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Contacts with old friends, classmates are often lost. Previously, in order to find a person, one had to turn to newspapers, on television shows. Today, in order to find the address by last name, you need to go to the Internet, contact specialized enterprises. You can search even if you are in Moscow, but you are looking for a person located in Vladivostok.

Telephone directories and databases by last name

Search for a person in Yandex

To find a person in this way, you need to know your name. Directories can be either in paper form or in electronic form. If you know the home phone number of the person you are interested in, this will simplify the search (if the person has several namesakes).

It is worth trying to break the address through the network. Write in the search engine Yandex Name of the person of interest, and she will offer several databases. Information can be obtained free of charge, without registration. There are databases in which you need to enter a username and password or pay for a search service.

Request to the Federal Migration Service

Request to the Federal Migration Service for Person Search

It can be submitted in person, sent by registered letter or issued through the website of the State Service. In the application, indicate the name, date, place of birth of the person. Without this data, the search may be carried out indefinitely or failure will come. Information on the person will be provided if he previously agreed to the transfer of information to third parties.

In the request that is submitted to the migration service, you must specify your data and the reason for the search. For personal use, you must present a passport. When making a written request, indicate the address to which the reply paper will be sent. FMS will quickly provide information on the relative’s place of residence.

Contacting the address information bureau

To find a person you need:

  • Find the nearest bureau (a list with addresses is on the Internet).
  • Come in person, fill out an application. Search by surname, initials.
  • Come on the appointed date, get an answer.

Search on government sites

Service FSSP

If you need to calculate the contacts of a person who has reached the age of 18, you can contact the FSSP service. The site displays information from bailiffs supervised by government agencies. For example, if a person has a debt, unpaid traffic fines or instituted enforcement proceedings, information about him will be on the service.

To search, you need to go to the FSSP website. In the section “Enforcement proceedings” enter the name and region of residence. After processing the request, the system will give a response about the registration address of a particular person. If you have a number of enforcement proceedings, enter it in the search bar, you will quickly find out information about the debtor.

Addresses of Russian residents are available at the tax authorities. Upon receipt of the TIN, a person is registered at the place of residence. If the person you need to find issued the individual entrepreneur, the information file will contain information about his legal address, at which the individual often resides.

Social networks

Search for a person’s address in VKontakte

For this you need to have a profile VKontakte, Classmates. Search by name should be done in an expanded form, where there are different filters. They can provide additional information. For example, about educational institutions, interests. If you know that you may have common acquaintances, find them on social networks. Look for the one you need through the Friends tab. This type of online search is convenient in that, if you do not know the name and patronymic, you can view photos of persons that the system will offer.

Search Sites

Search address by name and surname in Yandex

You can find out the address of a person by services that offer people search. They come both on a paid and on a gratuitous basis. Lists of people can be filtered by different criteria – name, job. Yandex and Google services will give out all references to a person when you enter your last name in the search bar.

Private detectives and police

Finding an address by last name this way can be expensive. But contacting a private detective agency will give a result. You can get information about the number of registered people in the apartment or other information. The advantage of contacting such an organization is a search in any city. You can also contact the police. To find a person through them, weighty arguments are needed. Although the police are not required to help, they have authority and access to closed bases.

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