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The financial “karma” of a citizen is spoiled not only by overdue loan payments. There are other reasons: the bank’s fierce policy, technical errors and confusion with namesake clients, incomplete information on any loan. Why the question arises of how to fix your credit history for free? In 80% of cases, the damaged reputation of the borrower becomes a reason for refusing a new loan. If you know how to fix your credit history for free, a negative verdict issued by the bank will not be final.

What is a credit history

This is a dossier for the borrower with accumulated information on the performance of obligations to financial institutions. Compiled from the first bank loan, stored for 15 years. A person may not remember that he himself consented to this by signing an agreement with a bank. The contents of such a dossier and the procedure for amending it are stipulated by federal law. Information about borrowers is received by the credit bureau. The work of these KBI is controlled by the Central Bank. Information from various bureaus flocks to the Central Catalog of Credit Histories.

The dossier contains personal information about the borrower (including passport data, place of actual residence), draws up a retrospective loan repayment, notes the amount of borrowed amounts, information on the current loan, late payments. Pending lawsuits, denials of loans, the document also reflects. Additionally, data on creditors.

Credit History Section

What does it look like

The document is comparable to a pivot table or report, as it is often called. The structure of the credit history is visually divided into 3 parts. The title section contains personal data with the surname, name, patronymic of the borrower, TIN and SNILS code, marital status, level of education, place of work. The main unit provides information on agreements concluded with banks, compliance with the terms of previous and current loans, and amounts paid. The closed section, accessible only to the applicant, represents information about other organizations requesting his credit history.


A typical report on a trustworthy borrower contains information on the payment of borrowed amounts with interest without the slightest violation of the deadlines. For example, Peter Ivanovich Sidorov applied for consumer credit in 2011 and 2014. Opposite them are the dates of final payments, no debts. The column on the next loan with the status of “active” is indicated by zero delay. The subsection below marks all payments as timely..


Such a report, for example, on Sidor Petrovich Ivanov, contains records of debts on a recently opened loan. In the column about the current worst payment status there is a delay of 3 months. The amount of debt, including interest and interest, the total amount of the monthly installment amaze a considerable amount. The historically worst payment status is indicated: 5-month delay in relation to the loan of 2015, remaining incomplete.

Check credit history online

How to check loan history

  • Every citizen has the right once a year to read his financial dossier for free. The borrower and the bank can submit an application to BKI for receiving the document with his consent.
  • How to see your credit history? To do this, you will need to recall the code of the subject of the credit history, for example, the mother’s maiden name, which was indicated in the contract with the bank or in the application for a bank loan.
  • Employees of the bank in which the last loan was issued will help restore the code or change it. For this, they apply personally or make a request on the website of a credit institution. The answer with modern technical capabilities takes half an hour.
  • Which credit bureau request a report? A complete list of BIC with their coordinates is available on the website of the Central Catalog of Credit Histories. For the right choice on the Internet resource, an electronic request form is filled out with an identification code, passport data. The response with the list of BKI is sent to the applicant’s email. If it is filled in incorrectly, a notification of a mistake will be received, the request will be issued.
  • Another way: follow the link “Credit stories” on the website of the Central Bank of Russia and follow the step-by-step instructions. As a result, a list of BKI.
  • The next step is to send a notarized application to the postal address of the bureau, waiting for the report. Personal delivery of the application is also welcome. Bureau specialists advise how to check credit history.
  • If inaccurate information is found in the report, they turn directly to the bank employees, the credit service will raise documents to find the error. When the borrower applies for corrections to the report data, the bureau specialists are required to double-check the information once, the refusal to clear incorrect information can be challenged in court.

View online

Providing this opportunity, some BICs redirect the borrower to the online service with which they collaborate. At the first call, the service is provided free of charge. The applicant independently passes registration on the specified site, and then receives explanations on how to find out your credit history online. If identification is required, the citizen is invited to send a telegram certified by the post office. The account activation code can be sent by registered mail, upon receipt of which a passport is presented.

Woman counts money

How to fix for free

  • Pay all available debts, including utilities, present receipts to bank employees, asking to note the facts in the credit history.
  • In case of financial difficulties, offer the bank to restructure the debt so that data on arrears are not driven into the dossier.
  • Get a loan at a regional bank, make all payments on time.
  • To resort to microcrediting and timely repay short-term loans.
  • Purchase goods by installments, paying without delay, which will also benefit the borrower rating.
  • Take a non-cash loan through a credit plastic card, having previously calculated your strength, avoid delinquencies.


On a short-term loan, small amounts of money are issued, 1-2% is charged per day. The maximum term is up to a month. A microloan is drawn up with a passport, many certificates, for example, from the place of work, are not required. This is convenient for freelancers, interns, remote employees, and those who are denied standard credit. Timely return of a microloan will add advantages to the credit history.

Take a new loan

  • A number of commercial banks lend to customers with a poor credit history at high interest rates. They offer other conditions for granting a loan: for real estate, a reliable principal.
  • Small financial institutions are more loyal to customers with late payments. Help on salary increase will help business.
  • There is a chance to take a loan by bank transfer (through a plastic card), make payments on time, interest is high here. After paying the borrowed amount with interest, it is important to terminate the card service agreement after receiving a bank repayment statement.
  • With a new loan, late payments are excluded, otherwise the credit history will only get worse. At the same time, it makes sense to insure against dismissal and other troubles, which can be noted in additional information about the borrower.

Credit Correction Video

No one is allowed to erase unflattering information in a report. Only scammers promise to fix the problem for a monetary reward. How to fix your credit history for free? Only through the receipt of new positive information. In the video, a financial expert confirms this by listing the options available to many to improve their business and personal reputation..

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