How to find out to whom the MTS, Beeline, Megafon or Tele2 phone number is registered

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It is difficult to do without mobile communications today – it has firmly entered the life of a modern person. Sometimes situations may arise in which, for various reasons, you need to find out the data of the subscriber, for whom a certain telephone number is listed. You can do this by various methods..

How to find out who your mobile number is registered to

Determining the owner by phone number is not so simple, because his name and surname are confidential information. They are available only at the official request of the police in the event of an investigation of the crime. All other ways to know the owner by phone number are inherently illegal. But sometimes there are situations when it is simply necessary to find a person. To understand where the SIM card of interest was registered, take a few steps:

  • go to any search engine, drive in the first few digits;
  • if it is a Russian registration, use the Yandex widget;
  • one of the many free services for free online will provide information on the region of registration;
  • use the bases of mobile operators.

How to check the number on Beeline

It’s easy to get a subscriber by phone number if a Beeline SIM card is available for you. To do this, on the company’s website, enter your personal account and see the information about the owner and tariff. You can also use a mobile application called “My Beeline” to view the data of the owner of the SIM card. The password for entering should be requested by typing a command in the smartphone * 110 * 9 # call. How to find out who the Beeline SIM card is issued for, if there is no access to it? Try to get information at the offices of the company. Workers do not have the right to provide it, but can voice it when paying for services.

Beeline SIM Card

How to check the MTS number

How to find out to whom the MTS phone number is registered, if you need to re-issue the sim card yourself? It won’t work without a master, even if you have been using a SIM card for several years. You can check the MTS number on the official website on the Internet:

  1. Find the item “My Account”. Follow this link.
  2. Enter the desired phone number. Receive an SMS password to enter and enter it.
  3. The full name of the owner of the MTS sim card will appear, his account balance, connected services, tariff plan and accumulated points.

How to find out to whom the Tele2 number is registered

If there is any doubt that you own the Tele2 sim card, then who owns the phone number should be checked on the company’s website, as fraud on this basis is flourishing. Access to information is obtained through your personal account using a one-time code. After entering the data in the open field, you will see the name of the owner of the contract and the exact address in the item “Edit profile”.

How do I find out to whom the Tele2 number is registered if the SIM card along with the telephone was received as a gift? Simka is registered in the main office of the company. The procedure is allowed if both parties are present. The agreement is officially fixed by the contract, and the procedure takes place within half an hour. Passports required for renewal.

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How to know the owner by phone number Megaphone

The definition of the owner of a SIM card in Megafon is no different from other mobile operators: data is not available without an official request. If threatening you or your loved ones, contact the office of Megaphone with a statement stating the reason for the concern. If company representatives approve your application, then the subscriber’s personal data will be provided to you. How to find out the owner by Megafon phone number, if the reason is not so serious? Alternative way: monitoring social networks. Many active people provide information on how to contact them..

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How to find out who owns a landline phone number

As practice shows, the city machine is much easier to check than a mobile one. If the old directory does not have the right subscriber, then download the updated version from the Internet – there, most likely, you will find the data to whom the landline phone number belongs. The second way to search for information is to contact the city’s help desk. Some employees will agree to help you for a fee..

You can find out for free who the landline telephone is registered to via the Internet. There are several special sites that help you find data about a person of interest. To do this, select the city and enter a combination of numbers. You will not only be prompted with a full name, but also indicate the address of the owner. In order not to get caught by scammers, use only free versions of such sites.

Check out other ways to find out who owns a phone number..

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