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For many people, social networks have become the main way to communicate with friends and acquaintances. Vkontakte site is one of the most popular sites among Internet users. To enter your account requires a code and login, but a person can forget their data. In such cases, there are several options how to find out the password from VK.

What to do if you forgot your VK password

Correspondence is often stored on personal pages on social networks, which is intended only for the owner, so account security is an important aspect of the service. To protect against hacking and hacker attacks, the site has several levels of protection and a password (password) – one of them. The administration itself recommends changing access combinations regularly to prevent account theft. This leads to the fact that a person can get confused and knowledge will be useful here, how to remember the password from VK.

First, try to pick up accesses, you may have used one of the codes that you invented for other sites. Check your notebooks, sometimes people write down their data specifically so that they can be found. If these options do not help, you can use other methods, how to find out the password on Vkontakte:

  • through a browser (Opera, Mozilla);
  • using the “Reset Password” button;
  • through technical support;
  • using special software (software).

Password recovery via SMS

How to see your password in VK

This method requires that additional settings for the browser be made in advance. For these purposes, they often use Mozilla Firefox Explorer, for which the following actions should be done:

  • go to the “Settings” section;
  • go to the item “Passwords and ciphers”;
  • click on “Protection”;
  • click on the “Cipher Management” or “Saved Passwords” tab;

This option, how to find out the Vkontakte password, is suitable if you have already visited and successfully logged in to your account. Find the VK from the list of all visited sites, right-click on the address, a list will drop out, you need to select the “Show” or “Copy Password” line. The browser will provide you with data on this site, login and password. For the same reason, it is not recommended to enter the page from other people’s computers, so that you do not become a victim of intruders.

View password saved in Mozilla Firefox browser

Here is another way to find out your VK password if you forgot.

How to recover Vkontakte password

If you are unable to log in to your account and you are sure that you specify the correct login, there are still ways to find out your password in VK. One of them is offered immediately under the code entry form in the form of the inscription “Forgot your password?”. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Click on this inscription and you will be redirected by a link to another page.
  2. You will be asked to enter the email address on which the page was registered, login or phone number associated with the account. Enter and click “Next”.
  3. A letter will arrive in the mail with instructions on how to find out the password on Vkontakte and a link to its recovery.
  4. Go to the address from the letter, enter the phone number associated with the account during registration.
  5. Next, a page will appear where you must enter the code that came to you in the form of SMS (it may not come right away).
  6. If you enter the code correctly from sms, you will be allowed to enter your account and a window will appear asking you to enter a new password.

Some people do not attach a mobile phone to their contact or change their card and this number is no longer available. In this case, technical support will be able to help, which is available directly through tools on the social network. You should go to the “Feedback” section and apply for the restoration of the password. You will receive an answer in which employees will ask for a digital copy of the passport, on which you can see your photo, name, surname. You will also be asked a few questions regarding your profile: the number of friends, from whom there were recent posts, etc..

All this information is needed to verify your identity in order to avoid hacking by intruders who can impersonate another person. Subject to the correct answers to questions from the customer service, you will receive a new password in the mail. Technical support staff may not answer immediately. As a rule, a message from them arrives within 3 days maximum.

Password recovery using technical support on Vkontakte social network

How to find out the password in VK, knowing the login

If you know your login from the page for sure, then the easiest way to easily find out the password on Vkontakte is to use the “Forgot your password?” Function. With a phone number, you’ll quickly gain control of your account. In cases where there is no data from the page (forgot, for example, because you rarely use it), you can use another way to find out the necessary information – use special software.

To obtain the necessary data, you can download a free program. The computer must contain encrypted information for all your passwords and logins that you entered in browsers. It does not lie in the public domain, presented as a random set of numbers and letters. This was done to protect against hackers, so that other people could not, for example, hack your account through a work computer or from a machine from an Internet club. Special programs help to save the data you need in the usual form of login / password. You can choose any one from the list below:

  1. Multi Password Recovery Porlable – opens all ciphers on a computer, can be launched from removable media, does not require installation on a PC.
  2. PasswdFinder – a scanner that finds and recovers ciphers from a computer.
  3. WebBrowserPassView is a free utility that reads secret combinations from browser fields.
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