscribers.

The volume of requests sent by the owner of the number is unlimited. Without fear of blocking, you can check the cash balance every minute.

USSD team

Usd command combination

From the phone number on which you need to find out the balance on MTS, the standard combination * 100 # is dialed and the call button is pressed. Almost immediately (you have to wait 3-5 seconds), information on the status of the account appears on the smartphone’s display.

You can use this service without an internet connection.

SMS balance request

You can find out how much money you can have on your phone by sending an SMS with text 11 to the operator’s short number – 111. Next, you will receive a response message indicating the remaining amount of money.

The only minus of such a verification method is that SMS does not always arrive immediately. Sometimes you have to wait up to 10 minutes.

Call to voice menu

By calling 111, you can check the balance change on your mobile account. To do this, follow the instructions: press 1, then again 1. If the subscriber has additional questions, you should wait for communication with the operator.

Request MTS balance in your account

User account

To freely use this online service, you must go to the official website and create an account. This procedure is very simple and takes no more than 2 minutes. Further, when you enter your personal account, a notification about the balance and the tariff plan will automatically appear on the right.

The service works only if there is a network connection.

My MTS mobile application

By installing such a program on your smartphone, you can manage your account in one click: check the balance at the current moment, top up, etc. You can download the optimal (depending on the technical characteristics of the smartphone) application for your operating system in the AppStore, Google Play stores, Windows Store.

Supported smartphones on Android from 2.3, iOS from 7.1, WP from 8.1.

Call to the operator

MTS numbers

You can check the balance of MTS on the phone of the padeid subscribers and those who are on the contract using the same tools. To contact the operator, dial 111 and point 0. To check the balance of the corporate number, subscribers need to know their personal account.

A significant disadvantage of this method is that you can wait a very long time to connect with a specialist, depending on the load on the lines.

Paid service “Balance under control”

Information about the service Balance under control on a mobile screen

The functionality is very simple: after the end of the conversation, the subscriber sees on the screen information about the remaining funds and the cost of the last completed call. The service works not only in Russia, but also in roaming.

The cost of use for 30 days is only 3 rubles.

How to find out the balance on the MTS modem

Connect manager

To find out the balance on MTS, standard combinations for a smartphone are suitable. Alternative – special software that is installed on the PC after activating the modem. Having entered the Connect Manager program, the user can visit the Balance section, where information on the operations of replenishment, debiting and account status will be indicated. If you need to enter a combination to control the account using the keys, you need to go to the “Calls” section.

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