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The need to find out where a loved one is, arises for various reasons: it may be concern for the child, suspicions about her husband, or outright surveillance; but the ways to find a subscriber by number do not depend on whether the seeker has good intentions. They are free or paid, official or illegal (up to criminal liability), with or without the consent of the owner of the phone. All methods are described below..

Is it possible to determine the location of a person by telephone

Yes, this service is provided today by most mobile operators. In addition, the built-in location function is in any modern smartphone. Thanks to it, you can mark places on photos on Instagram, look for people in Tinder, etc., but it was introduced not only for entertainment purposes. With it, you can track where the lost Android (Android) or iPhone (iPhone) is located, and if necessary, the location of a relative, friend or husband.

How to determine the location of a person by phone number

Geolocation is the determination of the coordinates of a geographic location. For a mobile phone, this is done using location-based service (LBS) – a service that is not tied to GPS or GLONASS, and therefore does not require the installation of additional modules in the device. The location is calculated after calculating the distance of the phone to the nearest cell tower.

The value directly depends on the speed and power of the received signal. Accuracy varies from 10 meters (in large metropolitan areas) to several kilometers (in rural areas). In order to track a person by phone number in this way (in this case, the husband), you need to connect the corresponding service of the telecom operator, and also get his one-time permission.

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The service is called “Locator”, before starting to use the subscriber must once consent to the tracking (SMS message is sent). You can search up to 5 people. It only tracks Beeline subscribers. You can connect on the site (register and log in using your username and password), through the application, or by number 0783 (free). It costs 7 rubles per day, while all requests are not paid, but Internet traffic is charged for viewing the location on the map according to the tariff plan. New subscribers are given a week of free trial period.


The service from the operator Megafon was called “Radar”. He finds out where the “native” subscribers are, and also searches for Beeline, MTS and Tele2 users. Prior to this, you must obtain consent to determine the location using SMS. There is a free trial period and three use cases:

  • Light. Connect: send USSD request * 566 * 56 #. Free identification of one number once a day + your location.
  • Usual. * 566 #. For 3 rubles / day, you can search up to 5 numbers an unlimited number of times (except for MTS, search – up to 100 requests / month).
  • A plus. * 256 #. All services of the usual “Radar” + travel routes. The cost of 7 rubles / day.


The service, which determines the location by a cellular signal from MTS, is called “Locator”. To start work, similarly to the considered services, you need to get the permission of the husband of the SIM card to track – send the name and number to 6677, this action will connect the service and add the subscriber to the list of desired ones. You can manage the option through the official website, application, or using SMS commands. The cost is 100 rubles / month (per 100 requests, starting from 101 – 10 rubles / request), while there are 2 weeks of free use when you first connect the service.

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Tele 2

The service is called “Geopoisk”. It allows you to find out the location by phone number for 60 rubles / day. All management, including connecting and adding subscribers, occurs through USSD commands:

  • * 119 * 01 # – to plug;
  • * 119 * 1 * 7xxxxxxxxxx # – add husband number / get permission;
  • * 119 * 2 * 7xxxxxxxxxx # – find out where is.

How to track your husband by phone number

Some wives want to install a beacon on their husband’s phone to know where he is right now, but such extremes are optional, because you can determine the location without a “bug” and even without consent (although from a moral point of view this is not entirely correct). For example, you can connect a service from a mobile operator, and obtain consent for its use by borrowing a phone for a while. In addition, there are a number of special applications aimed at secretly tracking her husband, without his knowledge..


These are programs whose code, in addition to their intended purpose – surveillance, is masked so that the owner of the device does not know that new software is installed on his device. They are for Android, and for the “apple” OS. The best programs:

  • Talklog. Exists in the form of software and the console web version. It monitors calls, SMSs, monitors the location, which helps to find out where the husband is. It is installed on a smartphone and displays all the information from it on a computer. It costs 10 dollars / month, there is a free demo period for acquaintance.
  • Hellospynavigator. English-language program for iPhone and Android. It works as a navigator, and also a means of wiretapping and viewing all the content on the husband’s device. Provides the ability to back up data, able to find out where the subscriber is on request.

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How to set geolocation on husband’s phone

There are two ways: direct and remote. The first is a traditional installation method, for it you need to find the time and the right moment to secretly manage to download the program, after which all the information will come to your device (smartphone or computer). Remote mode is possible only for iPhones. This is done through iTunes, you need:

  1. Find out Apple-ID of device used by husband.
  2. Make sure that the program item is enabled in the “Automatic downloads” section of the “Settings” and “Cellular data”.
  3. Enter the console version of iTunes under the same Apple-ID.
  4. Open the App Store.
  5. Find the right application and install it on your husband’s device.

Trying to calculate the location by phone number without the consent of the subscriber is not only immoral, but also criminally punishable, since this is an invasion of privacy. And if for secretly obtaining tracking permission from MTS / Beeline / Megafon you just have to apologize to your husband, then for a secret installation of software that collects data, you can get a fine or even a term in Russia. In addition, keep in mind that sites offering to find out where the subscriber is for a nominal fee are managed by scammers. Do not fall for their tricks, it is better to trust your husband and do not act behind his back.

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